If you’ve been following my Letter Bee (Tegami Bachi) posts, there’s probably little need for me to go into how much I’ve been looking forward to the full version of the ending theme. Likewise with an introduction for HIMEKA, the French Canadian girl living out the anisong/otaku dream in Japan. As mentioned in my post a couple of weeks ago, the single for Hatenaki Michi (“Endless Road”) was released on November 25th. Back then, I also brought up how devoted fans were banding together to prevent her music from becoming “available” online. Because of that, I was debating whether or not I should even post the PV.

Seeing as a fair bit of time has passed since the single’s release and that this is a promotional video after all, I figured doing so would help her get more recognition like she deserves. I’ll refrain from repeating myself here and direct you to the aforementioned post for more thoughts on HIMEKA and her new song, but will reiterate how I love the arrangement of the full version. The TV size version (see below) jumps directly into the first verse, whereas here we have a much slower lead into it. The song shifts from calming and somewhat depressing to powerful and inspiring as soon as it hits the chorus. The same goes for the lyrics of course.

Show Letter Bee ED 「果てなき道」 by HIMEKA ▼


  1. this doesn’t look synchronized at all oO;; PVs are always lipsynched … but they really didn’t do this well here. It doesn’t have the “illusion” of her really singing and sometimes it even looks like she’s singing something completely different o.o;

    Also not enough (camera) movement during the refrain imho, which is rather fast, while the picture almost doesn’t move at all. It’s quite boring to look at xD But well, most japanese PVs and anime song PVs in general are really bad, at least the scenery and colors are beautiful on this one.

    The song itself is rather nice, a bit too slow for my taste, but anyway, she does have a great voice, maybe among the best of “anison singers” in general.

  2. Quite a nice song despite being a French Canadian…can hear what she’s singing unlike other ‘non-japanese’ japan song singer like B*g B*ng…

    Japanese and anime PV generally is bad…if it’s not the singer singing, performing. it will be a story which does not make any sense…

    Thx for uploading this song

  3. lol No wonder I haven’t seen this single floating around the internet.. because her ‘fans’ have been preventing it. I personally think its doing her more harm than good… what she needs right now isn’t sales figures but exposure. Being a newcomer and not being native Japanese she’s bound to have a lot of haters. She needs exposure to get her name out there to the masses to actually get somewhere in the anisong industry. If her fans continue to keep her under wraps… HIMEKA won’t be here for long and the sad thing is.. a majority of people won’t even know who she is after she’s gone

  4. I kind of agree with Airi… it’s nice that her fans are dedicated, but any newbie in the industry needs exposure.
    But then again, if she becomes more famous it’ll be harder for them to stop online spreading of her song. Either way it’s a double edged sword, but most singers will go for the more exposure route.

    Anyway, the background scenery is pretty and HIMEKA looks like a doll in some shots 😀


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