Even though it’s summer vacation, Saten has to take supplementary lessons at Touma’s school. Fortunately, she’s able to do it with some of her friends, and there are also a lot of students from other schools. Their teacher is none other than Komoe, and her lesson is on the importance of having a Personal Reality for ability development. When it’s finally time for lunch, Saten realizes that she forgot to bring something to eat. To her surprise, Juufuku Miho is in the class as well and offers to share. Miho is happy to see her there and is grateful that Saten has been responding to her letters, but she also confides that she feels an oppressive air in the classroom. She points out that all the students are the same in that they tried the Level Upper, but Saten feels that it can’t be helped.

The class after lunch is physical training led by Yomikawa Aiho, and she has all the students start to run laps. This exhausts everyone eventually, but Saten keeps running, and Yomikawa keeps pushing her until one of the other girls – the same one Mikoto once fought – stands up to Yomikawa. She feels that this entire course is punishment, but Yomikawa denies it and claims that it’s for the purpose of surpassing their limits. Yomikawa explains that if they feel that something is impossible and give up, then it’s over even if there’s power inside of them that they didn’t know they had. Ability development works in the same way, so they have to push themselves. It then starts raining, so the students return inside, but the girl from before is still convinced that this is punishment and continues to complain about it. Saten eventually tells her that it’s only natural that they get punished for cheating, so the girl backs off. Saten’s friends realize that she’s right as well.

Back in the classroom, Komoe directly addresses the issue by giving a speech on how the course isn’t to punish the users of the Level Upper. She points out that they should have all experienced powers greater than what they originally had, and she connects this to what Yomikawa said about surpassing their own limits. Komoe has the students reflect on how they felt when they used their power, and Saten remembers everything Uiharu and Mikoto said to her during the Level Upper incident. The students are then tested on their abilities before the course ends, and afterward Saten finds a letter from Miho saying that she plans to follow Saten’s example and live more confidently. Saten also looks at her own scorecard which says she’s still a Level 0, but she resolves to keep doing her best, and she finds Uiharu, Mikoto, and Kuroko waiting for her outside.


On the whole, I really enjoyed this episode. It made good use of previously introduced one-shot characters, plus Komoe and Yomikawa, and it felt like the perfect epilogue to the Level Upper story. I thought Komoe made a very nice speech, and the episode in general was good for Saten character development. The ending gave more closure too in terms of her perspective, and it further emphasized the importance of the friendship between her, Uiharu, Mikoto, and Kuroko. My only issue with the episode was that it aired this week instead of two weeks ago. This would have been a much better fit before the cheerful and funny swimsuit episode were you can’t really detect any conflict or trouble in Saten. I guess it’s not that big a deal though since it wasn’t too far apart from the Level Upper finale. In any case, it looks like next week starts something completely different, and it the preview makes it seem like there’ll be plenty of action.


  1. @Frubam

    My thoughts exactly, unfortunately. All I could think was Hisoka and his shining crotch whenever he thinks of Gon. Oh, the horror.


    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I’m enjoying all the Saten development that I hadn’t seen elsewhere and I’m glad they didn’t decide to gloss over the tension that was built up before. Although I did find the comic relief that I’ve come to expect was a bit lacking in the episode.

  2. The sister arc was mostly shown in to aru majutsu no index so i geuss like newel said, it will mostly be filler. though i do hope they at least do a couple of episodes on it to follow the manga storyline.

    Precise Moment
  3. Komoe !!! Nothing like level 0 height sensei or is it a loli sensei like umi no misaki. The chapter as a whole did surprise me. I thought Saten was already at peace with the lever upper incident. So glad that now she has more drive to continue moving forward with the group. With a more positive outlook (she’s an example for Miho) The episode really needed to be before the swim suit one. It felt emotionally charged and the lack of a comic relief did left me emotionally tied up. We need more Saten somehow she still is missing something emotionally or physically (not necessarily an ability increase).

    Island Esper
  4. Man, I hope to see Saten Ruiko move up to level 1 or 2 one of these days. She is so determined and I was glad to see how she kept on running longer than everybody else on the track. She’d make a good runner. =) And that shows she can push her limits.

    BTW, that track workout would be abuse in real life. People can get injured seriously by pushing limits too much. You are supposed to slowly build up your running mileage before attempting such harsh workouts.

    Anyways, does anybody who has read all of the manga know if Saten Ruiko levels up naturally??

