Autumn has turned to winter, so Ioryogi reminds Kobato again that she doesn’t have much time left. The more immediate concern though is the debt collector loitering around outside the nursery, and it’s caused several parents to withdraw their kids. Kobato wants to go talk to him, and while Kiyokazu opposes the idea, Kobato does so anyway after talking to Doumoto who had come to deliver some Christmas decorations. Kobato tries to tell the guy how important the nursery is to everyone and gets him to leave for today, but as he’s doing so, he collapses in pain. Doumoto calls an ambulance, and it turns out that the guy has a case of appendicitis. Kobato and Doumoto accompany him to the hospital, staying until they know he’ll be okay, and Kobato even makes him an origami crane.

Kiyokazu meanwhile decides to call Okiura to tell him about this, but Okiura still cares more about the debt and suggests that Kiyokazu give up on the nursery. Kobato and Doumoto then return to the nursery, but Sayaka sends them home because they’ve been through enough today. Having seen that Kiyokazu wasn’t too happy, Kobato worries that she’s at fault, however Doumoto disagrees. He’s noticed that she worries about those around her and that she’s kind and tries her hardest, and he tells her that he likes girls like her. This cheers Kobato up, and she thanks him for his words. When the two reach her apartment building Doumoto starts to ask her to spend time with him on Christmas, but he’s interrupted by the arrival of Kiyokazu and never gets to finish asking.


Despite the fact that we can see that the seasons are passing by, setting up for a springtime finale, the actual pacing of the story is still a little on the slow side. I’m not thrilled that they keep spending so much time reminding us that the nursery is in trouble because it’d be more worthwhile to show the protagonists coming up with new ways to pay off the debt or settle things with Okiura. Of course if the sick debt collector ends up helping out or something because of Kobato’s kindness, then it’d be a different story, but there’s no guarantee that that’ll happen. I think the more important result of the sick debt collector stuff here was that Doumoto became more attached to or interested in Kobato, leading to his quasi-confession. It sets up a potential love triangle between him and Kiyokazu which could culminate as early as the Christmas storyline next week, though I still have a hard time seeing clueless Kobato end up with anyone, especially given her ultimate goal.


  1. I agree that the pacing is slow…but then again this is just that kind of show. I still don’t understand why Kobato dropped the whole “work @ a part-time job to pay off the debt” plan…guess she’s just lazy? <_<

  2. oh lol I remember this scene. xD I lol’d when they used “Kobato did you know someone that died from the smallest thing” back at that episode where Sayaka-sensei got sick. ’cause they were supposed to use that line in this episode for that thug guy.

  3. But yeah… FYI guys, there isn’t exactly a lot of manga material the show can use >__> like that episode with the camera girl, storybook, kid running away, and old tree were all filler. Though compared to the manga, Kobato has much konpeito currently.

  4. I’m just wondering how Ioryogi can tell if there’s one more konpeitou in the bottle when there’s that many now. XD

    And I’m curious as to how they’ll end this, since the anime and manga are practically two separate stories now.

  5. There’s no manga material for any developments. Kobato’s past/wish? Ioryogi’s past/intentions? Mysterious eebil husband Okiura and his deal? etc, doesn’t even exit in the manga.. yet. I see more filler eps. As above, I’m now just curious as to how they will end this.

  6. Doesn’t make sense that they would make an anime adaptation if not even one of the plot points has been resolved. Hopefully they’ve at least finished the debt thing in the manga — I’m not really a fan of anime original endings that cut off the chance of adapting more manga.

  7. Well for an anime original Kobato can marry Doumoto have ten kids and put them in Yomogi nursery and save it with all the money they have to pay for that crowd. But that’s just me with a real life ending. I’ll watch till the end; but don’t really expect any real ending or closure at this pace

    Island Esper
  8. @Megas One has to wonder why you are still watching it since it’s been like that since the beginning?

    I personally enjoy the slow pace. I don’t know what to expect from the ending since Nanase Ohkawa and Michiko Yokote have been overseeing this anime. Hopefully the ending won’t disappoint.

  9. @Megas I laughed. Laughed hard.

    @Nellie I really do question why i keep up with this slow as hell, terrible show. Though it is true i like to finish what i start. Just a few more episodes…..

  10. Kobato isnt that horrible, its just not good or great…. its just very average or less…. The only reason im still watching this anime is because its not a HORRIBLE anime, and dropping it would be such a waste, theres only a few episodes left so, i dont see a reason to drop it other than this anime being so average or below aevrage

  11. kobato? love triangle???? NIGGA PLEASE!! i feel strange just looking at her…or is it a “HIM???” once again slow-bato is slow “never fill that jar”.. I’ma stick around till the end no matter what

    BROOKLYN otaku
  12. Is it just me who thought that this episode was really cute? I thought Toumoto and Kobato’s relationship is getting pretty interesting. The scene in which they were at the park were sweet, not necessarily romantic or anything, but sweet and gives people a warm feeling. this anime is slow, but it’s just a different kind, still enjoyable at times…

  13. You guys who keep complaining of the slow pace have to remember: there’s only 4 volumes of material that’s been released (it’s actually something like 20-22 chapters including the mini-chapters). So the anime series is really more of an original story from like episode 12 on. If they adapted straight from the manga, this series would only be about 12 episodes max before it caught up with the manga. I’m not trying to be a bitch at all (please understand! > /// <) but it’s going slow cause they can only work with so much.

    Anyway…I think it’s good that they took an original route with the anime. We actually get to see the Wish characters (yay! Kohaku!) and how everyone pans out in the story. I love this series cause it does remind me of classic CLAMP, like CCS, MKR, Chobits, and AL. I dunno. I’m a sucker for slice of life I guess. But that whole love triangle IS interesting…and adorable. I hope Kiyokazu realizes he likes her.

  14. Hmmmm…

    Slow pacing?
    Little to no progression in plot until near the end?
    Really cute yet one-dimensional main character?
    Main Male character is a douchebag?

    This must be Clamp…


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