Since meeting her, Masaomi has become interested in Anri, and he saves her after class one day when it looks like she’s getting sexually harassed by a certain teacher. Unfortunately for Masaomi, Mikado joins them, and the three end up spending the afternoon together. Masaomi tries to warn Anri about that teacher since there have been prior rumors about him dating a student, and the conversation then turns to the friend of Anri’s, Harima Mika, who’s missing. She had sent Anri a message saying that she was going on a trip because of heartbreak, and Anri reveals that Mika had been something of a stalker. Masaomi in turn realizes that the person she was after was Seiji and that this was the result of him rejecting her. All of this bothers Mikado because he thinks that Seiji and Mika might be together after all, and he feels that they need some sort of organization to help them get to the bottom of this, like the Dollars. Mikado denies wanting to join them, but, because of his desire to protect Mikado from the darkness of this city, this concerns Masaomi enough to meet with Kyouhei’s group privately to ask about the Dollars.

Later that night, Mikado spots Seiji and a girl together on the street, however when he catches them, he realizes that the girl isn’t Harima Mika. By chance, Masaomi spots Mikado and tries to run after him, but he bumps into some gang members and gets cornered. Mikado then happens to see Masaomi being led away and follows the group to a dark alley. At around this same time, Celty is nearby retrieving a briefcase from a guy as part of a job, but before she can grab it, her arm gets stabbed from behind by a dark girl with a sword. The girl also cuts off Celty’s helmet before running off, and Celty can hear voices from her wound calling her a monster. The guy she got the briefcase from runs away in fear, past the same alley that Mikado and Masaomi are in, giving them the chance to escape from the gang members. Those gang members then encounter the dark girl who turns her blade towards them. Having escaped, Masaomi acknowledges to himself that it’s he who depends on Mikado, and he feels that he now might be able to see a certain girl without running away. That girl is at this moment in the hospital being visited by Izaya, and she has a picture on her phone of herself and Masaomi.


I’ll start by saying that I love the way everything connected in this episode, a theme which is further emphasized by Masaomi’s thoughts and narration at the end (I really liked him as a narrator too). I also enjoyed how they started with the most interesting part with Celty and the sword girl and then went full circle in showing how things led up to that. I did, however, find myself a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content in this episode,with all those new characters, revelations, and mysteries. The biggest mystery is probably the identity of the girl who attacked Celty. Is she supernatural like Celty or is she the Haruna girl shown towards the end? On the subject, I have to note that I was very amused that Celty appeared to be afraid of aliens.

There was also the question of Harima Mika and her connection to the girl that Seiji is currently with. I initially thought they were one and the same since they look so similar, but both Anri and Masaomi have now realized that it’s not her after getting a closer look. The neck scar makes me think that there’s a head transplant twist in there somewhere, particularly given that the series has a Dullahan. The episode also introduced a new character who seems to be connected to Masaomi and Izaya’s past, and the most obvious conclusion from the cell phone picture is that she was Masaomi’s girlfriend. Anyway, despite feeling a little overwhelmed by all of this, I still love how the story is being developed, and I can’t wait to see how all the various plot-lines will come together.


  1. This is probably my fave episode so far (the 2nd epi. is my second choice). I was particularly intrigued by Kida’s reference to “not going to that side AGAIN”. This might seem a bit far-fetched, but I think Kida might have once been a Yellow Scarves member because he doubted his assaulter’s identities. Just some brainfood for the next week.:)

    Kit Kat
  2. Aw, I was half expecting/looking for a pseudo-cameo appearance (i.e. from previous eps Horo, Hime Yarisakura, Baccano) when Masaomi met up with Kyouhei’s group but it never happened.

    The scene where Certy/Selty implied that the Slasher could be an alien had me laughing too.

  3. I’m being very careful just in case anyone thinks my ramblings are spoilers.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  4. This show is quickly rising amongst my favourite shows of all time. It’s complex yet unapologetic style, and the fact that it perfectly succeeds at bringing the whole city to life make it a treat to watch every week.

    + Random ramblings, Kida is related to the Yellow scarves (He walks in just as they mention their destruction – He also doubts the identity of his attacker – “not going to that side AGAIN”)

  5. series had done extremely well so far and is my favorite series that is currently airing. My only fear is that they end this without solving all the mysteries. Cuz i already have many questions

  6. the first one really does look like a deranged Anri now that you pointed that out.. also i never understand the internet chat thing can anyone clear that up like who are the people saying it most of the time i understand the context..

