「天国は待ってくれる?」 (Tengoku wa Matte Kureru?)
“Heaven Awaits?”

I know it’s somewhat cheesy when they play the opening theme near the end of a finale, but I actually like the whole “coming full circle” feel it gives off. Sure enough, Junpei’s curse does just that as he gets transformed into a cat completely before having the curse’s severity reduced. He’s human again but not free from it entirely, leading us to the biggest surprise at the end of the episode — a second season has been greenlit!

I haven’t looked into when it’ll possibly be airing, but I’m happy that both the series and AIC studio’s work on it are well-received amongst fans. It’ll be interesting to see how things go in a second season, since the manga material was used out of order and there was a fair bit of original content this time around. The writers did a good job tying the two together this season, so I’m not really worried about that being done well. I’m just curious as to which direction they’ll take things. The letter from Junpei’s father during the omake suggested it will focus on the romance aspect. With the whole love triangle between Junpei, Kaede, and Kanako in full swing, they could probably ride on that alone for another season if they wanted. Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season went a similar route when they focused on those particular chapters of its own manga. I happened to enjoy that a fair bit, so I’d love to see Nyan Koi do the same.

I mentioned before how I felt AIC’s production was impressive across the board, let alone for a comedy series. This final episode reiterated that notion, as the number of in-between animation frames was pretty amazing. While the faces were pretty goofy on a few ocassions, the facial animation was noticeably more fluid and pronounced than previous showings. This includes the characters’ eyes as well. All in all, it really does the manga justice, which I’m sure those familiar with the artwork there can attest to. Now if only all production studios could follow suit and make this level of quality the new norm, I’d be one happy anime viewer. Normally, I’m not too concerned about production studios when deciding on what to watch, but rest assured I’ll be taking special consideration for anything AIC’s involved with from now on. The only thing I could really fault them for this episode was the case of the disappearing Manekineko, after Junpei and the twins tried to trick Kaede into believing that the curse was lifted. Not a huge mishap, but noteworthy nonetheless.


As for the episode itself, it turns out Junpei did become the cat shown in the preview last time. During the first half, I honestly believed that Nyamsus’ idea of fooling Kaede into believing that Junpei’s no longer cursed was going to work. As such, it was pretty amusing seeing Nagi stroll along and pull off Junpei’s hat, exposing his cat ears to everyone. Conveniently enough, there was some Sun Road shopping district costume contest going on to prevent Nagi, Haruhiko, and Kouta from suspecting anything. Too bad the same couldn’t be said for Kaede, whose suspicions took Junpei’s curse over the edge and transformed him completely.

During all this, I loved watching Kotone and Akari trying to help by sneaking out food for him and even picking up his clothes. Akari’s reaction to inadvertently sniffing Junpei’s underwear was pretty priceless. It was also cool seeing Kotone’s stalkerish ways (with GPS tracking and all) actually prove to be useful for a change. If there’s anything that has me really excited about a second season, it would be seeing more of Tomatsu Haruka as the Kirishima twins.

Much like I was saying above, things really came full circle with Kaede’s return to the park and the cats from episode one running away from her in fear. Back then, Junpei was telling her not to be too forceful when petting cats, which she was reminded of when approaching Junpei himself. I thought it was pretty cute having him be the cat that lets Kaede get over her inability to get along with them, and even cuter when all the cats Junpei helped so far miraculously showed up. The screenplay and music there was really well done, as Junpei was thinking he’d just die happily in Kaede’s arms. It was a very somber yet heartfelt mood, before Kaede spoke out about how Junpei couldn’t possibly be cursed when he’s so nice to cats, thus reverting him back to his naked human self. If there wasn’t a second season, I would’ve been satisfied with ending on that note.

There is however, so hearing Junpei say he’ll continue working towards lifting his curse was a nice way of getting the story back on track for the next arc. The same goes for the New Year’s shrine visit, where both Kaede and Kanako wished to get closer to Junpei. I liked how they left things off on a comedic note though, with the bell dropping and hitting Junpei, Kaede, and Tama for a well-executed three hit combo. Overall, this has been great light-hearted comedy with top-notch production values, making Nyan Koi pretty easy to recommend to anyone — especially cat lovers. Anyone else ready for season two already?

* Kaede was unbelievable cute this episode.
* Uploaded copies of the really nice cat-themed sponsor message eyecatches. The first one has Kaede in the same neko maid outfit as Sakakibara Yui in her PV.




  1. I really like the fact that there’s gonna be a second season. This series may not be “all that” but I certainly enjoyed watching every single episode and that’s enough for me. Very fun series indeed.

    Wiru BK-201
  2. This show could have been so much better if they’d given the twins more screen time. And of course, Fukuyama Jun voicing a cat was pretty amusing to watch since I’ve grown tired of his Lelouch voice.

