So it looks like I was right with my Sakura hunch last chapter and some others were right on the ball with Sasuke telling Sakura to kill Karin as a test. It wasn’t surprising to see Sakura falter at that thought nor Sasuke’s true colors become more apparent, but it does seem like Karin’s going to be saved and in the “care” of Konoha in the near future. Whether or not she’ll eventually be on the good side like I was guessing is still up in the air, but the possibility is still there. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing that happen. It makes me wonder how she’d get along with Naruto and the others.

As for the fight before us, Kakashi vs Sasuke, teacher vs student, team leader vs former team member, you can slice it so many different ways. Oh how long have we been waiting for this? I’d say Kakashi has the obvious edge since Sasuke’s still worn down from his fight with Danzou, but who knows what the latter can pull off with his misdirected hatred driving him. Let’s just hope this doesn’t go down as a repeat of Hiruzen vs Orochimaru like they’re foreshadowing though. While it’d have a big impact to see Kakashi go (as it did during the Pain arc), I rather like his character so I don’t want to see that happen.

* P.S. Vancouver 2010 Olympic madness! Downtown is crazy every night. =)


  1. Best ways to alienate your fans:

    1) Turn the main character of your manga into a tertiary character

    2) Turn the fan favorite character into a psychotic, evil character

    3) Kill the other fan favorite character permanently after technically killing him once already

    I sense #3 coming up, via my Kishimoto Brainwave Scanner (TM).

  2. 😮 Didn’t know you were Canadian. Vancouver at that.

    I’ve only been downtown a few times and it’s always crazy :S.

    (IN RELEVANCE) I doubt this fight is actually going to go down very far. One of the pages showed Naruto and he seemed to know where Sasuke is. I’m willing to bet Naruto will get there shortly and Sasuke will be “overwhelmed”, even though he won’t admit it, and Madara will step in once again.

  3. Nice one Sakura.. thinking your going to kill Sasuke with a kunai.. lol Kakashi wont die here, Most likey Sasuke is either going to get saved by Madara again. Or run away when naruto shows up, since he has no hope at all to win then.

    Sasuke just keeps getting more evil.. You cant help but wonder whats going to happen to him when changes.. since its a given that he wont stay like this in the end.

  4. Masashi Kishimoro is going to get Kakashi killed…He is going to best Eichiro Oda’s Ace death scene (one piece) xD

    @ divine

    I know… downtown is flooded with people (most of them are watching TV outside)…

    also I went to see the torch. instead I saw fences and HUMAN fences!. I swear it can be pretty annoying sometimes, I guess that the what an olympic spirit is

  5. Saukuras plan=ROFLMAO X1000

    cant kill kakashi until just b4 naruto becomes hokage its not fair because…wait…hmmmmmmmm!?!?!? 😛 lol srsly though i hope kakashi has some killer move or somthing cause he hasnt got the most stamina ive ever seen in the series.

    If kakashi loses naruto will show/ if sasuke looses madara will show bottom line no one (except maybe sakura/karin hopefully) is about to die in this next fight!

    Kill of sasuke to early renders to much of what weve just read pointless and kill off kakashi so soon is as rightly said a waste of a ressurection

    still if we are lucky sasuke might just cut his mask of to show us that…..

    Hes missing the lower part of his Jaw like Darth Malak from KOTOR or he has some special once only technique planned with his mouth or hes just plain BUTT ugly!

  6. Kakashi will likely push Sasuke to the point that he goes blind. He’s already bleeding from one eye.

    Naruto will likely show up as the fight reaches its conclusion and Sasuke will likely pull something stupid and instantly get own my Sage Naruto, only for him to realize that he’s blind. Cue Madara retreating with Sasuke.

    Mania Lyssa
  7. I have no doubt Sasuke would win if he was at full power, but dang the fight agains Danzo was good on its own, now he has to fight kakashi. Sasuke’s been fighting hokages, at this point naruto doesn’t stand a chance against sasuke.