  7. I just finished watching this episode and it was good as the previous ones. 😀 I like the relationship between Kida and Mikado because Kida wants to protect Mikado no matter what. How sweet. >v< I am excited for the next episode because there’s lot of mysteries unsolved. I hope the Izaya’s or Shizuo’s past will be revealed quickly because I want to know what is their relationship. I do know that Shinra and both of them attened to the same high school though..

  8. Just a little hints(not answers) for the chatters:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. sadakups: i noticed that too, but it didn’t quite click until I saw your comment. I was wondering why the slasher had a sword in one instance, but a knife in the other. also concur that katana slasher looks a lot like anri. makes sense if the long haired knife one is haruna…

    maybe the slashers are yamie nagiri’s (girl lab coat doctor person or what not) pet project, because I still haven’t figured out what she does.

    i love this show’s style, totally saving this anime season for me.

  10. “I initially thought they were one and the same since they look so similar, but both Anri and Masaomi have now realized that it’s not her after getting a closer look.”
    Wasn’t it Anri and Mikado?
    And yeah, I thought so too 😀

    evening daylight
  11. It’s becoming my favorite series this season. I found Certy cute when she was wondering if the slasher was an alien…and yes, Anri is turning into a real sexy and interesting character.

  12. Firefly, you-tachi, sadakups, imerik
    – i thought there was only one slasher in this episode? the short-hared one (first screen appearance) told from selty’s point of view, the long-haired one (second appearance, but same event) retold from masaomi’s point of view?
    Maybe i’m confused…

  13. ok. first off, let me just say how much this anime rocks. best show this season. period.
    second, i too agree that the short-haired, katana-wielding slasher could be Anri, and the long-haired, knife slasher could be the lab coat woman seen at the end. However, what i don’t understand is, if this theory is true, why there /could/ be two different slashers — do they have the same intentions?

    idk this probably doesn’t make sense ^^;
    i just wish the next episode was here alreadyyyy~

    (oh and another thing: i thought the girl masaomi was talking about–the one with the cell pic–was…his sister? i just got that feeling, probably wrong.)
    ok i’ll shut up now 😀 –*shot*

  14. Izaya is absolutely my favorite character in this series. I LOVE cunning, manipulative and neutral characters like that. And he seemed much softer and nicer to the girl in the hospital, who is also interesting. Masaomi in particular seems to be at the center of the deep, complicated network of relationship, and though I very personally dislike him, he does interest me a lot due to that.

    Certy: “What if it was an alien?!” lol It seems every single strong dominating female character (Certy, Rukia, Misaka, etc) always has a weird weak spot and makes a good laugh. Well the short-skirt shadow girl’s hair did really resemble Anri’s. If it really is Anri, that’d make Masaomi’s last line in the episode really ironical.

    Without doubt the best anime I’ve watched so far. Really enjoyable with five out of five stars for every episode. I’m staying tuned.

  15. I agree with the 2 slashers thing. 1 has short hair, a short skirt & a long katana (the one that stabbed Certy), and the other with long hair, a long skirt, and a short dagger/knife (the one that killed the supposedly fake yellows). I’m curious about this too.

  16. Well I’m so confused I can’t enjoy the show. Will sit thru 1-5 again and try to make some sense. There are way too many thing going on at one time; me heads wants to explode. Most likely will have to drop it; until someone make a road map for me.

  17. You gotta love how the gang members were talking about Ikebukuro’s strongest. Simon? Izaya? No, Shizuo!

    On a side note, notice how Kida has a yellow bag, shoes, and hair? *hint-hint*

  18. imerik: whoa i completely missed the part that mentioned masaomi’s hair being dyed!! :O then that’s further proof that the two /have/ to be brother and sister…? i mean, they do basically look alike (besides hair and eyes)…

  19. so here’s the whole chat thing that some of you don’t get, and the gang stuff if you want to know
    Show Spoiler ▼

  20. More on the Anri part of random’s spoilers:


    Show Spoiler ▼

  21. Aha. I guess my theory was right. When I saw episode 3 again, I noticed that Sonohara started to shake upon seeing Izaya’s knife. (They even highlighted it.) So I figured out that the Slasher must be her split identity or doppleganger or something. Well, it turns out I’m not exactly correct but still. Thanks a lot for the info, Kanra. That also explains the second Slasher.

    (This doesn’t count as spoiler, does it? I don’t think it’s such a brainwave of figuring out stuff.)

    @Random- Really?! Well I might not be surprised about Kida but Mikado? Oh and thanks a lot for straightening out the chatting people.


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