For an eye battle, you’d figure there would be more poking involved, or at least that would’ve been my strategy going into it. In any case, I have to say that falling behind a week on my coverage of Naruto saves me from having to surmise whether Sasuke really took out Karin along with Danzou. For those interested though, that post would’ve went something along the lines of, “That must’ve been an illusion, right? Wait, maybe not. Hmm, yeah, definitely an illusion… or was it!?” In short, I wasn’t sure whether they wanted to shift Sasuke’s character down the dark path of no return by having him heartlessly sacrifice a subordinate, but I guess we all know the answer to that now. As for the fight itself, leave it up to Naruto (the manga) to go into lengthy explanations just to make sure that everyone understands exactly how it all went down. This is shounen manga after all right? Gotta do it for the kids. =)



Moving on to chapter 481, I have to say that slotting in some Danzou backstory this late in the game and trying to have me feel sorry for him just isn’t going to work. If anything, I was more concerned about Karin lying lifelessly on the ground than how that eye-farming, cell-implanting freak always felt inferior to the Third. It’s kind of ironic how he went all out with a last ditch effort too, but still wasn’t able to make good on it. At least Sarutobi got Orochimaru’s arms sealed up when he went down. Inferior right to the bitter end it seems. On a totally unrelated note, does anyone else think that Konoha Council member Utatane Koharu (far right) wasn’t a bad looker when she was younger? No? Just me? Okay never mind then.



With the conclusion of this fight, I wonder if the story will (finally) start shifting back to Naruto and the others. The Sasuke-centric stuff is cool and all since he’s an integral part of the story, but a certain protagonist who this series is named after is really getting sidelined as of late. For now, it sounds things are going to head back to Konoha, which hopefully means everyone of importance will be around.


  1. I enjoyed seeing the old 6 characters back in their young days. The Third looks so much cooler. And I didn’t realize the Konoha Council member was on the team. o.O

    Sasuke is an ass.

  2. I think Sasuke going to leave Karin there dead with Danzo; as Kakashi finally meet up with Sakura, Lee, Kiba, and real Sai. They find Danzo and unknown girl Karin probably faintly still alive and Sakura going to heal her or rather Karin will bite on herself her strongest jutsu maybe to revive herself.

  3. This time, Sasuke has crossed every line…now i think he can’t be redeemed anymore. This time Naruto’s “talk no jutsu” will not work on him like on Nagato. The only way to save him is to kill him. And Sakura…that girl has planned to suicide herself with Sasuke because she think she can’t be of any help for Naruto. Hope Kakashi will slap her to put some sense back. Anyway…finally Sasuke’s arc is ended (for now)…hopefully we’ll see Naruto now.

  4. Personally, I think Danzo was doing the right thing. The ideal outcome through the ideal method isn’t a very practical method in reality.

    Considering I was sympathizing with Danzo the entire way, I took this chapter a lot better. Sadly this is a shounen manga with teenagers that have the power to raze villages and power up like mad.

    Danzo = Chaotic Good, I’d wager. I like those types. Naivety and idealism is out of style!

  5. @Kyo
    Um where’d you get the stuff about Sakura commiting a suicide from? I only saw her trying to put others to sleep so that she’s the only one risking her life against Sasuke. Well, that might be considered a suicide since she’s likely no match for him but then again Sasuke is completely exhausted so she just might maul him a bit.

    Actually since Sasuke told Karin to not move an inch I thought he’s going to pierce her in a way that avoids any vital organs or some other crap like that but now it seems he actually went all the way. Sheeesh.

    And the bit about Danzo… I still don’t like him. If anything it reinforced my impression, that he’s a character who’d do everything for Konoha and nothing for it’s people.

  6. Pw3age:
    Ah, I misread that. But yeah, I wonder about him too, since he’s from Chouji’s family line.

    That pretty much describes him. I think I would’ve been more sympathetic if they started giving some of Danzou’s backstory earlier in the fight, rather than just as he’s about to die.

  7. Dum dum dum ch! Another one bits the dust….
    And another one gone And another one gone
    Another one bites the dust
    Hey, I’m gonna get you too
    Another one bites the dust Aswell as all of ours after reading this

  8. Dum dum dum ch! Another one bits the dust….
    And another one gone And another one gone
    Another one bites the dust
    Hey, I’m gonna get you too
    Another one bites the dust < The song thats going through sasukes mind right now! Aswell as all of ours after reading this

  9. @Void
    It was only an hypothesis. On a forum, someone was saying that maybe she was planning to kill herself with Sasuke because she think that she can’t do anything for Naruto. A way to relieve him from the burden of the POAL (Promise Of A Lifetime). Of course is only an hyptothesis (that she plan to kill herself with Sasuke), but who know? Maybe it’s true, and then her confession to Naruto was real, told by a person who know she will die (like Hinata did before get stabbed by Nagato).

