…since we’ve seen a Chidori clash with a Rasengan? I don’t mean just in terms of the passage of time in the series either, because it’s been a while since the chapter where Naruto and Sasuke fought at the Valley of the End. It sure as hell is going to feel even longer in the anime when they eventually get to this point, thanks to all the fillers they’ve padded the series with. Anyway, I wonder if I’m the only one who found it amusing how the two of them had a Newtype/Coordinator/Innovator “moment” when their techniques collided this time around. The only differences here are that no one had to die in the process and they (thankfully) remained clothed during it. (I just blogged Gundam Unicorn so it was too easy. -_-;)

As for the actual story, thank god they FINALLY have Naruto meeting up with Sasuke. With the way the story was going and how it was all Uchiha this, Madara that, and Naruto sitting on the sidelines, I was starting to think we wouldn’t even see them cross paths for another half a year or so. Yes Naruto gave his usual spiel to try and persuade Sasuke to give up on his madness, but I was surprised to see the latter actually pause for a bit to hear him out. I’d say it’s pretty obvious that words won’t get through to Sasuke at this point, but I did appreciate how they gave a false sense of hope that they might. Now for the third option that Naruto should pick, I’m thinking knock Sasuke the hell out, drag his ass back to Konoha, and selectively wipe all the memories that made him what he is today. That should fix him right up. =P


  1. are you ever surprised by how fast people comment after you post a blog?

    I hate waiting a full week for 5 minutes of reading, hopefully next week they dont spend the entire chapter over the 3rd choice

  2. ssj4jw:
    I agree. Time for Karin to jump ship IMO.

    We have our usual readers who prowl the site and are always quick to comment, so if anything, I’m surprised if one of them don’t post something right away. =)

    Two minutes without a comment is a long time here. Sometimes I’ve seen 10+ minutes and then I’m all /sadface.

  3. Oh no, this is the worst possible conclusion. Seeing as this is a shounen manga, and in such mangas good people rarely die especially someone as popular as Sasuke I see no other way for the manga to end but to have Sasuke turning back to the good side, teaming up with Naruto and pwning Madara.

    I HIGHLY doubt Naruto is gonna kill Sasuke. And its impossible for Sasuke to kill Naruto. So there is really only one way out of this.

  4. Is it just me, or is everyone really disappointed that Sasuke’s motivation for all this is just to revive his clans name? I mean, at least Orochimaru want power and immortality. All Sasuke wants is his pride back.

  5. OHH i’m prowling alright! ahahahah! what a BUM i am! and here’s my comment: Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzzz, but i agree wit “ssj4jw” that’s a good thing that it only took one stab for her to get too that point. they be hoodrats around my way that wouldn’t give up on they man even after they got their faces slashed *true story*

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. i say, and i predict( now hear me out as i pass down my phrofecy) that there will be a naruto x karin relationship pretty soon, remember to quote me in my honor when it happens

  7. @zeropi

    I daresay you’ve underestimated shippers. NarutoxKarin has been around since before they actually made contact.

    And I wonder what kind of bullshit the third choice is going to be. I’m honestly straining to think of one decent “choice” that is even relatively believable. I keep coming up with “I lied. I’m gonna kill you.”

  8. Well, it’s Naruto so I hope he thought of something good (this is our future Hokage here!). And I really hope they close the series with the final fight at the Valley of the End. It would be pretty badass, since I still think that that first Naruto v. Sasuke fight was the best out of the whole series.

    And at least Karin’s not a moron and all “Oh, he stabbed me and I almost died but I LUUUURVE SASUKE AND I’LL FOLLOW HIM TO THE GRAVE!”. Even Kishi isn’t that stupid. Time for some KONOHA!Karin. 😉

  9. I don’t even read the manga anymore and i know what’s going to happen. Naruto is going to end up like Sarutobi and Jiraiya, and Sasuske is going to be redeemed but have to give up his sight in the process… that is if Kishimoto has the spine to let Naruto die and upset all the readers.

