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  1. sasuke did not get the powers, itachi gave it to him at the end of the fight. It just that they appear or he becomes able to use them after experiencing something tragic in his life. When he got ameratsu, he was getting beat up by killer bee and wanted to help his group, and got susanno in the process as well. Once you unlock one eye, you unlock the other as well.

  2. also it is becoming more and more like the power that itachi gave naruto is a way for him to reappear to sasuke to tell hime what really happened or a power that is susanno’s weakness.

  3. Jack: There’s no proof of that, so what you’re doing is breeding ignorance and feeding it to people like, say, Freya. Every step to obtain the mangekyou sharingan that’s been explained has been performed by Sasuke, so more reason for your assumption to be just that, an assumption.

    Plus, Sasuke’s mangekyou is a completely different shape from Itachi’s, but wait, you’d probably make something up to compenaate for that.

    Lol, I bet I sound rude 🙁

  4. @Divine: There’s still a lot of speculation over the last “hitting the forehead” thing. It apparently gave Sasuke some of Itachi’s powers…but we don’t know if it’s limited to just the on-activation Amaterasu against Madara, or if it’s something deeper, like a symbolic way of transplanting eyes. Plus, it may very well be that Sasuke actually has Itachi’s eyes anyway, seeing as we never found out what happened to Itachi’s body, and Sasuke woke up after being unconscious for an unknown amount of time. Also, I felt no “suspense” from the genjutsu, because I pretty much figured that would be the case. No bad guy dies like that BEFORE he’s explained the intricacies of his powers and sad history in Naruto. I did lol when the Susanoo hand that came out had the same function as the curse seal.

    @Lucian (and Jack): yes, you (Lucian) do sound rude, and Jack’s first assumption isn’t that bad, given chapter 397’s revelation about the forehead-tap transfer of powers. And when mangekyous transfer, they change shape – Madara’s eyes post-eternal-mangekyou were not in the same shape as his or his brother’s before he stole them. The whole “once you unlock one eye, you unlock the other as well” is not true at all, though, Jack. We have absolutely no way of knowing that, and it’s pure speculation.

  5. david comes off sound more rude tbh and a know it all.
    “Named after the Shinto Moon god, Tsukuyomi is one of the most powerful genjutsu in existence. It is unique to the Uchiha clan and only those with the Mangekyō Sharingan can perform it”

    so unless naruto bust out some sharingan soon,(which he wont)maybe try be a little less of an ass for people having they own thoughts on whats going unless your correct 100% of the time.

  6. Otaking:
    I figured there’d be a lot of speculation on the massive Naruto community’s part, but didn’t realize they were picking apart that forehead tap as well. If that’s the case, I agree that it’s a purely speculation on the fans’ part.

    For all we know, Itachi may have given Sasuke that automatic Amaterasu at an earlier point and the forehead tap was merely a dying gesture for old times sake. Itachi was out of chakra at that point so believing he could effortlessly transfer a jutsu over or give him his eyes symbolically sounds pretty suspect to me, so I still see it all as speculation at best.

    And about the genjutsu, I know right? It’s not fooling me this time!

    Not to be rude or anything (even though you evidently are), but judging from the level of English in your post, you either 1.) misread what I wrote or 2.) simply don’t understand what I wrote.

    Whichever the case, it sounds like you’ve conjured up your own interpretation. Reading your comment is a clear indication of that, since you’re talking about things I never even said both here or before.

    Because of that, I can’t be bothered to read your opinion or self-touted, “Hi, I’m Kishimoto Masashi’s best friend” facts and respond to them.

    And the reason I blog is because it allows me to share my impressions with others in an environment that promotes discussion (and not flaming like in a public forum). It’s about personal impressions first and foremost, which you never expect everyone to agree with. People hear me out then share their thoughts in return, which I like to read. In a lot of cases, people just hear me out to see if I feel the same way about something that they do.

