While Kazehaya is off shuttling Sawako away from Ryuu and Kurumi, Ayane is telling Chizuru about her suspicions that Kurumi was behind the rumors because of her feelings for Kazehaya. Ayane gets further confirmation when Ryuu brings by the note he got and after Sawako’s friends Tomoko and Eriko reveal that they saw Kurumi spreading the rumor. Sawako meanwhile starts to understand her own feelings, and when Kazehaya asks her directly if she likes Ryuu, she’s able to deny it. Given the opportunity, Kazehaya tries to broach the subject of going out, but Sawako is too flustered to give a good answer, so he lets it go for now. He then returns to the equipment room where he left Kurumi and happens to overhear her talking with Pin. Pin is under the wrong impression that Kurumi likes him and is in the process of rejecting her, and Kurumi is horrified that Kazehaya now misunderstands as well. She doesn’t get a chance to explain herself either because Pin drags Kazehaya away. Shortly thereafter, Kurumi finds herself being confronted by Ayane and Chizuru, and in the middle of this, the three of them are found by Sawako. Due to her newfound understanding of her feelings, Sawako had wanted to tell Kurumi that she likes Kazehaya, and she’s surprised now to hear from Ayane that Kurumi was behind the rumors.


I loved this episode, and it continues the streak of great ones that we’ve been having recently. I kept expecting that there would be some sort of misunderstanding between Kazehaya and Sawako, but they were actually pretty clear with each other, even without a true confession (it seemed like the perfect spot for one). I’m relieved to see that things haven’t gotten screwed up between them, however what I really enjoyed this episode was Kurumi’s misfortune. I loved the expression on her face when Kazehaya took Sawako away, and her later scene with Pin was hilarious, made even better by the fact that Kazehaya overheard. I also had a good laugh at all of the Ayane and Chizuru scenes (I love their characters now), and it’s nice to see them finally confront Kurumi about the rumor stuff. I really want them to strike some sort of blow against her, like telling Kazehaya about the truth or ruining her image, but I suspect that Sawako is much more forgiving than them. Either way, it looks like next episode is going to be focused on Kurumi.


  1. Wow! For once, I’m first!
    I’ve been waiting for your post all afternoon, and I’m glad you like the episode as well. The part when Kazehaya overhears the conversation between Pin and Kurumi is absolutely hilarious (although i did feel a teeny bit sorry for her). I must confess that the episode started a little slow, but, goodness do i love this show!

    Actually, I’m reading the manga as well, and I sincerely wish they would hurry and finish translating it! I LOVE spoilers! anyway, the rate at which it’s going, I fear the anime will catch up to the manga and then… I’ll truly be in a pinch….

    Can’t wait for next week!

  2. I love this ep since we finally have caught Kurumi in her traps and I love how Ayane asked her if her plan worked. Lol at Ryuu for walking away when Kurumi was screaming why?

    I think if any girl had a shot at Pin it would be Ayane cos she’s mature and blah at Sawako for wanting to tell Kurumi instead of Kazehaya that she likes him.

  3. The wait was worth it. Kurumi got the classic 1-2-3 punch. First Kazehaya went for his girl and snatched Sawako from Kyuu. Next punch from Pin !!! I was lol so hard I didn’t expect that slap in your face from him. Finally Yano woohoo I knew she was on her case and put all the pieces together and was about to make her pay. Now we have to wait for Sawako’s reaction from the revead true. As much as evil Kurumi is I think she’s going to get away because Sawako is to kind to harbor hate. Please prove me wrong and just slap her once pretty please just once!!!
    I don’t want Kurumi to disappear now. The best way to make her suffer is to watch Kazehaya and Sawako kissing.

    Island Esper
  4. This is certainly my favorite episode!

    @manu: Yeah, I’m wondering that as well… specially since I saw the last chapters of the manga, where there is a 4 chapter-long misunderstanding that is pretty heart-wrenching. At least it was for me! And since it seems they are doing one manga chapter per episode… I just hope that they do a second season or something so that they don’t have to finish things quickly!

  5. You know, though, that nothing really bad is going to happen to Kurumi, fun though it’d be to watch. I predict (having not read the manga) that she’s going the Shibahime route from Kare Kano, from social menace to one of the gang. She & Yano-chin share enough qualities to build an interesting & rivalrous friendship – such is my wish. Though could she really hang around watching Sawako & Kazehaya billing & cooing?

  6. I still say this is the BEST anime series of the fall. Everything about this series is perfect. From the right music at the right times and the way the characters are drawn so beautifully to how they slowly spin the story out for us to enjoy. Watching them 2 fall in love at their own innocent pace is a nice pleasure to watch. The comedy bits are at the right places and yet its strange to see a series now a days that has no fan service (and its not missed or needed). This series reminds me of another great series Itazura Na Kiss.

  7. Ever since Pin was introduced I have been praying for him and Yano to get together! She’s mature and his immature so the age difference would not be too much of a problem haha, no one agrees…? Nevermind, just wishful thinking.

    I completely agree with you, Splash. Itazura Na Kiss is equal with Kimi Ni Todoke in their greatness.

  8. hahaha i think it would be hilarious… yano and pin… they do fit together in some ways… just i think she’d have to graduate… and probably even become a teacher at that school…

    but anyways… GODDDDD that was amazing…. they did the scene so well i was pinching my cheeks…

    also I dunno…. Itazura na Kiss… is good… but I don’t they are equal… mostly I think it’s way too soon to say they are equal… and if you do then that means Kimi ni Todoke can only be better once it reaches the end, since these “good” episodes aren’t going to stop if they keep following and IMPROVING the scenes from the manga…. at least from what I think…

  9. lol, a live-action movie? That could be good. The art for this series is despicable.

    On an unrelated note, I kinda like Kurumi (better than all the others), although perhaps for weird reasons. One of the things that’s annoyed me about this series all along is that it exaggerates emotions rather obnoxiously. Kurumi seems to be the most emotionally believable character so far, so you can most sympathize with her.

  10. when will live-action movie will be release?diz year or next? but still…..i WISH it wouldn’t ruin the manga….(i’m in cloud 9 whenever i watch this anime =w= i absolutely want 2 keep it that way)

    sometimes kazehaya seems like some spoiled kid/brat who wants a toy for himself ONLY……………….but still that’s what makes him so cute! XD

  11. Totally loved this episode, but is it just me or was the animation kind of bad this time? Especially at the very start of the episode, the faces of Kurumi and Kazehaya somehow looked really twisted.

  12. ayane, pin and ryuu make this show. seriously as funny as the pin/kurumi scene was, ryuu cracks me up more. his responses this ep (as with every other episode) upon accidentally stumbling across some drama are amazing; 1) looking around, 2) decide, “f**k this sh*t” and 3) walk quietly away. genius!


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