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OP: 「Choose Bright!!」 by 茅原実里, 寿美菜子, 矢作紗友里, 日笠陽子 (Chihara Minori, Kotobuki Minako, Yahagi Sayuri, Hikasa Youko)
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「おとなパンツ!の女の子」 (Otona Pantsu! no Onna no Ko)
“The Girl with Adult Panties!”

So I hear shy girls like to choose bright and flashy underwear, or at least that’s what the OP/ED song titles have me believe. “Chu-Bra” -> “Choose Bright”. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what it’s short for… >_>

Anyway, the story here follows middle schooler Hayama Nayu (Chihara Minori), who’s kind and smart, but a bit of a klutz. Being the top student in her class, she’s asked to address all the students during the entrance ceremony for her new school. On her way up to the podium, she stumbles and falls flat on her face, exposing her purple lace panties to a shocked and speechless crowd. As a result, rumors about her being a prostitute run rampant throughout the school, so fellow classmates Shiraishi Haruka (Yahagi Sayuri) and Jinguuji Yako (Kotobuki Minako) taking it upon themselves to find out first-hand. After witnessing an older guy drop off underwear and Nayu ecstatically shopping for new ones, Yako buys into the rumors and the two of them start to avoid her. Still, Haruka is skeptical because of how nice Nayu is to the other girls, who she knows are just taking advantage of her.

When the three of them take a spill down the stairs together, Haruka and Yako find out that Nayu tries out new underwear products for an acquaintance, i.e. her brother-in-law Keigo (Sakurai Takahiro). It turns out everyone started avoiding her at the end of elementary school once they found out she wears such sexy underwear. She ends up becoming friends with Haruka and Yako after clearing up the misunderstanding, but not before getting a lesbian rumor gets started.


Now before we get ahead of ourselves, this first episode wasn’t nearly as much loli-bait as it probably could’ve been. I suspect they’ll dial things up later on however, seeing as this is broadcast on AT-X (and only AT-X). Quite frankly, I found things pretty tame here except for one scene, but it could just be that this stuff doesn’t faze me anymore. To the show’s credit, it does feature some nicely drawn underwear. What’s more noteworthy though is that it was actually fairly funny. The three main girls are played by the aforementioned voice actresses, and while I usually can’t stand Minorin doing her childish high-pitched voice, it’s only mildly annoying here when she happens to scream. In terms of humor, Sayuri playing Haruka with the strange dialect was pretty amusing, but Minako as Yako was hilarious with her reactions.

When I watched the pre-airing stream of this episode last week (and didn’t feel like blogging it), I felt it probably would’ve made more sense to have Minako play Haruka since she’s done the whole dialect bit as Kanon in Umi Monogatari. After hearing her English “Oh no~” outburst as Yako at the end though, I’m so glad they went with this instead. Yako’s reactions to Nayu’s seemingly perverted actions alone got me interested enough to watch a few more, even though I don’t see myself covering this series on a regular basis. I realize that’s not a great reason to continue watching a show, but I found it entertaining. I’m a fan of Minako after learning that she’s capable of so much more than her role as Mugi in K-ON.

I should probably mention that the two female teachers shown in this episode, Mizuno Tamaki and Takatou-sensei, are played by Oohara Sayaka and Asakawa Yuu respectively. Also, Hikasa Youko (Mio in K-ON!) has yet to show up as her character Amahara Kiyono (far right here). The OP/ED themes are actually performed by the three main seiyuus and her, giving us half of the K-ON group again. I got some K-ON vibes when I heard Youko singing in the ending theme, but admittedly found the opening a tad annoying because of the chorus.

Story-wise, problems will likely pick up because of the girl from Nayu’s elementary school who’s out to get her. It’s probably safe to say there won’t be a lot of depth here, but it’s not exactly like they’re striving for it either. If it’s entertaining comedy-wise, I don’t really have a problem with it.

* Chu-Bra!! is simulcasted Mondays on Crunchyroll, though I wonder if anything will be censored on their end later on.