  7. well guys..dont forget that when Zetsu was watching the fight between sasuke and itachi he even said Itachi was getting hit by sasuke’s techniques on purpose and wasn’t fighting nearly up to his normal caliber. Itachi was and still is a more proficient fighter than sasuke but don’t forget that Itachi wasn’t trying to kill and or beat sasuke. Even as Madara said, Itachi killed his own clan and joined akatsuki to protect sasuke, which would mean that during the whole fight, itachi was just trying to test how powerful sasuke had become before giving him amaratsu and susanoo. If Itachi really wanted to kill sasuke he could have easily just pulled susanoo out earlier in the fight and destroyed him. So obviously Itachi purposely went into that fight with the intension to transfer the amaratsu ans susanoo to sasuke. Itachi was going blind anyway so he had 2 choices: 1) Kill sasuke, the brother he loved and take his eyes or 2)Transfer his two most powerful techniques amaratsu and susanoo to sasuke after letting sasuke tool him around, and hope that amaratsu would kill madara so madara DOES not tell sasuke the truth because Itachi was obviously smart enough to UNDERSTAND that if sasuke found out, he would be bent on revenge and his fate would likely end in his own death or some twisted downward spiral. Itachi obviously wanted sasuke to think that he actually killed him so that sasuke could leave all this revenge crap behind and go on living a normal life. The poke on the forehead followed by the silent mumbling was obviously Itachi transferring amaratsu and susanoo over to sasuke because sasuke definately did not just magically get amaratsu on his own or susanoo. Itachi ideally gave him both and what makes some of you say Itachi didnt have enough chakra to do so?…Itachi was waaaayyyy more powerful than sasuke and it was probably transferring his two most powerful techniques to sasuke that drained the last bit of chakra he had and killed him. Don’t forget however that Itachi really wasn’t fighting to win that fight at all, so the poke on the head was a gesture of what he did when sasuke was younger along with the transfer of amaratsu and susanoo….which makes sense cause the poke is a gesture of brotherly love or as some of you said for the “good ol times”.

    So to put my rambling in a few simple statements

    1) Itachi gave Sasuke susanoo and amaratsu to prevent Madara from telling sasuke the truth so that sasuke would think he killed his “evil” brother and go on living a normal life.
    2) Itachi definitely had enough chakra to transfer the 2 techniques and that is probably what trained the last bit of it and killed him
    3) Itachi’s fate was predetermined and destined to end up how it did just as Madara said. He was forced to kill his clan due to they were going to coup de tat and threaten the peace of the hidden leaf village that itachi felt obligated to protect. Itachi then obviously felt so awful about what he did to his clan that he wanted sasuke to be the one to kill him and grant him redemption. Since he loved sasuke so much, he wanted sasuke to kill him and take his susanoo and amaratsu such that sasuke would be protected from Madara so that he would not know the truth of what really happened in hopes of preventing sasuke from becoming a revenge crazed avenger, such that he could go on living a normal life.
    4) ITACHI FAILED MISERABLY and If I was him I would have just let the coup de tat happen and ran away with sasuke if he loved his brother so much and let the damn ethnic conflict in the hidden leaf sort its own shit out.

  8. David: i don’t think i have read the manga wrong, try rereading the chapters after the fight with itachi. Itachi did give sasuke his powers as a means to protect him and set up a booby trap to kill madara. That doesn’t mean he gave him the powers just that time, he gave him the whole power, both amaterasu and susanno, though i bet susanno is different from itachi’s because he is in revenge mode and angry and when he uses it when he is calm it will look similar to itachi.

  9. Aren’t Jutsu’s, if you boil them down to their cores, just a molding of chakra in a certain manner? What if he transferred the Chakra over to Sasuke through that tap? Much like how Itachi gave Naruto some of his power through his crow.

