Thanks to Chiho and Chise, Kobato comes up with the idea of holding a bazaar at the nursery to raise funds for its debt. Kiyokazu initially shoots down the idea, but Sayaka decides to do it, and the children are excited. Every thus starts preparing, and Kobato works hard at making posters to put up around the neighborhood. The night before the bazaar though, Kobato runs into the man that the nursery owes money, and after Kobato reveals what they’re doing, he reiterates his intent to shut down the place. Kiyokazu later hears Kobato talking to herself about this, identifies the man as Okiura, and instructs Kobato not to tell Sayaka. Since Kobato is still confused, Ioryogi puts it all together for her: Okiura is Sayaka’s previous husband. Ioryogi, however, feels that Kobato shouldn’t get too deeply involved in this, and he reminds her of the task she still has to complete. On the day of the bazaar, the weather is poor, and no one comes initially. Fortunately, Chitose and her daughters show up, and from them Kobato learns that all of her posters have disappeared. Kiyokazu suspects Okiura, but this doesn’t deter Kobato, and she heads out to tell everyone in the neighborhood about the bazaar. As a result, tons of people show up when the weather clears up, and the event is a success.


It’s good to see that the story is finally making some progress on the debt angle, as well with Kiyokazu’s attitude towards Kobato. Well, progress may be a bit of an overstatement in relation to that first part since all Okiura did was threaten the nursery again, but I guess he did take down those posters, and at least Kobato and Sayaka are now working more actively to pay off that debt instead of just sitting around fretting about it. The fact that everyone came to the bazaar at the end there was actually a little heartwarming too, though I highly doubt that they’ll raise enough money since that would be too easy. Actually, the bazaar story isn’t even over yet give how Ioryogi disappeared and didn’t come back, never mind the fact that the episode title for next week indicates as much. I initially thought Ioryogi was going to the bear’s shop to get some baumkuchen or something, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until next week to see what he’s really up to. Maybe Okiura will show up again too.


  1. What kind of loan shark goes out of his way to make sure that he wont get his money back? Then again since we just found out he is her ex he may something personal against her or the nursery.

  2. Okiura is deliciously evil.
    “First I’ll (presumably) divorce you. Then I’ll hold this debt over your head. Then I’ll threaten to destroy the nursery with the kids still in it. Then I’ll take down the posters for your bazaar just for the lulz.”

  3. @PLH WOW HE IS. except I’m definitely sure that there is a tragic backstory followed by repentance and forgiveness. and maybe even remarriage. Well, there usually is a tragic backstory. I can’t wait to hear it!

    I still think Okiura is not actually evil. Evil people always look evil! In CLAMP verse…I think (I actually only read 2 CLAMP mangas but still)

  4. Was a satisfying episode and surprisingly ends on a kind of cliffhanger for us to see what happens next week. Usually Kobato episodes are self contained and end on a high note with her snagging another piece of candy for her bottle.

  5. I want one of the strange creatures Kobato created 🙂 Too bad there are no guns in this show (at leat until now) that Okiura guy deserves a shot in the head when he threatened Kobato, grrr evil. I’ll be happy if Ioryogi just gives him a quickie burn. But yes story wise we will find (eventually) he isn’t that evil. Actually the loan thing has being in the burner for quite a bit, so it seems he doesn’t really want to close the nursery at all.
    Maybe a jealousy attack for Sayaka and Kiyokazu? She did hint that both had problems showing their true feelings…

    Island Esper
  6. Not reading the manga… I thought “both had problems showing their true feelings” might have meant Kiyokazu was gay and so was his friend but neither of them wanted to admit they had feelings for each other.

  7. @QnTiria

    Indeed, I don’t doubt it. I’d put money on there being a tragic/traumatic event that happened to him during his own stay at the nursey, and that’s why he so desperately wants it gone.
    Of course, this will be followed by Kobato doing her best and a prompt heel-face turn.

  8. Surely someone should have noticed: Okiura is Lelouche’s long lost twin.

    BTW, is it me or does the actress voicing the teru-teru-bouzu girl sounds a bit awkward? She sounded too mature for a kindergarten kid.

    Kinny Riddle
  9. I have this twisted story in my mind that Okiura will later want kobato for himself and she later has to get together with him forcefully and somehow comes to like him but is torn between him and kiyokazu.

    Basically rip off of the story of haine parents in gentlemen alliances.

    Somehow I see that happening lol I love Okiura ^_^


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