Celty has been having more dreams of her head and how it’s beyond her grasp, and it makes her uneasy. Shinra can tell that she’s feeling glum and tries to answer her question about dreams. What he doesn’t know is that Celty has come to realize recently that she feels something like love towards him, and she offers to cook for him on her day off. He claims to love the fish she prepares, but she questions why he’s crying, and it doesn’t help that he calls her cooking cutting edge. Thinking that she messed up the seasoning, she uses her power to wrap up the food in a ball and prevents Shinra from eating it. Celty is still bothered by the fact that she’s missing her memories, and when Shinra suggests that she might not need them, she gets angry because she feels that she’s forgetting her own face. Over at the school, Mikado has to be helped out by Masaomi after oversleeping and forgetting most of his stuff. After class, Anri discovers that her shoes are gone, and he helps her search for them. He doesn’t find them though until after Anri gives up and leaves, so he brings them to her apartment. She accepts her shoes with a quick word of thanks but closes the door on him before he can say anything.

Celty meanwhile returns home after cooling her temper, however Shinra is now gone because he got called out on a job. Feeling that something was different about this time, Celty goes out to look for him. Shinra is actually at the Yagiri Pharmaceutical facility which had earlier been attacked by a guy armed with fireworks. The guy had claimed that they had done something to his girlfriend, and since he’s now unconscious, the Yagiri Pharmaceutical representative wants Shinra to erase the guy’s memories of them. Celty eventually runs into Shinra after his job is over, and he asks her out to dinner at Simon’s sushi place because it’s lonely to eat by himself. Dessert comes in the form of fortune cookies, and Celty’s says that she’ll find what she’s looking for, making her quite happy. Shinra’s, on the other hand, implies that his love won’t be fulfilled, so he eats the slip of paper to prevent Celty from seeing it. Elsewhere in the city, Seiji is with his love and comforts her when she seems afraid. She doesn’t remember anything, but that’s fine with him, and he calls her Celty. That night, for the first time in a while, the headless Celty dreams that she’s whole.


For the first 95% of the episode, this appeared to be all about things lost and found, with focus mainly on Celty’s feelings towards her head and on Mikado and Anri’s shoes. Celty certainly had some cute moments, and I laughed at how Anri closed the door on Mikado, but while that stuff fit into the nice all-encompassing theme with some strong Celty and Shinra character development, as a whole the episode wasn’t quite as interesting or fun to watch as some past ones. However, then in the final minutes they dropped a relative bombshell by having Seiji call the neck-scar girl Celty. The final dream shot of what Celty remembers her head to look like seems to confirm that the neck-scar girl does indeed have Celty’s head (which in turn makes more sense out of the OP sequence shot that the two share), but that also raises the question of who’s head is in the capsule. My guess is that it’s the head of the missing Harima Mika girl, but why did a switch have to be made? I assume that will become clearer as we find out more about Seiji and his sister’s company, which might be as soon as next week given what the preview shows.


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  2. i had expected neck-scar girl to somehow be related to celty, since they both had problems with their heads, but i never expected her to be celty’s head…

    This also raises the question of whether Shinra knows about Celty’s head and just isn’t telling her. This could be why he so strongly feels she’s better of without one. It is also probable, that the researches don’t realize the head has a body, and just found an immortal head and thought it interesting.

  3. @Syllen
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  4. Anri has her own issues, there is a reason for her to be awkward in or even afraid of getting closer to a person she likes. And it’s not like she doesn’t like Mikado so much or she is just too shy.

  5. The little dancing sequence with Erika is so cute, heh. She and her torture-loving partner need more screen time, seriously. Still hate that their sadistic tendencies are way more downplayed in the anime than in the manga.

    Major revelation with Celty’s head and Seiji’s girlfriend . . . I had read the first few chapters of the manga and suspected that they pulled a switcheroo considering what Seiji does/did to his stalker. Nice to see it confirmed.

    Still leaves the question of who the slasher(s) is/are.

    Shizuo and Celty somehow make a more believable couple than Shinra and Celty.

  6. @rey
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  7. -In the 4th episode was mentioned that Shinra is also doing plastic surgery.
    -Memory eraser.
    -Mika is only a simple girl – stalker.
    -Yagiri’s pharmaceutical company.
    -Celty is a Dullahan.
    If I would be Namie I would throw away Mika’s head, but I would keep Celty’s head.

  8. Really cool episode. Very satisfied.

    The last scene was kinda… hilarious. For some reason. Don’t know why.

    The face on the girl that Seiji is dating is clearly white, in contrast to the Asian skin on the rest of the body. Good. I wonder how Centy will look with the head on.

    I wonder whether the lost-and-found girl is of any importance.

  9. U know Ive been thinking this for awhile but not as much as I did until I watched this epi. But how does Selty do everything she does if she doesnt have a head? I mean your brain is what works your body.

    1. Re: Starshade, Celty said “Tá mé anseo” (pronounced TAW MAY ON-shuh), which is Irish and means just what the TL wrote; “I am here”. It wasn’t a bad effort at pronouncing it considering the VA is Japanese. It was a lot better than Lancer’s ‘Gay Bulge’ in the English dub of Fate/stay night.

  10. From what I remember in the manga, the girl named Harima Mika was fatally injured by Seiji by a bash on her head, and her body was taken away his sister. Not sure how her head ends up in a jar though.

  11. Rey and EroThraX are correct.

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  12. The girl with the “lost objects” sign and notebook was really cool. It added a theme to the episode that tied everything together. 😮

    Also, when Ryugamine-kun was looking through it… the last page:




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