  8. @alec..well that’s a given, that was dying fo some time now. lol “at the giant I.V’s always hanging around him”
    @OverMaster..hmmm, yeah that was pretty foul but i cant shake the feeling that they’ll be big time Resurrection going on..”ya know, magic wizards and all”. and whats with all the indifferent “its impossible to stop me, hence i hardly show emotion” characters in shounen. ex: Aizen, Fate, Madoka. …i mean they always lose in the end anyway. mangakas should switch it up alittle.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  9. okay man what a fucking let down -.-
    i thought something interesting was gonna on sakura’s part, but ah well
    she still managed to make herself much more useless than she already is,
    so i guess kudos to that 0.o

    but yea can’t wait to see whats going to happen next, i don’t think kakashi will die off so soon, i have a feeling this is gonna end in a very anti climactic way =/…

    but then again this is kishimoto he did just end and pretty decent arc(pain arc) in the most retarded/Anti Climactic way possible…

    “naruto – your in his book
    Pain – ZOMG all is freaking forgiven, oh let me pull off a Dragon ball on yer arse”

    >.>, gah still cant get over how freaking lame that was… if that arc ending has any foreshadowing on how Kishi plans to end this series, the ending of this series looks very grim -.-…

  10. Yeah it was about time this happened.

    Canada FTW. Vancouver is one long 2 week party. I’ve had a great time there- so many free concerts for us BC locals…and some great hockey games. 😀

  11. I’m like others, didn’t know you were Canadian, Divine. ^_^ Hope you guys are enjoying the Winter Olympics.

    As for Naruto, I’m guessing that Kakashi is probably going to bite the dust here or that Naruto will show up and save Kakashi from receiving the death blow, but he still dies anyways.

  12. Its really ridiculous that Sasuke has been in one continuous fight this whole time and hasn’t collapsed. I mean he fought four kages, killed another and now will undoubtedly give Kakashi the fight of his life.

  13. Sorry guys, all of you are wrong.
    Naruto will show up… to save Sasuke!!! Mark my words!
    Kakashi will not be able to deliver the final attack on Sasuke, Naruto will save him and some Hatred-is-not-the-correct-path-we-should-be-friends dialogue will follow…

    Also, in the end Sasuke will go to the light side once again, and one of two scenarios will happen:
    1) Sasuke sacrifices himself protecting Naruto from a ultimate attack, and dies.
    2) Sasuke and Naruto deliver an ultimate combo on Madara.

    Sorry for future spoilers!!!

    Menu Maker
  14. sasuke always lives…. in some ways is kinda tiring. sometimes the name of the show should be changed based that he is like almost all protagonist like. hope he dies, naruto is too childish to believe in all that brotherhood crap. maybe if kakashi dies he sees the light.

  15. if anybody remember, naruto’s mother was a ninja from other village, and she had red hair i think. my point is maybe they will end up repeating the process, know what i mean? red harried girl from other village ends up with the blond guy who broke all possibilities ? or maybe i am just high

  16. I would not be surprised to see Kakashi get killed by Sasuke and Madera. For Naruto to realize his dream Kakashi has to die some where along the way. Obviously otherwise Kakashi will be the hokage. If the creator wants to build the series up to a grand finale then killing Kakashi will only drive Naruto to work even harder to defeat the villains and save the leaf.

    On another note I too was in shock and disbelief when Sakura planned to kill Sasuke with a butter knife. That was her whole plan? LOL!!!!!!!!

  17. Naruto (er…its more like Sauske: Avenger now) has gotten insanely mediocre the last arc. I mean, the whole damned things been about Sauske getting to fight a DBZ anime battle for the last what, 50 or so chapters? Naruto? He’s gotten like, 10 chapters total of screen time.

    Know what would fix this?


    We need NARUTO back. Somehow this has escaped Kishimoto’s mind for some reason…

    P.S. I think someone on here should blog One Piece right about now. It’s like to polar opposite of the train wreck that was once Naruto: amazing. Not trying to fangirl here but seriously, it’s gotten really good. (Besides, Oda kicks all ass and he totally pulled out all the stops on the Marineford Arc. And anyone else gonna cry when the Ace episode airs? /waves hand in air)

  18. Sasuke is trying hard to rise to new levels of evil… still can’t figure out why she has a good plan to knock everyone out… then comes up with “kill Sasuke with Kunai”. Just really screams last minute thinking.

    @Kageho Sasuke didn’t collapse yet as he’s gotten healing from Karin and ..two-faced plant man (least favorite member of the Akasuki, so I don’t even remember his name).

    On another note though, they had better not kill Kakashi… had that feeling he might die given he’s been chosen as the next Hokage and Naruto clearly is likely to get the position in the end. Still, think Kakashi will be around to teach Naruto the “secret of the nine tailed fox” that Jiraiya belched up before heading into his fight with Pain.

  19. I am completely bummed that Kishimoto continues to fail at making a decent heroine to his manga. Sakura is completely useless even after finally deciding to do something worthwhile. *Sigh*

    as for the upcoming “Fights” let’s hope we get a decent reunion between Sasuke and Naruto. Enough of this bullshit.

  20. I’m just surprised at how many people forget: Naruto as a series has a pretty common base level of damage that everybody can take.

    Sure, there’s summons flying everywhere and genjutsu until your mind short-circuits, but if somebody gets stabbed in the face, they’re still gonna go OH GOD IT HURTS WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT. Overpowered as the main characters are (being that they are, y’know, main characters), it’s still a definite that if you hit them hard enough, you’ll kill them.

    Unlike Bleach, where you never know just who’s gonna block a sword with their bare forearm, fun as that series can be.

  21. But here’s hoping that since sasuke is all worn out and kakashi doesn’t have much uber tech, that this will ACTUALLY be a ninja fight. You know… where the fighters actually have to touch each other to do damage…

    Kakashi is going to die
  22. I don’t think Kakashi will die …..

    a website said that in an interview, Kishimoto claimed that in 2010 he’s gonna concentrate more on Kakashi and Sakura , that ain’t gonna happen if he’s dead ….

  23. I’d wager:
    1) Takeshi & Sasuke will fight for a bit, Naruto will break up the fight long enough for madara to drag away Sasuke
    2) In the end, Sasuke will turn all lame, and sacrifice himself to stop Madara at the last second to protect Naruto. (Darth Vader Style)

  24. I think this can only conclude in these ways:
    1. Kakashi got killed. Naruto will then finally realize that he needs to kill Sasuke.
    2. Kakashi won, but Madara managed to help Sasuke escape.
    3. No one won, Naruto stopped the fight. Sasuke/Madara escaped.
    4. Completely original idea.

  25. how in hell can sasuke win??? WTF man
    he has no more chakra from his previous fight not even an hour ago?
    if he doesn’t get defeated by kakashi in te first 2 pages of the next chapter i’m gonna quit reading naruto!

  26. kakashi’s too cool to get killed.
    and i really really really wish there was a legit fight between sasuke and sakura. she’s always portrayed as weak… it’d be nice if there was a change.

  27. Hi everyone!

    I really think that Sasuke is going to kick Kakashi ass really hard.
    In my opnion Naruto will arrive and save Kakashi from his certainly death.

    Ps1: I’m one of the manga fans who really enjoys a good story and fight. And let’s change the anime name to SASUKE because has nothing of Naruto!!! lololol
    Ps2: ONE PIECE HAS THE BEST STORY, CHARACTERS, FIGHTS AND ALL OTHERS STUFF.THE BEST MANGA IN MY OPNION TOO! Great idea that one to post the comments of the manga here on the site.

    Manga Fan
  28. I always assumed Kishimoto will eventually kill off Iruka and Kakashi at some point (either I think he’s super simple minded, or that he’s like Shakespeare…wait). Sad since I like both their characters…

    Sasuke’s fallen a LOOONG way. I hate him far more than I ever hated Orochimaru and I think I hate him more than Danzo (O_o). Never really liked him even at the beginning.

    With Madara around it’s for sure Kakashi can’t win this fight unless we really have no idea what Madara’s planning.

  29. I laughed at Sakura’s attempt to kill Sasuke. I’m surprised that Jiraiya died and yet she’s still alive.

    I’m getting a feeling Kishimoto isn’t stupid enough to kill Kakashi. or, else this manga will go downhill even more, if that’s possible.

    Also, it’s technically his first manga. The first is a oneshot.

  30. Umm why does everyone think Kakashi is going to die. I mean Sasuke JUST got through fightingDanzo. Kakashi is coming fresh into the battle with no injuries. I vie for a tactical retreat by Sasuke by way of Madara. Plus Sakura’s moment to shine in some fashion falls once again. I was kinda hoping she would at least fight Sasuke. So it is looking like Tsunade might end up getting killed to give Naruto the uber power up.

  31. it look almost like killing season in the manga.
    ace dies(i gonna missed him)poor luffy
    then jack rakan “dies”(who doesnt love that infinitely broken yet awesome guy, but i believe he’ll be back,hopefully)
    then hopefully hanamori gonna die,hopefully
    then the death whole lot of character in naruto,and the possibility of killng the whole manga itself.
    to summarize i think naruto and bleach is going way down while one piece is maintaining its momentum.and negima is fanservicely awesome lol

  32. =O A fellow Vancouverite! Yes, downtown is crazy right now ^^” I’ve been down a couple of times, but I’ve mostly been sticking to studying.

    o.O One of the most anticipated fights for me! T.T Oh I cannot wait for the next chapter…


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