ED Sequence

ED: 「Shy Girls」 by 茅原実里, 寿美菜子, 矢作紗友里, 日笠陽子 (Chihara Minori, Kotobuki Minako, Yahagi Sayuri, Hikasa Youko)
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  1. ahhh, thanks guys for voicing your opinions to let me know i’m not alone on this. i will also PASS on this. i watched the ep “although fast forwarding alot” and during a particular scene where the girls pondered women like upgrades and what panty’s meant to them, i had a WTF am i doing with my life moment.. this is wrong on soo many levels “just my opinion” and left me feeling so dirty “and that’s hard to do”. yes the talking tata’s were about the only funny thing, but on the whole i felt too weird. SORRY for typing so much. i will monitor the blog of course but that’s it, lol

    BROOKLYN otaku
  2. Odd… I got a real pre-parade vibe from that opening.
    Comic High was more than enough for me to take a good look at this one. I am pleasantly surprised with the humor in this show. Just how loli is this one going to get anyway?

  3. Let’s see, I personally have 1.) illness for the past few days, 2.) new projects at work keeping me busy, and 3.) other life priorities at the top for reasons.

    I wasn’t going to write about Chu-Bra at all (or I would’ve 1.5 weeks ago), but a few people asked me to.

    As for the other blogs, um… good for them? o_O

  4. Even is not so original some scenes are pretty fun.
    Is one of these anime you watch just for fill the day without think too much and after you forget about it and watch something else till the next episode. 😀

  5. I expect nothing from THIS Chu-Bra.. Anyway i just watch casually and never think too much about this anime at last I found quite amusing….;)
    Hmphh, This winter Season is so slow since i still remember the awesomeness of tomoki, Shizuku and Kirishima twins at fall season….

  6. Call me a perv but I liked it. 😛 I found the whole thing quite LOLtastic, and there was a surprising amount of oppai for a middle-school anime. I think I’ll be following this, you guys do what you want.

    Thanks for blogging this divine, don’t worry about the trolls bitching about posting times. We appreciate bringing us the funny and teh fanservice. 🙂

  7. Hey everyone,

    I won’t have a post out today about it (probably tomorrow), but do yourselves a favor and watch “Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu” if you want some really good laughs. It has amazing production by SILVER LINK too. Highly recommended.

    I was trying to get a post out tonight but I can’t afford to lose anymore sleep. -_-;

    (Looks like gg just speed-subbed it too.)

  8. I’ll give this another week to see if this is good enough to satisfy my guilty pleasures for this winter season, and if you’re gonna continue blogging after then, divine, this pervert might just stay to keep you company. lol

    Oh and no hard feelings to those who’re gonna pass on this, as their mileage varies, and the first 1-2 episodes is usually an indicator for deciding. That said, please don’t then come back and start harassing divine for blogging “shit” that he chooses to blog on a constant basis like the trolls did for divine’s other blogs.

    Kinny Riddle
  9. “WTF IS THIS ANIME” is so perfect for this one. Damn, if my girls wore shit like that while they were in middle school, I would have buried myself in a snow bank. Hell, I’m liberal & all but this is SHIT.

  10. … WTF?! THIS KIND OF SHIT AGAIN?! I’m a guy and I like fan service as much as the next perv, but they seriously need to stop doing something as pointless as this. Sure it may be sort of funny, but I feel like I’m watching something like Disaster Movie, except it’s an anime. Hell, I might as well call this Panty Anime. It might be a little harsh, but first impressions are often the first. I would like to see this anime prove me wrong. The only possible way they could make this worse if they put some sort of demon/alien/pervert on the run, collecting panties or harassing girls with tentacle rape…

  11. A part of me knew this series was going to be ‘weird’ after reading the description. On that up coming anime series picture. I just didn’t think it was going to be ‘this’ weird.

    Honestly i can’t see the appeal of this show, but then again I’m not into this sort of thing. For all you that continue this series; good luck.

  12. Christ, do you people have blood flowing through your veins? This show is funny and perverted. It helps that the animation is pretty good, too. Sure is a lot better than half the derivative crap out there this season. Go back to watching shitty Bleach or One Piece. Clearly you brats have horrible taste in anime.

  13. Lol guys don’t judge a book by its cover.
    This anime teaches as about whole lot about underwear lol!
    Most guys misunderstood underwear!
    Mostly i really don’t believe that underwear is so important for the girls, i think some slutty lingerie is ok to wear by the girl but really they feel uncomfortable about it.
    This anime is fun to watch but not so comedy indeed compare to baka test but series have every lesson for the guys out there who doesn’t know how important is an underwear for a woman.


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