  10. Hmmm… the most unpredictable ending would be for Sasuke to run Naruto through, Naruto says “don’t harm the villagers,” Sasuke comes to his senses and is ashamed he kills Naruto. Not gonna happen though. I vote for a battle with sage mode, summons, all the goodies thrown in, and finally, Naruto using rasenshuriken and sasuke using kirin.

    Yuri Rocks
  11. Guessing that Itatchi planted a special Sharingan move into Naruto – he’ll hit Sasuke with a Tsukiyomi out of nowhere or something that shows Sasuke that he’s crapping all over his bro’s ideals.

    Personally, I hope that Naruto caves in and just kills Sasuke. I’m sick of that whiny loser.

  12. wtf guys. your speculating ending like this and will end like that. naruto is a cash cow using retards like… youtube is the best website right? hate naruto manga (including japananese retarded readers) until noone patronize it and you’ll see an awesome ending and it will be soon w/o dragging if you will curse narutard manga 😀 only if that’s possible. i have a question? why the characters in this manga called ninjas instead of clowns (colorful cloths and magic)

  13. I’m voting “knock Sasuke the hell out and drag his ass back to Konoha”.
    This would be so funny. XD

    I’m really happy Naruto attacked when Kakashi told him and Sakura to go away. For a second there it looked like they really did going to “watashi ni makasete, saki ni ike!”

    But thanks god Naruto is an awesome character!

    I really enjoyed that chapter.

  14. I think the reason for the swap with Chidori and Rasengan, if you read the quotes “It’s funny, Sasuka…You and I Could’ve easily…Been standing in each other’s shoes right now.” Because of that line it seems like it was on purpose, to show that if things were different, Naruto (for some odd reason) could have learned Chidori and been an avenger (avenging whoever *no spoilers or anything) and Sasuke would have Rasengan (taught by whoever).

  15. I thought it was a really good chapter actually. Naruto is a pretty damn awesome character, considering he disassembled Akatsuki and saved Konoha and probably the world with a simple talking to not too long ago. I’m sure Sasuke will pipe down. Still hoping he goes blind. If he’s got no Sharingen, he’ll shut up.

    As for Sakura, I’m glad someone told her she was useless. “You’re only weapons aren’t gonna do jack shit. Go home before you get yourself killed on our watch.”

    Karin was the real heroine this chapter 😀

  16. @Alec;
    I noticed the same thing and kinda wondered wether it was some clumsy mistake (Can;t see how it’d get through though).
    Looking at the page again now you can see that the set-up in reference to the way they stand is the same as the first panel on the page.
    Perhaps the translation I read “were opposites” isn’t entirely correct.

  17. uh..! do u guys tuly think that this fight will go on uninterupted?
    dont forget kakshi is being held by a clone and madara can pop at any time
    and besides i doubt kishi will allow this fight when sasuke is not a 100%!
    option#3 is naruto knock Sasuke the hell out, drag his ass back to Konoha
    but not now

  18. is everyone forgetting Itachi’s gift to naruto?

    if they wipe his memory it won’t fix anything but make sasuke worst when he remembers that his memory was wiped out and then we’ll have Naruto vs Sasuke Part 3 on our hands

    P.S (I know they fouhgt more than 2 times but im talking major Naruto vs Sasuke fights.)

    Team Aizen is too powerful for his own good
  19. That one panel of Sasuke using Rasengan and Naruto using Chidori made me want a series that worked out like that. It’s like Naruto said: they could have easily ended up in each other’s positions.

    Tsukiyomi can stretch a second out into 3 years or something, right? Maybe Itachi put a tiny Hyperbolic Time Chamber in Naruto. Then he could have years to make Sasuke see the light, along with illusion Itachi.

    Shad P
  20. Just let Sasuke be a little bucket of hate and disgust that he wants to be.

    For fucks sake someone has to be evil in this manga, and I’m tired of Naruto screwing up everyone with his charisma.

  21. Option Number 3: Naruto ditches Kohona and helps Sasuke

    It’s pretty much the only thing I see, considering how he already dropped “kill him” and “get owned”. Gogo crazy theory!

