Haruue reveals to Mikoto and company that she and Edasaki had been at the same Child Error facility before Edasaki was transferred away. Recently, Haruue has been able to hear Edasaki calling out to her, telling her about the pain and asking for her help. Uiharu vows to find Edasaki, but what bothers Mikoto is the fact that Edasaki was one of the children Kiyama had under her care. She tells Telestina about it afterward, including how the experiment was directed by an old man named Kihara, and Telestina recognizes that man as a mad scientist who’s since gone missing. She further hypothesizes that the children might unconsciously be the cause of the Poltergeist incidents and that they need to find them. When the girls tell Saten and Uiharu about this, Uiharu is willing to help search, but she thinks that the others are wrongfully suspecting Haruue’s friend. The next day, Uiharu visits Haruue again with some warm taiyaki, and she reveals that her ability is to keep things at a constant temperature, something she’s never revealed to Mikoto or the others. Mikoto meanwhile meets with Telestina and learns that Kiyama was released on bail.

Based on Uiharu’s research, the girls are able to figure out that it’s possible for there to be a mass outbreak of RSPK syndrome from the resonance of AIM dispersion fields. The big problem is that if the ten missing Child Errors’ runaway abilities all activated, it would effect 78% of the students in the city, and that would be enough to destroy the city. What’s interesting to Kuroko and Mikoto is that the person who originally wrote about all this is none other than Kihara, and Mikoto in particular recognizes one of the facilities that Kuroko dug up in her search. Because of this, Mikoto sneaks out alone that night to go investigate, and she confirms it this was the place that Kiyama worked at before. By chance, she encounters Kiyama herself there and confronts her about what’s been going on, but Mikoto overreacts and causes the entire facility to power up, activating several alarms. Kiyama thus takes her and brings her to another facility, and Mikoto soon finds out that it’s where the missing Child Errors are being kept. This confirms that Kiyama is behind the Poltergeist incidents, but before Mikoto can get pissed off again, the frog-faced Heaven Canceler appears to explain that there are some complicated reasons for this.

As it turns out, Kihara started all this by proposing to his colleagues that their ultimate goal was to create a Level 6. His own research had produced a crystallized form of the hormone and neurotransmitter secretions made by all people with abilities, and he intended to administer this to those chosen to become Level 6. Heaven Canceler had at the time questioned what Kihara was doing, and he reveals now that these Child Errors were subjects of that experiment. He had been the one who had saved their lives, and he had bailed Kiyama out to find a way to wake them. The problem is that when the children get close to waking up, the series of events occur that cause a Poltergeist incident. Kiyama is developing a program to counter this, but she needs to see the data from the original crystallization sample. Since that data has thus far been impossible to find, Mikoto questions what Kiyama would do if she never found it, and Kiyama vows that she’d wake the children up anyway, even if it causes a huge Poltergeist incident. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Telestina and her men who refuse to let that happen, and Telestina takes custody of the children because she claims that her people can treat them and access the data that Kiyama can’t. Mikoto stops Kiyama from opposing Telestina by pointing out that Kiyama hasn’t been able to save a single child so far and by revealing that her friend has been able to hear Edasaki’s cries for help.


And here I thought episode 20 was full of techno-babble – this episode felt like it had three times as much. Of course I can’t say that this episode was unnecessarily verbose since a lot of stuff we weren’t sure about finally got explained, including what’s truly behind the Poltergeist incidents and what Kiyama is up to, but it still wasn’t the most compelling of episodes and reminded me of the longer exposition parts of Index. What I do like though is the fact that this is all connected to the first story arc because it makes the series feel whole instead of comprised of two separate parts, and they’re addressing here some of the hanging plot threads from the first arc.

As for the actual plot developments, I found it a bit odd that Kiyama got out on just bail, and it made me wonder just how much power Heaven Canceler really has. I can understand and somewhat appreciate how they’re working him into the story, but it’s getting to the point where it feels like he’s becoming a plot device with all that he’s capable of doing. Also, it was nice to see that Uiharu’s ability was finally revealed, unimpressive as it was. It was a bit of an oddly placed revelation though, and the fact that she told Haruue and not Mikoto and company reminds me that the way she’s acting towards them still irks me. Someone, like Saten, needs to slap some sense into her. Anyway, perhaps there’s a purpose behind revealing her power here – maybe she’ll actually put it to good use sometime in the final two episodes? I can’t imagine how given its limited applicability, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough.


  1. i think this was the best episode since some time , i like the idea of this episodes because in the manga the author don’t show yet a conclution for the level upper arc , maybe is better show the final of the level upper arc than the sisters arc because even when railgun show how mikoto was with that in her point of view , the final will be the same as in index and because they showed it in index ,they prefer show this new history

    kim tae hee
  2. I think Uiharu’s skill can certainly be put to good uses as body temperature is one of the harder things to control when someone has lost blood and dying. What a great way to keep someone alive by giving them a hug! But maybe that’s my slightly-medically-skewed mind at work.

  3. Touma would be so useful here. Maybe all he has to do is touch the Child Errors and they’ll wake up. Or he could keep a hand on them to block the AIM field/Poltergeist while Kiyama wakes them. Imagine Breaker is such god hax.

  4. Or maybe uiharu’s ability isnt being able to keep things warm but to keep things in a constant state?

    Maybe she can use her power on haruue and keep her from resonating with the child errors?

  5. hmm if that was uiharu’s power it still leaves the flowers a mystery, unless thats intentional

    im expecting them to do some sort of forshadowing for the sisters arc at the end of the last episode

  6. hahaha! Uiharu = Takiyaki warmer. priceless. PLUS that was hilarious “don’t try to barge in naked while sounding all cool!” wack!! and did anybody else get “ACE VENTURA pet detective” vibes from Mikotos outfit during her break-in?? WTF? fo my money, i think the irrational behavior these girl exhibit is pretty realistic, they are after all adolescent girls

    BROOKLYN otaku
  7. @OMNI
    If your wondering how Heaven’s Canceler was able to bail Kiyama there’s a reason for that.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I think in the next episode, