After this new Poltergeist incident, Kuroko thanks Telestina and chats with her about the interference to AIM dispersion fields. Since they’re all okay, the girls eventually return home to their respective dorms, but Mikoto is bothered by the fact that there are similarities between the current situation and the Level Upper incident. She thinks that Kiyama Harumi might be involved again, but of course Kiyama should still be in prison. Kuroko, on the other hand, is bothered by how Haruue was acting, and the clues point to Haruue being connected to the Poltergeist incidents. Over at Uiharu’s apartment, Haruue wakes up and worries that she caused Uiharu trouble, but Uiharu continues to support her and feels that Haruue can change like she wants to. The next day, while Uiharu takes Haruue to the park, Kuroko and Mikoto find Haruue’s file in the Judgment database. It reveals that Haruue is a level 2 with telepathy, but what really catches their attention is the special note that says Haruue can display power exceeding her level under certain wavelengths.

At the park, Haruue tells Uiharu of her determination to change, and she reveals that she’s searching for someone. It’s an old friend that she doesn’t want to just wait around for, so Uiharu promises to help her search. At that moment, however, Haruue starts talking to someone else again, and another Poltergeist incident occurs. It wreaks havoc on the park, and Telestina’s group is called in again to help. After learning about what happened, Mikoto and the others meet Uiharu at the hospital, and when Uiharu realizes that Kuroko suspects Haruue, she gets defensive about her new friend. Telestina interrupts them to explain that it’s possible that a telepath is behind this, but only someone above level 4. Just to be sure, she takes Haruue in for some tests, and the girls learn that Telestina is the head of MAR’s research laboratory. The tests say that Haruue isn’t behind the interference, but this means that they still don’t know who really is responsible. In any case, the girls are able to see Haruue again, and they learn that she can sometimes hear the voice of the friend she’s looking for. That friend is the girl whose picture she has in her pendant, and Mikoto recognizes it as one of the same girls that Kiyama had been taking care of. As it turns out, Haruue is a Child Error as well.


This episode had a lot of exposition that ultimately confirmed everything we had suspected: Haruue is a Child Error and a friend of Kiyama’s student Edasaki. It also made clear that Kiyama should still be in jail, so it’s still a mystery what’s going on with her. All in all, I wouldn’t call it a bad episode, but I did find it very aggravating to watch Uiharu defend Haruue when we as the audience can tell that Haruue is clearly connected to these Poltergeist incidents. Along those same lines, I’m not a big fan of how they’re trying to create some distrust between Uiharu and Kuroko because that’ll only get in the way of learning the truth. Telestina obviously knows more than she’s saying, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all part of some grand experiment. The preview and title of the next episode seems to suggest that it could have something to do with someone attaining level 6, and I assume it’s something separate from the Accelerator/Sisters stuff because otherwise they probably would have just animated the next manga arc.


  1. It was a pretty decent episode. This past week I went and downloaded the original Index series and started watching them all over again as I have spare time. I was amazed at how the characters in this series are really in Index alot more then I remembered (especially Mikoto and Kuroko) as well as other side characters. The 2 of them seem to be in almost every episode of Index even if its only for a few seconds (at least the ones I have seen up to episode 7). Pretty smart of them to have the 2 storylines run parallel to each other with the occasional crossover.

  2. Telestina is probably behind all of this and exposing Haruue to these “certain wavelengths” to cause earthquakes. She’s always conveniently there whenever Haruue starts one. What I don’t get is what Telestina can possibly gain from this and how Kiyama is connected.

    Level 6…maybe this is connected to the Level 6 Shift experiment in some way, or maybe it’s another part of it. We’ll just have to see.

  3. Well level 4 Kongou + level 2 Haruue + mystery wavelength = a level 6 😛

    They do have Kongou in “treatment” there that must mean something. Somehow I hate Telestina hope they don’t make her some kind of martyr by the end. Somehow I don’t buy that Kiyama is still in prison the girls didn’t actually verify the information they just assume it to be true. And we all now that only makes an ‘ass’ of ‘u’ and ‘me’ 😛 I need pics to believe it.
    Yes it was weird the exchange between Uiharu and Kuroko but guess we see how Uiharu is more outspoken and growing. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was not enough Saten 🙂
    The end is so ever close now 🙁

    Island Esper
  4. Telestina is as suspicious as Takano in Higurashi… Kiyama can actually end up helping the Railgun gang, if she is trying to stop further child error experiments, or she can be endboss if she is trying to use Haruue to wake up comatose child errors…

  5. It’s very rare that a show makes me hate a character in less than a single episode, but this show managed to do it for me with Uiharu. I have a very low tolerance for the “parents whose children can do no wrong” archetype. It’s bad writing, dumbs the character down, and just plain wastes time.

    On a related note, this episode made me realize the Kuroko is both the smartest and most mature of the four leads.

  6. this ep + last ep = pretty damn boring.
    here’s my ranking
    1.railgun “just cause” and her + toumo = invincible
    3.that”ojou-sama” girl with the snake
    everyone else can suck eggs and croak! BTW- why did uiharu act like her flowers werent there in the other ep when the girls said they were pretty?

    BROOKLYN otaku
  7. I wonder what is Telestina’s ability and level. Must be telepathic/kinetic being able to manipulate the color candy coming out of the container.
    I’m surprised Mikoto can do that with her ability without short-circuiting the computer. Them level 5’s are somethin’ all right! Membership certainly has its privileges!
    Kongou seems to be a running gag of the show; she always get the short end of the stick whenever something important happens.
    They better explain how Kiyama’s out, and hopefully what Uiharu’s ability is. Okay, maybe it’s too much to hope for that: the Uiharu ability mystery that is.
    The interaction between Mikoto and Saten when trying to smooth things over between Kuroko and Uiharu gave me a chuckle.

  8. Regarding Uiharu and the flowers in her hair… its ok to keep this joke running thru the series as long as they reveal what her power is and what relationship the flowers in her hair are for. In early episodes there was a flashback that showed her with very few flowers in her hair so I’m guessing as she matures she gets more. It MUST be somehow tied to her power. If we go thru the entire season and it never gets revealed or explained I’m gonna be pissed.

  9. Shimapan, to make things even funnier, Edasaki was voiced by none other than Sato Satomi, who happens to voice Ritsu. Must be an intentional inside joke on the casting director’s part.

    Splash, I’m afraid you’re gonna be disappointed, as it does seems the issue with Uiharu’s hair seems to be more of a running joke than a plot device.

    Kinny Riddle
  10. The kanji for Uiharu may mean ‘beginning of Spring’. But does anyone have any idea whether the floral wreath she sports could represent the idea of ‘hanamaru’ (flower ring) which is used the same as ‘earning a gold star’ with grammar school kids elsewhere?


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