OP: 「LOVE x HEAVEN」 by 川澄綾子, 中原麻衣, 小清水亜美, 釘宮理恵 (Kawasumi Ayako, Nakahara Mai, Koshimizu Ami, Kugimiya Rie)

ED: 「my starry boy」 by 中原麻衣 (Nakahara Mai)

Missing from last week’s early broadcast premiere of Ladies versus Butlers! were the opening and ending sequences you see above. Also missing were the completely uncensored scenes on AT-X’s broadcast, nipples and all. Click on if you want a taste of what was censored out. I guess this is where I should add in the obligatory “WARNING! NUDITY AHEAD!”

Okay, I’m no longer accountable if you choose to proceed. =)



  1. The first episode was better than i thought it would be. I really liked the 3 main chars., Kawasumi Ayako ftw. Only hope there will be a censored version of it, but looks like only AT-X is showing this. “sad”

  2. WAAAA, ANYONE IS SO KIND to put a link for downloading or see it online pls?? i hate censorship!, its like WTF they put so much efort in making them naked if they are gonna censor them anyway

  3. i asked divine if he was going to at least do a one-shot of chu-bra, but he said he didn’t have much to say about the episode, and after i watched it myself, I’d have to agree.

    @Trejon: “Please DO NOT ask or give links to raws/subs/PVs.” if you didn’t see the bold right above the text boxes… however, i’d recommend doing a google search for tokyotoshokan

  4. Nebs:
    It’s pretty much what Neo_NMO said. I watched the early stream of Chu-Bra a week ago and didn’t feel compelled to write about it then. However, I may still get around to it in the next couple of days since there are some aspects of the humor that I like. i.e. Kotobuki Minako, Mugi from K-ON, as Yako.

    I’ve just been kind of sick these past few days. I guess staying up all night to get that Best of Anime 2009 post out didn’t help either. -_-;

    Look for the episodes that were released yesterday (Jan 5th). Those are the uncensored versions.

  5. I don’t get the “Kanokon vibes” some people are getting here.
    The art style is similiar true, but the series itself feels totaly different to me so far.

    This is like So-Ra-No-Wo-To, wich doesn’t give me K-On vibes so far besides looking similiar and featuring girls with instruments.


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