Episode 16


After the Geacht’er incident, Ascoeur hasn’t told Q-feuille the truth, but Q-feuille has also been hiding her memory problems from Ascoeur. For the time being, the two are informed that Saphir has apparently defected from the G-Society and has taken refuge on an ice planet. The girls decide to go out to get her, and when they arrive, they find Rubis there too. After a brief battle, Saphir manages to make Rubis retreat, and she’s soon able to gain the girls’ trust. Saphir’s plan is to wait until nighttime so that Rubis can’t pursue them, but this is a trap in reality, and she makes it so cold that the girls want to sleep. This was all part of Geacht’er’s plan to capture Ascoeur, however Q-feuille now complicates things by being re-energized from a Di-air kiss and freezing Saphir. Di-air also kisses Ascoeur, but Ascoeur isn’t able to do anything after getting poisoned by Rubis. Q-feuille ends up freezing Rubis too, but this is too much strain on her, so she has TAMA carry Di-air and Ascoeur back to the ship to escape without her. In the aftermath, Ascoeur wakes up back at the GTO, and Q-feuille wakes up in an unknown place.

Episode 17


Knowing that Q-feuille has been captured thanks to a recording made by Typhon, Ascoeur is determined to go rescue her. Q-feuille is actually being treated quite well right now by her captors, and part of that is because she has no memories of who she is. She spends the most time with Rubis and Saphir who reveal to her that they used to be assassins for the government. That changed when the Nouvlesse period ended, and their new masters tried to torture them into obedience. They were luckily rescued from this by Geacht’er. Q-feuille also meets the other Shadow Workers and learns what her own name is, and while she still has no memories of who she is, the name Ascoeur stays in her head. She goes as far as to write Ascoeur’s name down on her mirror, however Shade pays her a visit the next day and implants memories in her to make her think that she’s Geacht’er’s little sister. This changes her and makes her forget the name Ascoeur.


There were some interesting plot twists these two episodes. It wasn’t shocking that the whole Saphir thing was a set-up, but it was nice to see that instead of taking the more obvious path of having Ascoeur join Geacht’er as his little sister, the writers took the opposite approach by having it be Q-feuille. It makes sense now too why Q-feuille’s earlier memory lapses were important, and I wonder if Shade’s brainwashing will become undone when she invariably meets Ascoeur again. Of course, none of this would have been necessary if Geacht’er had just kidnapped Ascoeur himself and moved on with his plans since he’s clearly proved himself capable of getting through all of GTO’s defenses.

That brings me to a bigger issue though: this all feels like an extended digression from the Eclair and Lumiere destruction of the galaxy stuff that was explained back in episode 12. I found myself wondering during episode 17 if we were ever going to get back to that since right now the focus seems to be on Geacht’er and his attempt to build a harem of little sisters. I joke, but the preview for episode 18 makes it look like they’re going to spend an entire episode on the new Q-feuille and her relationships with Geacht’er and Letuchaia, complete with a bath scene for the girls. I’m still waiting for Geacht’er to enact his ultimate plan…


  1. Yes Saturday night I’m that bored to do a first post, in an anime I don’t even watch. Well since nothing better to do going to stuff 10 episodes of kiddy grade to cath up on this 😛

    Island Esper
  2. @Island Esper

    If you value your sanity stick to Kiddy Grade (a pretty good show actually imho) and prettend this one doesn’t even exist… Really, that episode 6 is the low point of the show but it’s so close to the average plot quality it’s scary. This show is a train wreck, the only good episode was probably the aforementioned episode 12 and one other or so.

  3. @Dextro..well it might save his sanity, but at the same time u might get RAGE issues from the slooooooow slow pace of the plot. I’m a fan of well executed action sequences and my money is on ep #5, its probably the sole reason I’m sticking wit this. my question is this. do yall think geacht’er “ridiculous name btw” will get his just desserts for taking those lives, or will they just do some time swap rebirth cop-out cheesy ending that all is forgiving ,and both parties merge. that would be soo weak

    BROOKLYN otaku
  4. Heh, Saphir sure pissed Rubis off! Surprised Rubis stopped her from killing Q-feuille.
    Geacht’er is such a bastard. It’s shown he saved Rubis and Saphir from torture and death, and the Letuchia, Pauk and her grandmother from persecution and death, but he manipulates them into spying each other, among other worse things. He’s killed hundreds, maybe thousands of people, even some nouvelesse, and has no remorse.
    I think that if he forcibly took Ascoeur, he wouldn’t be able to control her like he wants to (like the three shadow worker teams), and that would hurt his reputation as the almighty leader of G-society. Using Q-feuille as his pawn with Shade’s help, he could force Ascoeur to do his bidding. Yup, being a bastard he is, he makes her think she’s his sister and tells the shadow workers to play along. I hope the shadow workers realize what a bastard he is, and he gets caught in a time distortion slowly disintegrating his molecules over thousands of years, and he feels every second of it.
    The underlying plot that the government in charge of the GTO is dirty better show up soon. Apparently Torch and Shade was a part of that.

