After seeing Natsu get into a fight with Happy, Lucy tries to tell him that girls won’t like him if he only acts tough, but Natsu just responds coldly. Lucy later finds Mirajane in the guild library and stumbles across an old picture of Natsu, a blue dragon, and the other guild members. Mirajane reveals that the dragon is actually Happy, and she goes on to explain how, six years ago, young Natsu had discovered an egg in the forest. Believing that it was a dragon egg, he had vowed to hatch it and had gotten the help of Mirajane’s sister Lisanna. Using her magic, she had built a hut for it, and she saw herself and Natsu as mother and father taking care of their child. Natsu had lived up to that role by protecting her and the egg when they got attacked by a monster, and Lisanna in turn had offered to cook for him. She had even joked about becoming Natsu’s bride when they grew up.

One night, however, the egg disappeared. The two had initially panicked trying to find out what happened to it, but it turns out that Lisanna’s brother Elfman had just taken it to keep it warm. When the egg finally hatched though, a flying blue cat had appeared instead of a dragon. Natsu had decided to name it Happy because it made everyone happy, and the person who created the picture had painted a dragon. Back in the present, Lucy identifies everyone in the picture, but she realizes and wonders why Lisanna isn’t around these days. Natsu meanwhile remembers a previous fight with Happy and how Lisanna had reminded him that they were a family. Because of that, he now brings some fish to Happy and the two make up.


First of all, apologies for the lateness of this post. Writing about Bakemonogatari on Monday meant that I had to push something else back, and it ended up being this. I probably shouldn’t have though because I actually really enjoyed this episode. It was great seeing the young versions of the characters – Mirajane and Erza especially – and we now know where Happy came from. Come to think of it, it was like Makarov was running a day care center center with so many kids running around. Anyway, Natsu had some surprisingly sweet moments with Lisanna, though probably more importantly, the episode raised a lot of questions about what happened to her. Natsu’s flashback would seem to indicate that she was around until recently, but Lucy has obviously never seen her. I’m sure we’ll find out eventually (maybe she’s a bad guy now or something), but based on the preview, it looks like they might be continuing the streak of leaving hanging plot lines and starting other stuff.


  1. Oh I’m SO glad they’re pushing with the story *A* GUILD/LUCY ARC. GOGOGOGOGO!!!!
    I’m so looking forward to Juvia’s voice so muchhhhhh. I wonder who does it.
    D’awwwww Lisanna :3

  2. Looks like they changed the story for the anime cause as far as I remember, Lisana got killed cause Mirajane was being a stupid bitch and that’s why she stopped using her powers and being a bitch.

  3. I thought you dropped this or something omni

    Anyway this was a really good episode and it shows what the anime at least has better than the manga which is good pacing. Not that its enough for the dissapointments Ive seen in this show but its tolerable thanks to that.

    Lisanna awww..

  4. @Jojo
    You’re either thinking of another manga, or you’re just not following Fairy Tail properly. And please use spoiler tags as not everyone reads the manga and knows what happened to Lisana.

  5. Lisanna needs more exposure. There’s not much story about her except for short backstory references. I would like to see more NatsuXLisanna stories.

    I was hoping the newest Eldras arc would elaborate on her but they kinda just skipped past Natsu’s reaction.

  6. I just finished marathoning fairy tail (manga) yesterday. started from chap 50-174.. well id say the anime really have issues!!!!!!!!, the fillers are just godamn annoying.

    ( Il start reading bleach…damn i guess i have to figure oout which chapter i should start )

  7. @Jojo

    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. @Rei
    If my source is right, Juvia will be voiced by Nakahara Mai.

    Anyway, this was a pretty good episode, and it gives the viewers enough background of Lisanna so that the next arc will make more sense. Though I wish Mirajane would’ve kept that evil/mean personality lol.

  9. Fantastic episode. Just fantastic. And they made a great decision animating this part of the manga before the Phantom Lord arc, because now the revelation by Elfman/Mira will have a lot more emotional power.

    And I should mention also that older Lisanna was KAWAII!


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