Episode 11


While Ascoeur, Q-feuille, and Di-air are getting briefed on the G-Society’s various Shadow Workers, over in the G-Society, Letuchaia and Pauki are visiting their hospitalized grandmother who is getting special treatment thanks to their status. Letuchaia reveals to their grandmother that she’s been collecting information on their fellow Shadow Workers by sending in a maid as a spy. This maid learned that Rubis eats a lot, tries to live life without waste and regret, and finds Letuchaia and Pauki bothersome. Saphir, on the other hand, keeps a messy room and returns home with hickeys on her chest. The maid also learned that Torch is a bit of a womanizer in his free time, but he and Shade are close and used to be on the galactic police force together until they switched sides to the G-Society. It turns out that Letuchaia gathered all this information because Geacht’er asked her to, but what she doesn’t know is that Geacht’er also had Saphir and Shade spying on their fellow Shadow Workers. Back at the GTO, Sommer informs everyone that the G-Society is trying to replace the GTO, and they’ve got some powerful allies. The GTO thus needs Ascoeur, Q-feuille, and Di-air to fight for them, but first the girls need to know about the time freeze incident from 25 years ago.

Episode 12


As Hiver and the others explain to Ascoeur and Q-feuille, there was a planet which was made up of a powerful energy ore, and Geacht’er tried to ignite it 25 years ago. In order to prevent the destruction of the galaxy, the ES members of GOTT had tried to protect the planet, and although they were ultimately unsuccessful at that, Eclair and Lumiere had managed to use their powers to freeze the explosion. This had the side effect of trapping both of them as well, and Trixie and Troisienne were supposed to be the key to stopping the explosion. Hiver now wants Ascoeur, Q-feuille, and Di-air to go with A-ou to that frozen space and confirm the situation there. For this, they are given the ship Mistral, but before they take set off, Ascoeur suddenly starts feeling dizzy. A-ou also senses something, but none of them see Geacht’er hiding in the shadows. The group eventually arrives at the location and stops at an unmanned station there, and A-ou reveals that, although everyone who approaches the spot gets frozen, there is an opportunity approximately every three years. That time is coming up soon, but Trixie and Troisienne are now dead. A-ou then heads out to get a closer look on his own, and while he’s gone, another ship arrives carrying a man who sends out a wreath in memory of the mother he lost. The man calls himself Che, and that the mother was none other than Eclair. He wonders if he can see her again in his lifetime, so the girls reassure him that he will and that they’ll protect everyone.


Episode 11 was interesting to the extent that it revealed a lot about the Shadow Workers and showed Geacht’er manipulating them against each other. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if that came back to bite him in the ass. I did found it curious that Geacht’er seemed especially interested in Ascoeur, mainly because I had thought that Di-air was the real key to the trio. Regardless, it was overall a decent episode that was mostly character development with some comedy mixed in. I didn’t want to blog it on its own though because it led into episode 12, which was where a lot of the overarching plot got revealed.

And boy did they clear up a lot, including what happened at the beginning of the first episode, confirmation of where Eclair and Lumiere are right now, how Hiver and Sommer are actually Mercredi/Pfeilspitze and Armbrust, and so on. It even had baby Chevalier all grown up, though it felt a little weird to have Wakamoto Norio playing two roles in the same scene. The ending of the episode was also a little on the cheesy side, but I didn’t mind too much since the girls now have some more motivation. Anyway, I assume Ascoeur and Q-feuille will have to be ready now to take Trixie and Troisienne’s place for the once-in-three-years event coming up, probably near the end of the series. Episode 13, however, looks to be a relatively lighthearted swimsuit episode.


  1. One thing is 4 sure TO ME , this anime isnt definitely a sequel, with the inconistencies (Eclair’s ADOPTED SON looking so young even in his 20 sumthing year flashback )….yet it is explainable if u put ur logic in to it ( like Cheu, Eclair’s adopted kid, having a surgery to make himself look younger, and having his lifespan increase..it is possible with their technology)

  2. It’s likely they’re where ever Eclipse ended up at. While she was in the flashbacks, since she’s been noticeably absent in the present day. Though I imagine here Deus ex esper powers would render one or two plot points…pointless.

  3. Yay! Chevalier D’Autriche!! Wonder if he’s voiced by Wakamoto again?

    But Alec posed a good question, how come he looks so damn young?? Having forbidden technology done to himself to keep him young looks unlikely as 1) it’s forbidden and only old GOTT ES members had it done 2) if that was the case, why didn’t the nouvolesse all have it done instead of becoming old cronies? it’s not like they’d be “diluting their blood” by doing so…

  4. @gundamjehutykai:

    Che was reborn at the end of Kiddy Grade with help from Eclipse’s Quant. It has only been 50 years from the time Kiddy Grade ended, with the flashback of him and Eclair saying their goodbyes being 25 years ago.

    He probably looks younger because having been much closer to Eclair this time around, he was under considerably less stress. Nor was he involved in running the Galactic Organization. Third, he knows she’s not dead too, just in stasis.

  5. I like how episode 12 finally tells us where Eclair and Lumiere are. However, I thought Eclair’s ability “Power” gave her super strength, speed, and energy projection, and Lumiere’s ability “Puppet/Particle” gave her electronic hacking capabilities and control over matter.

    It doesn’t make sense just to label their powers as Space/Time to fit the plot of Kiddy Grade…

    Perhaps the other ES members were trapped in the time freeze incident and that’s where they went.

  6. Flashback of Eclair seeing Che saying her trademark “Ta-Da!” before leaving was so sweet and sad knowing that’s the last time he’ll see his mom. Seems like Geacht’er is really a bad dude trying to kill everyone (and himself?) all those years ago.
    Anyone recognize the tune playing while A-ou was telling the trio the story behind the time freeze incident? It sounded like a part of “Junpaku Sanctuary” by Minori Chihara, which was the BGM played in the original PV for Kiddy Grade 2 when it was announced before being put on hold.
    It could be that Sinistra and Dextera ARE Torch and Shade, but in different forms(both sets of names are opposites, left/right and light/dark, same voice actor), now that we know Armbrust and Mercredi/Pfielspitze are Sommer and Hiver(don’t believe the he just lost his memory; if you’ve seen Kiddy Grade, he fools nearly the entire cast and the major organizations as to what he’s really doing behind the scenes). Now where’s Viola and Cesario? Hopefully they’re where Eclipse is at.
    And Geacht’er manipulating everyone? It seems if the shadow workers(why would they show us the various backgrounds of each of those characters as normal: one team with an ailing grandmother, another being a goofy pair with one who might be in a relationship with Geacht’er, and another pair who used to be cops?)find out what a douche he is, they’ll get pissed at all the lies and then shit will really hit the fan.

  7. @akani: eclair has power, lumiere has control over particles… if eclair gives her power to lumiere, she could prevent a large amount of particles from moving. The problem here is that in the original series, la muse was required to transfer the power from eclair to lumiere, which isn’t present in this particular situation. And there’s also the fact that last time eclair transfered the required power, she drained herself dry.

    but, whatever, let’s go with “it’s magic” and call it good =)

  8. Actually, Che was the child the others were looking at while Mrs. Padushka was also in the maternity ward with her child, which she had named Eclair. The idea that Sinistra and Dextera are Torch and Shade on some sort of deep cover mission has occoured to me, but somehow it didn’t seem right. Hopefully, while all of these exposition episodes are going on, we’ll find out what’s happened to the other missing ES members.

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