OP Sequence

OP: 「光の旋律」 (Hikari no Senritsu) by Kalafina
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Having joined the military because she thinks that it will teach her music, Sorami Kanata arrives at the town of Seize, where she’s been assigned, just in time for a festival. She ends up wandering around town and gets caught up in the festivities, in the process getting her uniform soaked. Fortunately, she’s found by a fellow soldier Kazumiya Rio and given a place to bathe, during which Rio tells her about the legend behind the festival that involves flame maidens protecting the city from a demon. Afterward, Kanata hears and identifies the sound of a bell necklace that Rio has, but while she’s holding it, an owl takes it and flies away with it.

Rio doesn’t mind too much and goes off to tend to her festival responsibilities, but Kanata decides to find the necklace and follows its sound. She finds it hanging from a broken cliff pathway, and although she succeeds in getting it, she ends up falling into the water below. After seeing a giant skeleton underwater, Kanata swims back up but realizes that she’s lost again. Not knowing what else to do, she blows her horn and, up on the cliff, Rio hears and responds with her own trumpet. Kanata eventually loses consciousness, and when she wakes up again, she finds herself in the fortress with Rio. Having gotten back her bell necklace, Rio takes Kanata outside and plays a tune with her trumpet to mark the sunrise. Rio promises to guide Kanata as a trumpeter, and it turns out that Kanata isn’t very good at it yet.

ED Sequence

ED: 「Girls, Be Ambitious.」 by 戸松遥 (Tomatsu Haruka)
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One of the things that caught my eye about this show from all the promotional material for the show was the music, and that included the opening song here. It’s quite pleasant and captures a certain rustic feel that the series has. The ending song by Tomatsu Haruka, in contrast, is much more energetic, and while I thought the transition into it for this particular episode was a little sudden, the song itself was quite catchy, particularly with the way it starts.

Well that was an impressive show of production quality and storytelling, almost movie-like. It really started to shine in the second half with the combination of Rio was telling the legend to Kanata, the French insert song, and the visuals. All of that made for a wonderful scene that really drew me into the story and showed that it might be deeper than expected, so kudos to the A-1 Pictures team (if only they could do the same for FAIRY TAIL). It made me wonder if the girls are going to have to relive the legend eventually, especially since their faces are prominently featured on all the artwork related to it. That in turn makes me question what kind of series So-Ra-No-Wo-To is going to be since, based on just this first episode, it could focus on music or the girls in pseudo-military life or it could take a mythical/supernatural turn – or all of the above. The trumpet aspect is actually the least interesting to me, but if it serves as a vehicle for character development, then I’m all for it.

In any case, I thought this first episode was a great start and was much more promising than the gimmicky character designs made it seem at first. I will admit though that I found myself trying to see if each girl’s personalities matched their K-On! counterparts (they kind of do). I’m looking forward to seeing where all of this is going, and with more episodes like this, it could be a worthwhile show to follow.


  1. Wait, K-On second season came out already? Wait, it’s just So-Ra-No-Wo-To? Could have fooled me. 😛

    Good start to the series. Explain a bit of the story already.

    Is it just me, or was the ending kinda unexpected? Suddenly jumps to happy happy music.

  2. I’m definitely going to watch this. I love the scenery, music and the characters already. As much as it feels like K-ON, I feel that there is more to this than the first episode is showing us. So, all we have to do is wait and see.

    Now, to wait for Durara or was it Duradura? Ugh… everytime I try to pronounce it, I get it wrong. XD

    Hopefully there will be more anime to watch this season that’ll interest me. 2009 didn’t have much, and 2010 looks like it’s going off to a slow start.

  3. Of Course! I don’t know why I did not realize it but it’s from Kalafina of Yuki Kajiura. She’s always great with these types of music (2 of 3 Xenosaga games and quite a bit of Beetrain series).

  4. It’s Yui with…. drive.
    Kalafina is pretty good here, and I like Tomatsu Haruka’s ending too. I’m kind of playing by year with this series, hoping it will take on a more serious note rather than comedic because of the atmosphere. It would make me shiver to see this series become like K-ON! but in a war setting.