  5. Nice episode. How old is that kid teacher Komoe anyways? I liked how Komoe said that with the level upper, they gained or got stronger abilities, but with hard work they could reach and even surpass what level upper gave them. Didn’t Mikoto start out as a low-level 1 and worked hard to achieve the third strongest level 5? Kuroko was probably a prodigy starting at level 2 or 3 considering the flashback in the episode where Kuroko and Uiharu met. Now we need to know what the hell is Uiharu’s ability, since Saten’s ability was shown to be some sort of wind control with level upper.

  6. This show is the prime example of great filler, and I mean that in the most positive way possible. Being a filler story of Index, which in itself was technically filler after the first six episodes, I’m surprised that they are able to pull out nice episodes week after week. Without the need to sustain an overarching or mythology heavy plot, pretty much every episode has a slice of life feel with some decent character moments for everyone.

    It’s not really specific to this episode, but still…

  7. Like Omni said, this was a good epilogue episode for the Level Upper arc, as well as wonderful Saten-san development which was not shown in the manga.

    I especially like her persistent attitude in this episode, trying to atone for her guilt of giving in to the temptation of Level Upper, as well as wanting to work hard by herself.

    While I can’t verify this, word has it that the Sisters Arc will NOT be animated, the main reason of course being that the arc is not even half-way through in the manga at the moment.

    Though before you despair of having to put up with fillers, word also has it that the story for this original arc is written by none other than Kamachi Kazuma, the author of the Index series himself. So at least we have the creator at the helm to ensure this arc doesn’t get too inconsistent with the general Index-verse.

    Kinny Riddle
  8. Vegetarian: She hasn’t leveled up yet, but I would be surprised if she didn’t get some reward for her work later on. The manga isn’t actually a whole lot further than the show (translated, at least) at the moment. While we may not see Ruiko level up after 24 episodes, it will definitely happen.

  9. The episode as a whole really made my morning! I love Saten’s character, and it’s great that she’s one of the characters that us viewers can relate and connect with from the series. I couldn’t stop smiling too! “From now on I’ll stop regretting everything and live strongly like you!” Even though it may have been a simple quote, I loved it. Can’t wait for more Saten. =)

    Lightning XIII
  10. notice the delinquent girl driving past on motorbike could see eyebrow girl now meaning her presence has gotten stronger thanks to Saten’s positive influence i think sorry don’t know their names lol..this episode left me with a smile 🙂

  11. I was surprised in a positive way by the comments here, I was expecting people to bash the episode because of the total lack of action and generally slow pace. I agree however that this was a very good way to close the Level Upper arc and that Saten’s character is probably the most interesting in the show yet, despite (or because of) the lack of a special ability.

  12. I actually don’t want Saten to level up. Deep in my mind I always thought that it would be perfect if after all she’s been through she ends up being involved with magic (yes, that still exists in this show’s world, for any of you who have gotten so involved in Railgun that you’ve forgotten about Index). Saten is a level 0, so she would still be capable of learning it, and as a fan of hers it would be perfect if her ability were not measured against Mikoto and Kuroko’s (as it would be if she remained an esper).

  13. that was a thoroughly satisfying episode. I’m surprised to say it but i actually give a damn about satens story and am interested in her trials and tribulations. just my opinion but this is a good example of a character development episode. and the fact that it kinda makes you feel good don’t hurt either

    BROOKLYN otaku
  14. @TRS Don’t the level 0’s still go through the “esper” treatment with the drugs and conditioning? I thought that was the case, so I assumed it would still be impossible for them to use magic, level 0 or not.

  15. @cenyth

    If I remember correctly, Komoe used magic at the previous series. I’m not sure if she is under that “esper” treatment with the drugs and conditioning or not. Probably, we could also say the same with Saten’s case.

  16. In theses cases usually the less important liferom on earth becomes a demigod. Saten will be something like son gohan: no one minds about her power until the very end and then she will be an ultraüberpwning esper, chuck norris with estrogens, kenshiro with boobs…

  17. This episode was too good to be just “filler”. Even if it wasn’t part of the manga, Satans character development in this episode I feel was really crutial. Rather than waiting to fully develop her later when she gains some kind of ability or magic. It all felt natural.

  18. Only kids/pupils/students get ESP development. Komoe is a grown-up teacher/scientist(it doesn’t matter how young she looks) so she has never had such treatment. It means she is not even a level 0, therefore no problem to spell magic.
    Tsuchimikado, one of Touma’s buddies would tell you that once you got such ‘development’ process, you basically torture yourself when you spell magic, whatever level you are at esp-wise.
    So no magic future for Saten. But she is so ‘a girl next door’ and I guess that’s exactly why she has a place for her with other 3 extraordinary girls, Mikoto, Kuroko and Uiharu.

    The producer of this series has said there will be no ‘Sistes arc’ so we can expect a lot of anime original arc/episodes this season.


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