  10. @Matt: except Itachi wanted the Uchiha clan to be remembered with honor, not for being a bunch of attention starved prima-donna’s with a martyr complex. If he’d ignored it and let the coup de tat happen, the results would have likely been the same. (because i refuse to take a clan seriously when it can be wiped out in a single night with absolute silence). But Sasuke would have likely lived forever with the shadow of that betrayal hanging on his shoulders, a fate Itachi strove to avoid.

  11. Purposely staying out of the Mangekyo Sharingan debate, since that seems to be attracting a lot of flamers, I’ll focus on the other points, namely Danzo. First, I wouldn’t count Danzo out just yet; Sasuke might be superpowered with his new Mangekyo powers, whether they were hand-me-downs from Itachi or they developed when he gained his own upgraded eyes (I’m leaning towards the former personally, since Madara mentioned Itachi transferred his ocular jutsu before death), I wouldn’t count Danzo out just yet. Remember this guy is supposed to be on the Third Hokage’s level, compounded by the fact that he is a warhawk, so even with the purported damage to his eyes he should still be more than a match for Sasuke. The fact Sasuke barely handled E (the Raikage), who like Naruto is a base power type as opposed to a Kekkei Genkai user, seems to add more likelihood to that idea.

    As for Sakura, I got a nice laugh out of Kakashi having the same opinion as the fandom, since in my experience that rarely occurs in any story. But aside from that, while Sakura would definitely lose to Sasuke in a straight fight, I still can’t help but wonder whether they will be any emotional baggage that holds one or both back from the final blow. In fact, the ones I really worry about are the people that accompanied Sakura (Kiba, Lee and Sai), since Sasuke doesn’t have the same emotional bonds to them.

    And finally, while I am amused at certain peoples’ disgust toward Danzo’s eye collection, I don’t see (pardon the expression) what the big deal is. It’s not like “eyes on body parts” hasn’t been used in other forms of media (Hiei’s “Youkai Form” from Yu Yu Hakusho and Zommari Leroux’s Resurrecion from Bleach), so I don’t understand why this one application of it would be considered vile. Besides, how’s an ocular-arm any more disgusting than Zetsu’s (supposed) cannibalism or his ability to generate spores of himself that grow on other people like fungis? This shot especially feels more like something out of a hentai dojinshi, and the fact it has the current Mizukage in it doesn’t help much:

  12. Generally speaking, nothing is really considered “obvious” unless it’s made unquestionable with a visual queue or plainly spelled out. I’m not saying people’s explanations are wrong, but it’s amusing how they’re so zealous over the fact that their explanation is correct when unproven.

    As for Sasuke’s eyes, I actually decided to check the previous chapters and found that Madara hinted at Itachi transferring his techniques over at the last second. Sasuke awakened his own version of the Mangekyou after realizing that Itachi was protecting him all along, like I was saying above. He didn’t replace them with Itachi’s eyes, even though it was an option.

    Madara mentioned that Itachi was ill and keeping himself alive via meds, just so that Sasuke would be the one to kill him. Zetsu also suggested that Itachi may have been exhausted from using his Tsukuyomi.

    I agree Itachi wasn’t trying to kill Sasuke anyway, but these may have contributed to Sasuke being able to surprise him on a couple of occasions.

    That’s just my personal take on the arm with eyes. The thought of say, a living wall of just eyeballs kind of freaks me out. >_>

  13. David, your comments were one garbled mess. Plain and simple. Capitalization and punctuation really helps if you want any one to hear you out. We’ll “talk Naruto” when you can form thoughts and sentences properly.

    Yes, I wrote the previous Naruto posts, but I never mentioned anything about Sakura crying for example. Also, this isn’t a matter of me defending what I’m saying; it’s a matter of you trolling so I’ve removed your comments.

    (And no, I couldn’t be bothered to try and make sense of everything you were trying to say.)

  14. I really just want to see THE END on this series…
    its been too long. but anyways on the chapter
    i too feel sorry for Naruto, I wonder what hes going to
    do now that his friends want to kill Sasuke.