  22. Hrmm.. something is a little off.

    Sasuke just tried to commit suicide by way of Naruto.

    He knows he is tapped… Karin makes the comment of “I may have healed you a little, but this is too much” meaning he is going well beyond his limit. He cant even use his sharingan at the moment… Yet he pulls out Chidori again.. Yeah, thats a little thin

    Then he tell Naruto he needs to take him out, or be a victim. A far cry from the “I want to kill you so bad I can taste it”

    3rd Option: Help him, albeit modified so village doesn’t get owned. But Tobi does, saving world from Ninja war( which I dont even understand how 1-2 dude(s) can cause a ninja war.. Them and what freaking army?).

    On a side note: Where the Hell is Orchi-Kabuto? He is bound to cause problems for Sasuke, along with the rest of the Ninja world. Naruto better have some brilliant shit up his sleeve.

  23. I think Itachi gave Naruto the means to counter Sasuke’s eyes. He knew he was the only one that wouldnt kill Sasuke. Thus giving him a neutering ability puts cards in Naruto’s court. Sasuke really doesnt have a pot to piss in. He team is decimated, literally every martial entity on the planet( with exception of Tobi, and Naruto ) are trying to take him out. Seeing as Naruto isnt going to let him just get assisinated, Sasuke has to go with option 3.. what ever it may be.

    Needless to say. I am starting t like this manga again.

  24. LOL @ “Now for the third option that Naruto should pick, I’m thinking knock Sasuke the hell out, drag his ass back to Konoha, and selectively wipe all the memories that made him what he is today. That should fix him right up. =P”
    seriously!! XD XD

  25. @Lithonite
    >Them and what freaking army?
    Uh, remember those things…that appeared in one or two chapters…I think they were called the tailed beasts…I think those Akatsuki guys were collecting them for some reason…probably nothing related with FIGHTING A NINJA WAR

    >I’m tired of Naruto screwing up everyone with his charisma.

    Name (required)
  26. At this point Sasuke is not going back to konoha village so Naruto should just put him out of his misery and stop trying to convince Sasuke the dude just claimed he was going to kill all of them and Naruto is still pleading what a persistant boy and sakura is the worst she needs to find a real job she is not fit for a ninja but anyways i hope Naruto makes his third choice cause Sasuke already made his.

  27. The third opinion will be… forget about Konoha. Konoha is just small fry.. Lets make our personal duo team and rule the entire world. Change the whole Ninja world personally so every1 can be happy. Bring a new generation. Obviously Naruto has the whole Sand and Rain country and few of the Fire country on support and Sasuke has most of the Sound as Orichimarus fear.

  28. the third option doesn’t matter, because unfortunately with Sasuke so weakened i cant result see this meeting being more then it already is, a small reunion to give Naruto some decisiveness. Sauske will probably use some move to get away or tobi will be back to save his ass with his special jutsu … and Tobi will also have Itachi’s eyes for Sasuke to get stronger, and see normally again..

    On the other hand, i cant see either Naruto or Sasuke dying at any point ever …. so i think Sasuke will as some point see how Tobi is using him and rise against (possibly)(note: Tobi is a better name then Mandara :p )

  29. this is getting old. i mean, sasuke has completely turned! he tried to kill the 5 kages. he has killed the hokage of the leaf village. he threatened to kill kakashi, ALMOST killed sakura and STILL naruto wants to save his wretched ass? this is showing that naruto is more loyal to his friend than he is to his village and other comrades. we are past the point of reconciliation here. it was one thing when he was just hanging out with ochi getting stronger and etc. sasuke has committed huge sins and like any other criminal, he has to be held accountable for his crimes. screw all this friendship crap! one would thing there is a bit of sexual tension between naruto and sasuke because of this one sided bromance.

  30. An interesting 3rd option would before for naruto to transfer his sage power into sasuke and turn him into a frog.

    Problem solved, naruto doesnt die, and neither does sasuke. He just lives in a pond now


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