  5. “I will admit though that I found myself trying to see if each girl’s personalities matched their K-On! counterparts (they kind of do)”
    Previous pic will show they actually look alike

  6. The animation and production quality are very high that it almost fooled me into thinking I am watching an OVA or a movie. I also like the OP a lot, it has already made me replaying several times in my first watch.

  7. I’m avoiding this show because it need guys, second a K-On! copy is not something I want to watch. Third, music and military is hard to match. I was expecting something like Toshokan Sensou, but didn’t turn out that way.

  8. It’s perplexing seeing the show praised for its animation when the thing I noticed most was how much they relied on panning for a first episode. Outside of the effects that are computer-generated there’s not a lot of motion in most of the scenes. The backgrounds were much more appealing to me.

    It was hard not to see Kanata as Yui, but the others didn’t really jump out as K-ON characters. Actually the character that sounds like she’s voiced by Kugimiya Rie sent some Louise/Shana/urusai urusai chills my way. The dragon can return and burn the city to ashes if that pans out.

    Rio sounds like she’s voiced by Kobayashi Yu. You know, Maria from Maria Holic or Nagi from Nyan Koi. I don’t actually know if it’s her or not–I don’t really have an ear for seiyuu–and I’m too lazy to look it up.

  9. Screw Keion.

    Kanata = Akari
    Rio = Akira
    Kureha = Aika
    Noeru = Alice
    Felicia/Phylicia/Whatever = Alicia

    Anyone else agree?

    Anyway, I really enjoyed this first episode. I spammed my Twitter enough already, and ran out of things to say, but I really do love Sora no Woto so far.

  10. Ok, looking through the website I see that Rio’s seiyuu is Kobayashi Yuu. The character I thought was possibly voiced by Kugimiya Rie is Noeru and it’s actually voiced by Yuuki Aoi*. That’s enough of my being an idiot for one day.

    * I had the same initial confusion when I heard a promo for Dance in the Vampire Bund, which makes me think I need a brain transplant.

  11. It definitely resembles K-on! in that the character draws are really similar, but I’ll have to give some more episodes to see how this turns out.

    On another note, I absolutely loved the OP. Upon inspection, I saw that lyrics and composition was done by Yuki Kajiura, one of the best in this area; it was no wonder I liked it 😀 .

  12. I really like the direction this is going, there’s no telling what kind of series this is going to be. Its intriguing enough for me to keep watch, and the animation quality and music hits at all the right spots. Plus I wouldn’t have it any other way with the character designs.

  13. Some comments/thoughts:

    – Sorami Kanata is voiced by model/actress Aikawa Juri (相川寿里) under the stage name Kanemoto Hisako (金元寿子). Aside from a minor role in Sora no Manimani, this would be her big debut as a seiyuu. I felt she did a really good job in this first episode.

    – Kazumiya Rio is voiced by Kobayashi Yuu and I didn’t have a problem with it at all. She’s good at playing the assertive type just as well as the crazy type.

    – I noticed ufotable (amongst various other studios) helped out with the animation for this episode. ufotable for the animation and Kalafina for the opening theme… Kara no Kyoukai ties?

    – I find it a bit odd having Tomatsu Haruka performing the ending theme when she’s not in the show herself. She’s released solo singles under Music Ray’n Inc, but I tend to associate her with the seiyuu group Sphere now. Maybe she’ll show up later on in the show.

    – The French insert song isn’t listed in the credits, but I’m curious about it as well.

  14. Can’t I just paste your commentary on my blog when I tell my readers, Omni? You always agree with me (or I always agree with yours?) you know…

    Don’t care if it resembles K-ON!, don’t care if we get to see more fantasy than music instruments, it’s gonna be a great show, and I’m gonna look forward and see how the story progresses…

    But for now, I hope it wouldn’t involve robots (hate them) or weird creatures (though I experienced those in BLEACH)…

  15. I almost didn’t watch this due to the description masking it seem like it was going to be lame. But seeing as we are coming off of golden week and there was nothing else to watch so I gave it a shot. Boy am I glad I did. I really enjoyed this 1st episode and am looking forward to see what comes next.