  15. ahmmm..just a small notice from my mind since i saw someone talk about it earlier “^^..susanoo means storm right..naruto’s chakra type is wind..itachi transfered some of his power to naruto..anyone can see something out of this?!..of course another pure speculation 🙂

  16. The genjutsu has always been the warm up before the main fight. Where’s Gai when you need him? lol. Gai cut thru all the genjutsu crap in their first encounter with Itachi. And poor Naruto… he is weak against genjutsu.

    Anyways this seems to be “sasuke’s revenge saga” due to the konoha team being sidelined. I believe Naruto will decide to find and kill Sasuke for the sake of Sakura and Konoha (or at least I hope he comes to that decision). (Random statement) It seems like Kakashi’s Mangekyo Sharingan is the only thing that can stop Madara right now (the battle of the time/space jutsu’s)

  17. @Otaking: There are databooks that correspond with the manga, and if you can’t find an answer from naruto in the manga, instead of guessing the answer, you should try to find it in the databooks.

    Find the technique “Tensha Fuuin: Amaterasu”, try control f and searching if you can’t spot it by eye. I’ve read a couple translations of this technique just in case one of the translations is awry. Anyways, they’re all right, and here’s how to figure out Jack is wrong.

    “Once the eye wherein the technique is sealed sees the specific target, the seal is broken and the ‘black flame that even consumes other flames’ swoops down on its prey!!”

    Thus, what Itachi did was simply transfer a one time use of Amaterasu that would activate when Madara’s sharingan was seen.

    I was rude because people lack any skill in research, “I’m pretty sure” doesn’t constitute any absolute; if you don’t know the answer, don’t act like you do.

    Lol, anyways, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have lashed out like that.

  18. @Divine: Those pages are interesting, and certainly contradict the databooks. Mayve just a bad translation? Or maybe Kishi just wasn’t thinking. I guess we may find out in the 4th databook.

  19. since everyone is bring Itachi back up. Does anyone know why he was so out of it during the fight with Sasuke. Did he previously go up against Madara or someone else. Plus it is pretty obvious after watching Sasuke fight Bee and Raikage that Itachi just imprinted all his techniques onto his brother. Sasuke has used Amaterasu and Susanoo like he has being doing it for years. What was given to Naruto is the real question. I wonder if Itachi gave them something meant to be used together against Madara or the Ten Tails. If Itachi did have something up his sleeve why didnt he just use himself. Where did Madara learn his Pocket Dimension Jutsu. Is he really using Obito’s body like Orochimaru did with all his MJ kids collection. Will Sakura ever be useful to the storyline. When anyone besides Naruto and Sasuke get a major power up. Will Tsunade be an old woman with no more chakra. I mean…it’s just too much…*starts hyperventilating and falls unconcious*

  20. Itachi was out of it because he was

    a) Dying and
    b) Gave half his power to Naruto prior to the fight

    As for Sasuke, his version of Susano is incomplete and puts a lot of strain on Sasuke. And Itachi even stated himself in his fight with Sasuke that all of those mangekyou sharinga. Techniques awakened the day his eyes awakened, meaning that he had probably had the same experience Sasuke is having.

  21. @abe
    lmao @I mean…it’s just too much…*starts hyperventilating and falls unconcious*
    very funny..
    like the very first post said, i feel like things are reaching a climax. i’m wondering where things are going from here.

  22. @animeE
    I agree, it seems like storylines are finally wrapping up, now that we’ve identified Danzo(and Madara, though he has more secrets) as the “real” bad guys.

    You can understand my consternation when we had a sudden influx of new characters for the Kage meeting. Just when I’d hoped we were nearing the end…

  23. I think Naruto hyperventilating was out of stress. Honestly, when do you see Naruto stress out about something so bad ? His best friend forever is running amok, and the order was just called out for him to be killed. I can’t say I’ve had a best friend of mine have and order for him to be killed, but I figure I’d hyperventilate a little if all of the ninja nations were going to do it. Needless to say, even as he has mastered sage mode, he’s feeling despair over it.


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