Disgusted with the current Ioryogi, Ginsei visits Genko to try to figure out what Ioryogi is thinking. Genko explains that there is heaven, the human world, the underworld, and the other world, and although nonaggression is the fundamental rule between them, Ioryogi started a war in heaven because there was something he wanted. His failure led to his current state, and until Kobato’s wish is granted, he can’t return to the other world. Unsatisfied with this, Ginsei tracks down Ioryogi and Kobato, and, after nearly hurting Kobato, he steals the bottle. Ioryogi goes after him, and although he’s able to catch him, Ioryogi can’t defeat Ginsei in his current body. Ginsei uses the chance to question why Ioryogi is no longer Iorogi, and Ioryogi remembers how Kobato couldn’t say his name right when they first met. Ginsei also wants Ioryogi to return to the other world, but Ioryogi refuses to do so until his job here is done. With Ioryogi unwilling to get rid of Kobato, Ginsei decides to destroy the bottle instead, but he stops after Ioryogi begs him to give it back. Recalling how Genko had said that Ioryogi has changed since being with Kobato, Ginsei backs off for the time being. Ioryogi now tries to return home with the bottle, but he accidentally runs into Kiyokazu and has to pretend to be a stuffed animal again. Fortunately, Kobato is nearby and is able to reclaim him, and she’s grateful to get both him and the bottle back.


Well I’m happy to see some plot advancement this episode, and while in retrospect it might not have been that significant, I’ll take it. The biggest revelation, thanks to Genko and Ginsei, was the explanation of the different worlds, and it seems like Ioryogi was originally after either something in heaven represented by an angel’s wings (such as immortality) or an actual angel. I’d love for them to elaborate more on this, but it probably won’t be revealed until closer to the end, if ever. The other thing the episode did well was emphasize the closeness of Ioryogi and Kobato’s relationship, and the music they used when Ioryogi was talking about Kobato to Ginsei gave it a very sentimental feel. On that note, it was also interesting to find out the reason behind the discrepancy with Ioryogi’s name, and I was amused by Kohaku’s interpretation of what she saw. All in all, I thought that this was a fairly good episode, and I’m hoping it means that the pace of the story will pick up a little from now on.


  1. I found it very peculiar that during the explanation of the four worlds, they show characters from Heaven and the Underworld but not from within the Spirit world. At first I thought its because they haven’t had any of them introduced yet – but then again, neither have any from Underworld, perhaps there is some significance there.

    There is also the mention of a Demon/Devil from the Underworld stealing what Iroyogi desired from Heaven and succeeded, as opposed to Iroyogi’s failed assault.

    Regardless, although it’s a small plot advancement its very much welcome and actually rekindled my interest in the show, I was debating whether I should watch this episode to begin with because of all the mindless former episodes.

  2. The anime can’t have more development because the manga hasn’t had it either.
    What the anime has advanced in one chapter, the manga did it in months.

    Kobato. advances very slowly.
    Patience please.

    Anyway, the fight scene with Ginsei and Ioryogi was awesome.

  3. if what i’m saying is right, there’s a slight crossover of Kobato with CLAMP’s other work, WISH. that’s where Kohaku and other characters of Heaven and Underworld will come from. and if you read that, you will also know what the Demon/Devil “stole” from Heaven.

    and maybe for the Spirit world characters, they didn’t show any because it’s technically Ioryogi/Ginsei/Genko. they wouldn’t be able to reveal their true forms until the manga had, which i’m sure it hadn’t.

    like PaORe said, the manga is progressing slow, so i wouldn’t be surprised if 3/4 of the show is filler stuff.

  4. Notice that when they mentioned Heaven I thought one of the people shown was the blond girl that has become Kobato’s friend and tends a garden (her head is chopped of in the photo here and all you see is the top of her blond hair).

  5. Sebz, thanks for mentioning it, while I knew Inada Tetsu did Kurogane, I nearly forgot that Namikawa was also Fay, and hence didn’t realize the significance of these two actors being in the same scene again.

    Kiyokazu staring suspiciously at Ioryogi… that just reminded me of Touya suspiciously staring at Kero-chan all the time in CCS. XD

    Kinny Riddle
  6. I just noticed: Kurogane and Ioryogi’s voice actors are the same and Fay and Ginsei’s are the same as well and surprise surprise, Ioryogi is a tough guy character with a curse and Ginsei has an eye patch and has bluish gray eyes


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