「ユリとバラと保健体育」 (Yuri to Bara to Hokentaiiku)
“Lilies, Roses, and Physical Education”

Now if there’s one series I think everyone should be watching this season, it would be BakaTest. Much like the premiere that I was showering in praises, the second episode has Akihisa and class F back into the thick of things with another summoning war. However, it’s class A that’s issued the challenge this time around, which Yuuji eventually accepts as a 5-on-5, best of five showdown. In addition to the abundant humour we have again, which includes Akihisa gluing his hand to a table, Minami putting him in submission holds and breaking his bones, and Hideyoshi being the ring girl, there was also some relationship stuff going on to mix things up. Akihisa and Himeji are an obvious pairing even though the former is too dense to realize, but it turns out that Yuuji has a childhood past with class A’s rep, Kirishima Shouko. The summoning fights weren’t emphasized as much as the first showing, but the showdown itself led to some hilarious results. Credit goes to Yuuji and Shouko for that, but also nosebleeds from Kouta and Akihisa like you’ve never seen before. Epic.

Definitely go check this series out if you haven’t already. It’s not often I come across a show I can safely recommend regardless of personal tastes, but BakaTest seems to have something for everyone. Great production quality by SILVER LINK, quirky characters, high school relationships, summoning wars, and timely comedy that I can’t get enough of.


  1. I admit I was a bit of a “meh… so?” at the first episode, mainly because of the pink haired heroine. But its definitely gotten funnier and interesting. I wouldn’t call this epic lol, but it’s still good stuff! =D

  2. They got me going with the yuri and BL references, that made the fights interesting because there was some “other” motive going on. Yuuji is fun with his dark plotting and his 53 score I fell of my chair I was expecting them to win just to fail like that and the let’s have a date now. both guys got dragged out by the girls. Hilarious so far and the boxes that was really punishment what else can they lose ? oohhh

    Island Esper
  3. Thank goodness you blog this one or else, I wouldn’t even bother downloading this series.
    Pretty much, this is my fave for the the current season.
    I need more HIDEYOSHI please <3

  4. This show definitelt lives up to its name, LOL. I haven’t had the pleasure of watching an anime that completely focuses on such a ridiculous group of [funny] idiots in a LONG time.

  5. Hmm, still a far cry from the novel version(which tells more about Yuuji’s great plan) but still an entertaining show to watch. To anyone who like the anime, I would recommend reading the fan translated version of vol 1 novel to enjoy more about this great series ^^

  6. @SnooSnoo..the dude was marinating in it for a good minute hahaha. yep i thought this would be a one trick pony ,but i can see that the story can go anywhere it wants”GOOD” and i for one love the pink haired girl, to me that’s what an anime stereotype is supposed to be like, especially the voice! it’s great when she summons

    BROOKLYN otaku
  7. It’s really funny to see how Shouko just ask Yuuji to go on a date with her and when he refused, she knocked him out and dragged him out and once the door shut, the “romance” music abruptly stopped.

  8. LOL i just realised what the title implies and what we’ve seen in the ep.

    Lillies – Yuri -Shouko & Himeji

    Roses – Bara (Male Love not Boy Love) – Akihisa & Yuuji

    Physical Education – Learning Health Practically -Green Hair Girl.

  9. The only problem I have with this show is that the main character is too unlikeable. I can’t stand how stupid he is. The same thing happened with Cobra. I gave up on watching it after 2 episodes cause the main character was too annoying. The main character of a series shouldn’t be too annoying or the weakest part of the series.

  10. @ Waz and Splash

    The whole selling point of the series is the IDIOT main character,the title speaks for itself after all.Him being an ultra idiot is why he has a unique Shoukanjuu so if you guys are annoyed with that then you are missing the point and watching the wrong type of anime.

  11. I’ve seen two episodes and honestly, Baka Test annoys the hell out of me. I don’t find much amusement in a hapless moron of a main character whose comedic potential insists entirely of getting the shit kicked out of him. Think I’m going to drop this show.

  12. I agree with tabs05, this show is about idiots damn don’t you guys see it? if not for the main char, this show will be less comedy, his role as a main char should be an ULTRA idiotic person which makes most of the viewers like him, and that’s the strongest point of this anime. Anyhow, WOOT THIS EP TOTALLY ROCKS!!! IN MY OPINION, BEST SHOW THIS SEASON!! I love how Yuuji failed in the end lol.

  13. The show is looking to be quite the funny one. Yuuji and the perverted guy are quite the funny dudes. Yuuji for acting like a strong rep and having a good solid plan while in reality he doesn’t really have anything going. As for the perverted guy, being able to easily beat the girl with his badass skills even though he almost bled out from intense eroticism. It seemed to me that the whole reason Class A declared a battle on Class F is just for the Class A’s rep to find a way to force Yuuji to go out with her.

    I don’t get why some of you people are complaining about how much an idiot the main character is. If you haven’t notice, he isn’t the only idiot. I mean the other people of Class F are idiots in their own way–that’s why they are in Class F.

    Also if you have read the title of the show, you should of guess there would be an idiot in it. I mean what’s wrong with a idiot, majority of people laugh at someone being an idiot; is it different for an animated idiot? Just understand the humor and go with it.

  14. Second episode did not dissapoint. I rofled at Hideyoshi in all of those outfits. It’s even funnier that his sister is the one who actually looks like a boy.

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next time. 🙂

  15. I Love BAKATEST! I’m glad I I checked out this series, since I was wondering if there is a really good comedy series for this season that will match up with Sora no Otoshimono in the fall. But man this series is just what I ask for! I even started reading up to the latest scanlation of the manga, and I am glad that the anime is doing it’s own version and not following the manga pace entirely.

    Also I notice that the comedy in the anime is definitely a lot better, since Yuuji and Yoshi are really shown as stupid people, which of course adds onto the comedy factor. Since in the manga, the two is shown to be quite a smart duo, though they still have their usual comedic antics, but they aren’t as idiotic like in the anime.

  16. @Divine: I notice that you are just using a snapshot and also Baka Test is not in the category section in “Current Series”. Does this mean that you are not following or blogging this series?

  17. Ari Gold:
    I haven’t gotten around to checking it out, but I’ll try to do so in the next bit. I don’t see myself writing a post about it though.

    I’m definitely going to continue watching. I’m just undecided about covering more shows right now. Rather than repeat myself, please see my comment in the Chu-Bra post. (Also for why I have very few screen caps this time.)

  18. @miso supi

    his summon actually does have an advantage. they mentioned it in the first episode but they expanded it in the novel but didn’t include it in this episode. his summon is the only one that’s allowed to touch physical objects and mainly the teachers take advantage of that fact by making his summon do grunt work, well kind of take advantage but not really cause it’s supposed to be a punishment in the first place.

    due to that, he’s able to get the summon to perform much more complex actions during fights and was able to take down a couple of stronger (stat wise) opponents cause he could perform blocks and evades while the majority of students can only dash and attack. kind of like playing SF against a person that can only do supers, while the weaker one knows a bunch of complex combos with no special attacks.


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