  5. theres no doubt that this anime is inferior to its predecessor, Kiddy Grade

    I believe they could have avoided this MESS if they just decided to stick with their previous plan which is having An Asceour that somewhat gives of a Lumiere aura ( if u the trailer of which was supposed to be a sequel of the anime, then you’ll understand)


    i would say that Asceour is better than OUR CURRENT DUMB Asceour. its understandable why they chose having a dumb Asceour…Kiddy grade was somewhat moody and dark, and they probably wanted to change that, so that even KIDS can enjoy the anime, and so they made new plans and used a jolly dumb main character (the 2nd Asceour, u know the dumb and anonoying one ), . its probably the big reason y its name was changed to Kiddy Girl-and, instead of Kiddy Grade 2. AND IT NOW gives a feeling of an RATED E FOR EVERYONE lol

    Well i applaud them for their actions and intentions, they probably thought that everything would be fine along the way, that there would be some bumps, and that theyre atleast Curable, but I hate to point this, they’re deeply mistaken!. I believe they’re pretty aware of what they did, and its Irreversible (cmon, they’re PROS, so they should be awareof the current problem ). those BUMPS have started accumulating, to the point that it can never be left alone.

    And now, take a look at it… Its horrible, They’re probably currently losing viewers even as i TYPE (mostly the mature ones and those viewers who saw the potential of kiddy grade)



    AND so right NOW, its a failed product which still continues to lose some viewers, and it is also an anime which lost its MAIN purpose, attracting pottential younger audiences and possible getting an english license.

    THEY TOOK A GABLE, AND THEY PAID FOR IT, and so ends my long and annoying speech


    i totallk understand how u feel, though i didnt do that to kiddy girl… i ended up doing what u did in quite a few animes like Gintama, naruto, bleach, valkyria chronicles, nyan koi etc…. anyways when u stall for like 4-5 eps, ul end up losing interest to the anime, dropping it in the process….( oh btw…. i watched the last 2 eps of valkyria chronicles 2 weeks ago, ive no idea how many months have passed since the final episode aired… just watched it for no reason at all)

  6. I don’t know, I kind of like the way the show is right now. The protagonists of this show are dumb because the creator’s made them amateurs, so it’s more of a coming-of-age, developing friendship thing. On the other hand, Kiddy Grade’s protagonists were already veterans, knew each other for a long time, etc. and I’d rather not watch the exact same character dynamic over again. Ascoeur and Q-feuille’s relationship at the end of this series will be the way Eclair and Lumiere’s relationship was at the beginning of Kiddy Grade.

    Kiddy Grade wasn’t really “that” good, so I don’t see this as a step down other than in the quality of the stand-alone stories at the beginning of the series. Even in Kiddy Grade, the nobles were the most interesting villains but they kept getting pushed aside for motivation-less villains that just kept coming back. G-Society and Geacter are far more interesting antagonists.

  7. @ Aurora

    no, it was good, it had problems, but they pulled it though d end. BUT this one is beyond salvation, but kiidy girl is beyond salvation. Im not saying I prefer the PREVIOUS concept of asceour becoz i like her character. NO.. I’m only saying i prefer her now is bcoz this current asceur fails. shes annoying, and kiddy girl failed to pull itself back on the RIGHT TRACK.

  8. I completely understand how Island Esper feels. I’ve been on vacation for the past 2 weeks & did possibly EVERYTHING I ever wanted to do in the past year during that time, built my new rig, bowled a 300!, got my hands on a Saleen S5S, etc. So going past all that excitement, I marathoned a few shows over the last 4 days – including this show. I felt like eating my own hair. But this show IS better than most of the shit that’s f-ing the airways this season (which is a very sad statement that I can’t revoke). Even so, I feel like I have some duty to finish it. I even blowed some more cash on a M11x that can easily replace my old dino-netbook at work – for those long boring nights of programming, data processing, and just goofing off 😛


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