Before Gray can finish casting Iced Shell, Natsu stops him with a punch to the face. Natsu equates dying to running away, but their discussion is interrupted by the temple realigning back to normal. This is the work of the mage Zalty, and Natsu decides to chase after him while Gray has a proper fight with Lyon. Gray first tries to reason with Lyon and reveals that Ul is alive as the ice, but it turns out that Lyon already knew that. Lyon then wounds Gray with an abdominal strike, but Gray keeps getting back up, and the two get into a physical brawl. Motivated by his memories of fighting with Natsu when they were young, Gray refuses to lose, and Lyon is eventually forced to rely on his magic. Gray is able to counter him though and eventually defeats him with a shot from an ice cannon. Natsu meanwhile learns that Zalty is using a kind of Lost Magic, and he chases the guy all the way to the cavern where Deliora is being kept. The temple being angled back to normal though means that the Moon Drip is once again working, and while Natsu is fighting Zalty, enough ice melts so that Deliora reawakens.


I have mixed feelings about this episode. While it was interesting enough seeing how his rivalry with Natsu motivated Gray (the shot of young Erza was nice too) and how his development post-Ul contrasted with Lyon’s, the actual battle with Lyon was a bit on the tame side. It’s hard to take the battles seriously when it’s clear that they’re watering down stuff, as I’m almost certain they did for the scene where Lyon casts magic into Gray’s stomach since there’s no blood. It’s a similar complaint I have when Bleach censors stuff, though this admittedly isn’t as bad as some of Bleach’s worst censoring offenses. At least the episode ended on a nice cliffhanger again. Speaking of which, I wasn’t surprised that Natsu didn’t let Gray use Iced Shell here, and based on the preview, it doesn’t look like he’ll let that happen next episode either.


  1. If I’m not mistaken, in the manga Gray was stabbed with a sword and blood was spewing everywhere. But you know, having ice magic casted onto your chest is the same exact thing…

  2. Well the loli err young Erza did it for me this chapter. Strong women in skirts I’m in luv 🙂
    What is the target audience of this show ? Maybe is for young kids and that’s why the blood vanishes.

    Island Esper
  3. @ Splash
    Lots of shows do that, especially shonens which are mostly aimed at young kids who might be stupid enough to sit right in front of the TV.
    Fairy Tail does seem to be using lots of elements from other shows though.
    For example it ‘borrows’ alot from One Piece and the Professor Happy segment is alot like the Ginpachi-sensei segment from Gintama.
    Aside from that, decent ep. Sucks about the censoring. Just a shame this sort of stuff doesn’t get corrected for a DVD release, but whatever, not quite as dramatic as a sword through the chest but we sorta get the point… heh

  4. XD Heh, I sometimes watch TV from like a few cms away, and Im totally fine~
    Besides, isn’t watching stuff from your comp screen just as bad?

    Just because it’s similarly wacky and not “serious business” like most shounens dosen’t mean it’s copying One Piece…
    Also, profesor segments are all to familiar in anime and manga. Really, many anime and mangas and VNs do this stuff, and it’s not even restricted to most genres…
    \= From the start, you should think carefully before using an example from Gintama since this show pretty much pardoise every single anime\manga\VN\game in existence…


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