Ascoeur and Q-feuille have been depressed ever since the attack, and because G-Society’s ploy worked, the GTO is currently limited in how it can act. However, unlike Ascoeur and Q-feuille who feel now that they can’t do anything, Di-air remains upbeat and vows to become an ES Member. What’s more, Di-air has been noticing something in the distance and finally goes to investigate one day. It turns out to be G-Society spies, but because Di-air is alone, she can’t do much, and Tama can barely protect her. Fortunately, Ascoeur and Q-feuille come to her rescue, and their opponents respond by releasing several Genetech Beasts. These prove too much to handle until Di-air’s life comes in direct danger, at which point Ascoeur and Q-feuille suddenly find themselves able to use Trixie and Troisienne’s old powers. They are thus able to defeat the beasts and force their opponents to withdraw. Afterward, Ascoeur realizes that their bodies must remember how Trixie and Troisienne fought and that the two live on inside of them. She and Q-feuille regain their resolve to become ES Members, and sometime later, they are made into warrant ES Members by Chief Hiver.


Before anyone asks, I have no intention of dropping or giving up on this show; I’m just way behind on watching and blogging it thanks to all the other higher priority stuff I had to work on given the end of the year and the new season, and I am trying to catch up when I can.

In any case, I found this episode to be not too bad, but fairly predictable until the parts near the end. The girls of course had to go through the grieving process, and it was nice to see Ascoeur solemn and serious for once. As for what happened near the end, it wasn’t shocking that the Ascoeur and Q-feuille would eventually get stronger powers, but I didn’t think it would happen quite so soon and in that sort of way. The key might lie in what was written on Trixie’s tombstone because it could be interpreted to say that she was the third Eclair, and that in turn might mean there’s some sort of inheritance system in place. I’m curious to see how they explain it (clones?), though it looks like episode 11 is back to focusing on the G-Society side.


  1. Wow, I thought maybe you dropped this. The fansubs has slowed down considerably. Episode 12 and 13 aren’t subbed still.

    I didn’t really like this episode much since half of it was moping but episode 11 is pretty funny with the G-Society ability users.

  2. ic, so they can just learn abilities along the way (even if they are G-Class Abilities…how convenient for our main heroines TT )

    episode 11 wasnt that great either…

    Trixie and Troisienne could be the clones of eclair n lumiere…since i cant just brush off trixie’s last name “Eclair” as a mere coincidence.

    Save the entire series & bring out the Old Hags, Eclair & Lumiere

  3. Wow, I didnt catch the writing on each of their tombstones. It’s hard to read, but Troisenne’s tombstone says she’s the 3rd Lumiere. If anyone’s seen the entire first series, then you know what happens in the last 8 episodes. Also, where the hell is Viola, Cesario, Sinistra, Dextera, and Eclipse? I wonder if Ascouer and Q-feuille have Alv and Dvergr’s ability “Absorb”, which could mimic Eclair and Lumiere’s powers, but not as powerful as the originals. Maybe Di-air has Eclair’s original ability, “Power”. It wouldn’t be unusual since they both use their lips to control/activate it; Eclair using lipstick and Di-air using a kiss.

  4. Sigh…I really miss the old days when the original (and second) Eclair and Lumiere are the heroines. The second season somehow doesn’t really motivate me to catch new episodes 🙁

  5. @ samu

    the absorb ability is…(well it is the word itself)…they need to absord sum1 to get their appearance or abilities, but theyt didnt do that to those dead bodies

    Di-air/Dia/w/e cant possibly have “power”…she only has 1 ability KNOWN SO FAR (to amplify peoples abilities by means of kissing them..idk why it has 2 be a kiss) you could say shes like ANDO FROM HEROES, the TV series, not sure if anybody here watches it

    to begin with Eclair’s physical strength is too strong that she has problems controlling it… so she got herself hypnotized to control her power..the lipstick is just a an on/off switch to her monstrous physical strength..

    lol i always remember all the important names in kiddy grade except for Viola and Cesario..thx 4 mentioning it.

    IF Sinistra and Dextera will appear, will they FINALLY shows us their ability?….I hope it does, but i doubt they’ll appear, but im hoping theyll appear

  6. hmm, I don’t remember any inheritance thing thing from the first series. rather, they were clones and the ES members weren’t allowed to die.

    But regardless of sinestra/dextera, what about Cesario/viola? And what the heck was all that prologue with eclair and lumiere about anyway?

  7. just watched ep 12..and wth!!…Cheu (Eclair’s adopted Noble/Noublese/w.e ), who supposed to be Very OLD (approximately 100+ yrs old) , looks a bit younger, not to mention, his flash back 25 years ago, shows us that hes in his mid twenties (appearance)… soooo…after the ending of kiddy grade, he underwent and operation to look younger and increase his lifespan…or is it just an alternate retelling..

    I see some inconsistencies TT


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