Episode 14


Q-feuille recently has been experiencing lapses in her memory, so she goes to the data archives and looks up her past. Hiver finds her there, and it turns out that Eclipse gave birth to Q-feuille seven years ago but gave up her life in the process. Q-feuille didn’t have a partner until she met Ascoeur, and Q-feuille recalls how they first met when she was on a mission to investigate oppression on a planet. Ascoeur was a girl on the street and already had the ability to teleport, so Q-feuille handcuffed them together, and the two bonded as they escaped from the military police there. Thanks to the abilities of Tweedledee and Tweedledum, as well as Ascoeur’s ability to teleport small objects, they were able to stop the leader of the military police from blowing up the city. Afterward, the two girls became partners since their abilities had good compatibility. Back in the present, Q-feuille remembers everything, and Ascoeur and Di-air come to get her to show her that Tweedledum and Un-ou have recovered.

Episode 15


Ascoeur recently has been experiencing some vivid dreams involving her friends and colleagues, including one where she and Q-feuille are in their school’s drama club. What she doesn’t realize is that Shade is responsible for them and has been probing her mind while she sleeps. Based on this, Shade is able to report to Geacht’er that Ascoeur has lost her memories of the past after some accident in space. Geacht’er then heads down to the planet and tries to talk to Ascoeur, but she sees him as the enemy and attacks immediately. None of her attacks have any effect on him though, and he reveals that he has the same birthmark on his neck that she has on her leg. What’s more, he calls Ascoeur his little sister Lieselotte and explains that she had escaped from a research laboratory where they had been kept. Geacht’er now wants her to join him, but Ascoeur refuses and tries to run away. Geacht’er, however, has the power to mess with time and easily catches her, and he names himself Ascoeur’s true partner. Fortunately for her, Q-feuille and Di-air show up, and Ascoeur calls upon a huge amount of power to try to bring Geacht’er down. Geacht’er is able to avoid her attack, but he decides to give Ascoeur some time to say goodbye to her friends, and he departs for now.


In terms of character and plot development, these seemed to be two key episodes, though episode 14 was much less so than episode 15. It was certainly nice to see how Q-feuille and Ascoeur met, and after the latter episode, it’s clear that one of the subplots they’re building is the strength of the two girls’ friendship and who the right partner is for Ascoeur. That former episode did make me wonder though if Q-feuille having lapses of memory was something of great concern or was it just a vehicle to show us the past, including the fact that Eclipse was Q-feuille’s mother and is dead now.

I also wish that they hadn’t spent so much time in episode 15 on the dream sequence. It was cute and amusing to see everyone in a school life environment, but having it go so long set the wrong tone for the seriousness of the rest of the episode. They could have easily accomplished the same in half the time and left much more for the Geacht’er stuff. As for the big revelation that Geacht’er is Ascoeur’s brother, it’s an interesting (but not hugely shocking) twist, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Ascoeur does indeed join him at some point and if it’ll be up to Q-feuille to save her with the power of their friendship or something. More intriguing was how Geacht’er was completely overpowered with his supposed manipulation of time, and him being immune to everything Ascoeur could throw at him reminded me of what’s going on in Bleach’s manga right now – I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. Anyway, I’m hoping the series focuses on the main plot from here on out and has a few more good plot twists in store.


  1. I love this anime series, but the whole age and time skip thing doesn’t go this anime justice, Eclipse being Q’s mom and they she is only eight a few years after the event of Eclair and Lumiere. Ascoeur is getting major power boast from tiny teleportion to giant blue disk (naruto much lol jk)

  2. the whole, first half of episode 15 was totally unnecessary… the whole sister/brother thingy was predictable… AND DAMN!!!, Eclipse is dead… oh well…Our previous heroines are still alive so I guess everything is AOK so far… I wanna say I love this sure, but i just cant. I guess im just clinging to what kiddy grade provided me.

  3. Oh shit! Dammit Eclipse, the “mother” of all the GOTT ability users (she had some transference apparatus laboratory in a Kiddy Grade flashback)is dead, but maybe her abilities are preserved in her daughter. Now we know who the super VIP is(Q-feuille), and Ascoeur’s the pure-blood nouvelesse that made vacation planet’s computer go crazy.
    Shade’s illusion ability can go into minds and manipulate dreams, I see, very tricky. Funny how some of the dreams resembles Card Captor Sakura and Harry Potter’s Quidditch.
    And another “Oh shit!” for Geacht’er being Ascoeur(Lieselotte)elder brother. One thing that was interesting was that Geacht’er was going Aizen-style, around all of Ascoeur’s attacks, until she got pissed off and generated a massive, glowing disk that seemed to suck in space that made Geacht’er back off.
    Now where’s Viola and Cesario?

  4. hmm, Q-fille being the daughter of Eclipse certainly clears some things about her powers and their potential.
    I wonder if the loss of eclipse is why they didn’t simply bring back Trixi and Troisjane…

    But samu has a paint… Where ARE Viola and Cesario???

  5. Their most likely thr clones of Eclair and Lumiere made by Alv and Dvergr in kiddy grade.. It makes sense that they use the first name of the Originals as their last name…since there is just too many Eclair & Lumiere clones out here ..w8 I think there were only 5-6 pair of clones

  6. They should really stop using the time-space thing so much. Now there are 3 people who can manipulate time, 4 if you include Lumiere (BUT HER POWER IS PARTICLE MANIPULATION <<). It’s getting a little tiring…

    The school setting was pretty funny. It didn’t fit with the rest of the episode but it was nice. Un-ou being squished by A-ou made me laugh.

    And we have ANOTHER Lieselotte this season? If Ascoeur turns into a super powerful evil black witch bent on destroying the world…well, that would be kind of interesting…

  7. Well they’re using time and space so much because it’s pretty much the back plot of the whole series. Partners that can manipulate time and space need to stop that giant explosion from expanding and taking out the universe.


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