Chizuru is acting normal again in front of her friends, and after an evening of karaoke, she’s feeling even better. On the topic of Ryuu, she tells Ayane and Sawako that fighting with him made her realize that she wanted to talk properly to Tooru one more time. She wants to tell him that she likes him, but she doesn’t think she could because she knows what his answer would be. As fate would have it, Tooru arrives just then, saying that he came to see her. The two go for a walk together, and since she’s in her school uniform, Chizuru tries to show him her mini-skirt, but it just reminds him of how she was when she was little. Tooru then stops at a convenience store and buys two buns – one bean paste and one meat – to share with her, just like he used to do. He also reminisces about how they walked home together at night, looking at the stars, and how Ryuu made her cry. Tooru knows that Ryuu is a kind person who doesn’t lie and that Chizuru has such a close relationship with him that she gets angry at him for things that she wouldn’t with others.

When Tooru comments on how her uniform suits her and how it makes him realize that she’s in high school now, Chizuru asks him why he decided to get married. Tooru’s answer is that he wants to be with this girl for the rest of his life, and him talking about his fiancée makes her feel that she’ll always be just a neighborhood kid to him. Seeing her looking down, Tooru has her say her nickname Chii because doing so makes her smile. It is at this point that Chizuru finally decides to tell Tooru that she likes him. Tooru responds by saying that he likes her too, but Chizuru knows that it isn’t in the same way she feels. Chizuru is content being a little sister to him because she knows that she’s important to him, and she congratulates him on his engagement.

Sometime later, Ryuu returns home from a jog to find his brother getting ready to leave again, so he gives Tooru the bread he had talked about. Tooru urges Ryuu to do his best because he feels that Chizuru is better suited for Ryuu, and Ryuu agrees. Since Chizuru isn’t at home, Ryuu knows exactly where to look: the docks. It’s the last place they played together back when Tooru still lived there and the place where Chizuru came when Tooru moved. Although she’s brusque at first, Chizuru eventually apologizes to Ryuu, particularly for what happened on his birthday, and he in turn thanks her for the bag. Chizuru has by now figured out that it was Ryuu who called his brother back, and she thanks him for that and concedes that he was right about her feelings towards Tooru. Ryuu, however, declares that he knows that she really liked Tooru. This causes Chizuru to start crying, and Ryuu comforts her as it starts to snow.


I enjoyed this episode a lot more than last, mainly because I was glad to see Chizuru finally getting some resolution/closure with Tooru and then reconciling with Ryuu. Both guys were portrayed quite well, and I didn’t really feel annoyed with Chizuru’s character this time. I actually really loved the atmosphere they created during the parts where Tooru was reminiscing about the past, especially the stars scene, and the episode obviously ended on a strong note that was both sad and sweet. I don’t know if Ryuu comforting Chizuru means that they’re together now as a couple, but it’s a good first step at least (and might be as far as they go in this anime adaptation). Having said all that, I still think that this story arc dragged on a bit in the middle parts – particularly last week – and probably could have been condensed into three episodes. Hopefully the remaining three episodes will be enough to bring Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship to a satisfying point.


  1. loved the episode!….i wonder how THEY’RE going 2 end the anime. I just want this anime to be over already. I doubt that I’ll remember this anime for years to come.

  2. Yeah, I was pretty surprised that this arc was spread across four episodes, especially this late in the season. While it could have been condensed, it was fairly enjoyable so it’s all good.

  3. i have a bad feeling about the anime original ending.

    but i’m just ranting because i’m up to date with the manga and i can’t help feeling sad that they wouldn’t be able to conclude as per the manga storyline.

    maybe i’m just hopeful for a 2nd season?

    *prays earnestly*

  4. ugh!!! It was good … but I still feel uneasy with the Ryuu x Chii pairing. Did Tooru just gave his blessing (“approve”) the relationship between Ryuu and Chii ? It was great to see her in Ryuu’s arms but the feeling it gave is that she is going to look at him like Tooru looks at her 🙁

    Again is was good but personally I’m disappointet I need to feel the love between them; but I can’t argh!

    Island Esper
  5. It’s built up too much to have a second season, in my opinion. I’ve read the manga up to the latest chapter (chap 43) and I was thinking from about the Christmas/New Year arc that it was dragging on…:/ I’d actually prefer an anime original ending at this point.

  6. It was pretty obvious where they were going to end the first season of Kimi ni Todoke. This pace only confirms it with only 3 episodes left.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. I remember not feeling even a little sad while reading this part in the manga. I cried at the end of this episode :X I loved it <3
    Anyways, I also hope they come up with an anime original ending considering there’s only like, 3 episodes left :/

  8. Steph that depends… if they gonna end it here this season then an anime original ending is fine. If they are planning for a second season then they will cut it off at the New Years setting as has been said. Its the perfect place to end a 1st season when you gonna make a 2nd.

    Letter Bee got a 2nd season so I don’t see why Kimi can’t get a 3nd as well.

  9. There’s too much left in the manga material for this series if it wants to fit it in three episodes.

    But they are reaching a good checkpoint for a second season to come, so we’ll have to see. They’ve been really faithful to the manga so far.


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