  10. @Alec
    I think that will be the only solution. Sasuke is now really evil…he can’t be considered human anymore…killing Karin, the girl who has cured some minutes before, with cold blood prove what Kishi said on the last interview in 2009 (“Sasuke will become more and more evil”). As you said, the only way to save him is to kill him…i hope that Naruto will understand this. His “talk no jutsu” this time will not work.

  11. I really don’t see why everyone is hellbent on hating Danzo so much?

    He was realistic, awesome and badass character. Not to mention the ONLY real ninja in this manga.

    Its real sad that Kishi continues to kill this manga, by sacrificing decent charafcters to hype up such cardboard-evil-guys like Madara and Saucegay…

  12. .. he had a panic attack and hyperventilated himself unconscious when he found out that his friends didnt support his emo man-crush on sasuke. finding out that Sasuke is a murder who wants to kill Konoha peeps is likely gonna cue the Linkin Park..

  13. @UnknowVoice

    I cant bring myself to hate Danzo either, the fact that hes realistic and does EVERYTHING (mostly the bad stuff) is all for the sake of his country…thats what you call a true patriot!!…hell yea, bring out SNAKE!!!!

  14. @Alec
    xD i was going to say that, yeah danzou was a patriot, a pretty chaotic patriot but cool nonetheless, Karin is DEAD!!! i think that`s pretty clear because of danzou final technique, that vortex thingy that absorbs s**t. Btw i though the sakura`s suicide topic was created because fighitng with sasuke all by herself is a freaking suicide, and i hope naruto emo state just lasts about two chapters maximum because… ahhh i need to say something about this?
    Off topic: someone know what is a flogger?… sasuke looks like one… anda that`s bad

  15. I liked Karin’s character. She was totally devoted to Sasuke and made some great facial expressions. Right now there are thousands of Sasuke emo fans crying over the fact he has definately turned EVIL.

  16. I could see a situtaion where Sasuke and Madara leave, leaving Karen for dead, but she’s still barely alive (this IS Naruto, people have come back from worse). Someone comes along (probably Sakura given her healing powers) and saves her. Given how she’s been discarded by Sasuke, she joins their side.

  17. Danzo noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
    I’m really disappointed, i really liked his character (well at least better than sasuke). I wish he would have put sasuke back in his place (if not killed him).
    Sasuke really needs to die…

    RIP Danzo 🙁

  18. Karin was a stupid character, she contributed with nothing to the story. She was just there because she could heal Sasuke. That’s it. I won’t miss her. She had no personality. Fuck that bitch.

    As for Danzou, I knew he was going to get killed, but as many other people said, I think he’s one of the more realistic characters in the manga. But i see a similarity between Danzou and Madara. Both of them want to have peace their own way. Madara’s Mooneye operation is all about enforced peace, much like what Danzou tried to achieve.

    Name (required)
  19. A sure sign of a “death flag” raised – When an antagonist begins flashback of his/her past as the fight comes to a conclusion.

    Of course, if the antagonist is likable enough, he/she might just survive, go into “villain decay” and even defect to the good guys.

    Kinny Riddle
  20. I said it before ill say it agian the females in Narutoverse are weak
    With that said its possible karin is still alive as we dont know what spot he pierced her through though he got danzo in the heart. Not to ention Danzo did his suicide seal while away from her… Either way NOTHING OF VALUE WAS LOST 😀
    unless sakura gets a major power up there is no way she could even touch sasuke and seeing as ALL the females in naruto are garbage i dont see that happening.

    Nice to see some of konaha’s past very interesting

  21. I actually really hope Karin is dead for a good couple reasons. The fact that to often when a major character dies, some hopelessly convenient modus operandi invented by the author comes along (like super healer Sakura, Nagato’s final Jutsu that saves the village, to name a few)and saves them from certain doom, instead of having a meaningful sacrificial character for the sake of good story telling, logical plot developement and for the sake of having actual consequences for all the “ninja-ness” going on. Lastly, I’d hate to have two shamefully self-involved characters (Sakura and Karin) being obnoxiously obsessed with Sasuke, hanging out together from now on.

  22. I was more intrigued by the revelation of how the Second sacrificed himself and appointed Sarutobi the Third Hokage. But yeah I have to agree, heartlessly sacrificing a subordinate without whom he would be long dead has put Sasuke past the point of no return. For a final attack, Danzo’s was lame, but I guess the plot must go on. Although I have to say with Danzo dead and apocalyptic battle on the horizon the odds of Naruto becoming the next hokage seem pretty good especially after what ever battles he is gonna fight.

  23. perfect title! cuz no one gave a shat about him. u see just cuz this manga kills of characters does nothing fo the defense that it is a good manga. because many of the characters are worthless “opinion”.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  24. I actually expected that Sasuke would use Amateratsu (or however you spell it) on Danzou when he said don’t move Karin. Find it a shame, Karin was weak but has been a great help to Sasuke.

