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I haven’t been posting about PVs as much as I would’ve liked recently, but here’s the latest from fripSide. Unlike their PV for the first opening theme of Railgun, this one doesn’t have much of anything in reference to the anime. As for the song itself, I admittedly fell five plus weeks behind on the series for obvious reasons, so I actually didn’t hear it until late last week. Because of that, it’s still somewhat new to me. For initial impressions, I’d say I like the sound of their new song, but took a much more immediate liking to “only my railgun”. With fripSide’s music though, I figure “LEVEL5 -judgelight-” will grow on me the more I listen to it, which is what happened with “late in autumn”, the second track on the “only my railgun” single.

Anyway, the more I hear it, the more Nanjou Yoshino‘s singing as the new vocalist of fripSide seems well-suited for their upbeat, fast-paced music. I still find this surprising because I can’t really picture that voice behind Oosawa Maria in CANAAN nor Tsukishima Koko in Da Capo II, both of whom she voiced. For those wondering, the guy coming out of the bag in the PV is Japanese entertainer/comedian Esper Itou who was also in the “only my railgun” PV. Why he’s featured in their music video I don’t know, so maybe someone can fill me in on that.


  1. Nah, the guy appears in the OMR PV is Maggy Shinji a magician/comedian. He has shown some of his stuff(magic) in the video. I guess, since they got magics there, they turn to ESP here. This guy Esper Itou seems to have an appearance just for his name.

  2. O____o Okay, the PV for judgelight is very weird. That half naked guy doing random stuff really doesn’t fight the epic mood of the song.

    Besides that, I think I’m the only one who likes LEVEL5 -judgelight- better than only my railgun. Just my opinion.

  3. I know not many seem to like Railgun better but I’m thoroughly enjoying “Judgelight” quite a bit. The sound feels a bit lighter and more surreal but it’s still got an odd off putting vibe (In a good way) to it.


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