    I more got a feeling that this series was closer to strike witches then to K-on but I loved both series so I guess its all good.

  16. Joining the army to learn music? No thanks. OP/ED great? You could say so. All in all its not a big deal. Maybe i’ll check ep2 and make the decision after that, but it’ll fail imho….

  17. Because is an original anime, so the style is valid, and can be same animators as other teams. I mean… it happens with Ladies vs Butlers, having the same character design as Kanokon. And I think K-ON second is going to be released as the same time it was last year, but on this year, in other words, on April.

    I have to say that i was expecting this anime… well, sort of. What i was really expecting was Kalafina’s song!! 😀

  18. @vaniba12..$$$$$$ @blah…hahahahah, true. and wow! a military that accepts junior high students, i pity them in battle. even better, will any of these young children DRAW FIRST BLOOD IN COMBAT??..of course not.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  19. Few things I notice after watching episode 1
    1. The opening is nice but it somehow reminds me of the music from one of those 80’s anime movies like ( Laputa: Castle in the Sky and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind), I don’t know after heaing the opening these old 80’s anime just pop up in my head.
    2. The story seems to be so much more serious than K-on, don’t think we goner see much of moe moe cue from this anime.
    3. From the opening to the french insert song and the storyline everything was great but when it comes to the ending I was like hmm the ending seems to be more fluffy and catchy for this anime, after watch what seems like a more serious version of K-on storyline the end just doesn’t feel right to me.

    But overall not a bad first episode just have wait for more to see where the story goner lead us.

  20. This is adorable. I’m a trumpet major at a university, and this made my day. Rio’s morning tune was beautiful, though it was a little corny the way her fingering was animated. Will definitely be watching next week!

  21. K-on with uniforms !!!!! However Rio even though it rhymes with Mio looks like Ryuuji from Toradora. She has an evil look, maybe is the hair color. Dunno.

    I like the story premise; but the moe-fication of the character has me worried for now. We’ll see; which way they take the show.

    Island Esper
  22. I really this anime,
    I usually hate french songs since I understand french and I’m not quite into it but this one was really damn nice.
    and this anime gives me a smile, so I think it will turn out good.

  23. I didn’t like this show. In the military there are 10 year old girls who practice to play instruments, and don’t call each other by their range?

    …Could a series be less realistic? For anybody who knows even what the army is supposed to do in real life, this anime is shameful..

  24. the quality of the animation here is good. i thought it would be a k-on! replica (character designs look exactly “k-onified”), but i was wrong. the series has a lot of room for speculation since it is the first episode, and things may get a little serious midway.

    kalafina op + k-on! characters + KnK quality backdrops + catchy ed?

    all we need now is a great story and you have a great series. anime-no-chikara seems to be dead serious with this project.

    @brooklyn otaku: it’s too early to say for sure if what you say is right.

  25. I think this anime is really wierd and a K-ON! copy-paste but besides this I can say that is a more serious thing, the graphic quality is really awesome it makes me remember the Higurashi OVA’s and the music looks good. The Legend Part it brought me back to Elfen Lied.

  26. Okay, wild prediction of the week:
    someone will die before this show ends (someone in the show, not you from moe overload)

    bonus wild prediction of the week:
    someone will die from moe overload watching this show

  27. Doesn’t seem very wise to have soldiers who’s only skill is playing music. Take volunteer regular soldiers and teach them, then bam you got the same thing but without the useless aspect. And what was there no exam to join them? The girl can’t even follow orders in moving from point A to B.

    I suppose i’m looking to deep into the generic military/foreign country aspect (only school settings are more common). I’m pretty frustrated with how every series is going this season, except Durarara which has given a small amount of hope.


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