    Ye Danzou was a bastard but he was doing the right thing instead of doing things good 😉

  25. Danzo did what it took to protect his country, he seemed to always think about the whole versus the individual. This is a stark contrast to the “will of fire” philosophy the Senju clan have in terms of the importance of individuals their net value being what represents the strength of the whole.

    As for his death, his best case plot scenario was fighting Sasuke to a standstill. I am surprised Raikage didn’t kill Sasuke, considering that Killer Bee mortally wounded Sasuke twice, not counting the lyrical massacre he was doling out in-between the ass-kickings. By comparison Danzo seems very weak in comparison to those characters.

    So Very Odd
  26. with all the sasuke stuff over with (which was epic with fighting ALL the kages. he’s a beast) i think the major characters are gonna be kakashi and sakura. kishi did say it was kakashi’s year in his december interview. and also he is gonna do some sakura development. so it should be cool. i hope tsunade wakes up and trains sakura some more! she gotta have something up her sleeve. but what a great way to come out of a coma. “donzou’s dead!” lmaooo

  27. You know what would have been awesome? If Sasuke’s point of no return had happened by killing a really important character, say Sakura or even just one of Naruto’s close friends.

    Just imagine this: Sasuke kills Danzou and somehow Karin is still alive. Then, the Konoha group (Sai, Sakura etc) reach the place where he is and they start fighting him. Meanwhile, Naruto recovers from his seizure or whatever he suffered. He hears tell of Sakura confronting Sasuke, and rushes to the battleground.
    And in the very precise moment he catches up with the others, Sasuke is killing Hinata and becoming completely evil and emo. What a great finale for a chapter.

    Oh wait, but Hinata is not in the Sakura group. Crap. But that would be a thousand times better than what’s happening now.

    Name (required)
  28. can someone please tell me why people think Karin has a snowballs chance in hell of being alive?!?!?! She got sealed, along with half of that bridge! There is 0 trace her, She is toast get over it.

    I was wondering how Naruto was going to get around Sasuke’s complete turn to the darkness. He is going to have to go back on his word… Or we are going to get a darth vader style redemption. He will die saving Naruto or something and say “you were right, you were right about me…”

  29. @Lithonite
    I wish she was dead too, but…
    1) This is Naruto. Popular characters usually don’t die, or at least not before a looooooooong battle and a lot of flashbacks.
    2) Sasuke told Karin “Don’t move”. Maybe he avoided some organs or something. Have you seen her body? Only after seeing her dead, buried and forgotten, I’d be sure she’s 100% dead.

    Name (required)
  30. the way i see it now we are gonna have an EMO Filled chapter with naruto cutting himself over how he can’t make a choice wah wah wah…
    (wow i even feel dumber when i resort to that)

    but anyways the reason why people still think karin is alive is because with naruto’s last stunt in “reviving kakashi” aka Pain arc…

    its very viable that she could very well be alive…

    either way i could careless, its about time sasuke shed some fucking blood…
    i say kudos to kishimoto, now to make sasuke kill someone abit more important
    and ill be happy =)

    altho i just hope sasuke gets no stupid cliche redemption in the end…

    i want sasuke dying in a blaze of his crazed Blind vengeance,
    i don’t want some cop out ending where he and naruto have some
    stupid Bro-Mantic Moment and all of sudden its all good…

    and say let the blood rain… Bring on the Blood…

  31. I hate Naruto’s deaths after the Pain arc… like srs Gaara died then was revived… allright I can work with that

    75% of Konoha died… and then were Revived?! WTF?!!! No I won’t believe in Naruto’s deaths anymore. Until the body is rotten or fully pulverized or the character had a long flashback the person is still alive.

    And Sasuke just die please, I’m tired of you and your emoness. I’m actually tired about many Naruto things. I just hope Naruto finally Mans up and goes Kyuubi on everyone.

    oh and yeah for the flogger tidbit. No I don’t think he looks like a flogger. Floggers look and are way better than him.

    On a totally unrelated note: Naruto plz if you want to have a bro-mance next time again please choose a better guy, like Gaara or Sai

  32. Sasuke needed to die before Shippuden began. He was always a little bitch. And Karin needs to die too. No one cared about her and she is as stupidly obsessed over Sasuke as Sakura is. Sakura needs to die too. Nah, shes a main character. No she needs to get bitch-slapped then pissed on by someone. Maybe that will rid her of her obsession. And about Naruto… That fool needs a girlfriend

    Name (regurgitated)
  33. Spoilerific.

    Sakura… there is no definition to your insufferable Idiocity! I thonght it couldn’t get worse, but it seems you never cease to amaze me

    oh and Karis is still alive, dunno if by next week she will (hopefully NOT, since she had her mandatory flashback)


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