  3. Kudos for romance tension well done. I was really down with the restaurant scene with Kaede (I don’t hate her but I’m a Kana-chan shipper!) She was kind of giving up and then a second season!!! Now I’m a happy cat. I find it very interesting how the same topic (love triangle) gives different feelings. ie Kimi ni todoke we have 2 girls (Sawako and Kurumi) going for their man. The way Kurumi does it just bring evil hate. In Nyan Koi both girl are just adorable. Maybe with more character development I could appreciate Kaede more.
    Kanako showing respect for Kaede’s feeling just make her great for me. Lucky in the next season she’ll forget Junpei and I can make her my waifu 🙂
    Need more kitty in problems to save them!!!

    Island Esper
  4. More Twins please *Nods* At last, a Kaede who isn’t totally evil or related to Boxcutters!
    Totally worth watching, I liked this more than I did Kampfer… Except for Shizuku… I’ll be a willing slave anytime! I didn’t notice that missing cat statue until you pointed it out o.o

  5. Man that was a really open ended ending. It it weren’t for the ‘next season’ thing at the end of the credits. I would of thought there was going to be an episode next week.

    Anyway, it looks like my first prediction was right on this show. (A second season)

  6. uwah?!….i hope they will air the second season sooooonnn…i just love NYAN KOI…the best anime ever ..especially that i’m a cat lover and an anime otaku at the same time..a must see..second season…

    if not..their are also the manga..the manga focus on the romance of mizuno and kousaka and the curse also…mmmm… i hope they follow the manga on the second season…

  7. Agreed, this was probably the highlight of the season for me, and considering it had a bunch of awesome series like Fairy Tail and Darker than Black 2 to contend with, its pretty impressive.

    I prowled the internet when I found out about the season 2. Spot on review there mate, and I am in 100% agreement =D

  8. The best part of the episode has got to be the bell dropping. After seeing that part in the manga, I really wanted to see them animate it.

    I was not disappointed. Can’t wait for season 2.

  9. I never liked Fairy Tail, even after 2 episodes of being entertained, something in my mind told me to not come back anymore, even though the quality of fun was there. Also, haven’t watched DTB and Letter Bee.

    To me, Nyan Koi would place 3rd on this Fall Season. While nothing new, it was definitely fun. At the amusement park episode I began rooting for Kaede (cute like all hell) and since the episode Kousaka met Akari, I’ve also been rooting for Akari all the way. But I’d rather see the loveable tsundere become the end pair.

    Btw Divine, I don’t follow everything you wrote about the series but I’ve gotta ask, who’s your favourite so far? Somehow Kanako’s too-huge-to-be-real tits turn me off, oh and her hairstyle too.

    no one in particular really
  10. Best anime of this season has got to be Kimi Ni Todoke. I’ve watched just about every anime from this season and for the most part liked them. Letter Bee, Nyan Koi, Railgun, Fairy Tail, Blacksmith, and Soro No Otoshimo all stood out as being overall good animes. But I have to say Todoke was clearly the best (unless the final episode pulls a Claymore) I saw this season.

  11. Proof – “P.S. tomoyo > the rest lol”: the inadmissible truth.

    Btw, Splash, people’s opinions differ. To some Kimi ni Todoke is just another love story although I think it’s very very well made. It pretty much reminds me of Honey & Clover. The way it dealt with situations that almost so close to real life reminded me of what Honey & Clover was like. However, Kimi ni Todoke’s theme isn’t as mature and complex (in my opinion only though) as Honey & Clover.

    Kimi ni Todoke’s main focus is Sawako and her discovery of the new feelings inside her, as well as her overall story. That premise alone might discourage people to watch it.

    P.S I have no idea how many screencaps I’ve taken off of Kimi ni Todoke. I just had to screencap some stuff. The higher the resolution the more I fanboy at the art.

    no one in particular really
  12. Agreed. Opinions differ. I felt that Nyan Koi was the best since I waited for each ep with more anticipation than other series.

    I’m hoping they do an OVA before the second season. Some 12 ep seasons throw in an extra OVA to make it the staple 13 ep show. But they’ve already done a pool (equivalent to beach) and an onsen ep. Can’t imagine what else a Nyan Koi OVA would be themed on.

  13. It was funny seeing Junpei as a cat. The timing of the song when Kaede held Junpei and then being surrounded by the cats was really well done. I’m still rooting for a Kanako with Junpei ending, but that may have the same chance as an Akari and Junpei ending. Kotone is already an expert stalker; very scary indeed! And the broken bell three-hit-combo was freaking hilarious! That cat Tama was going WTF!? like I did; it was so unexpected! And Nagi takes the trophy home for the most crazy character in the series!


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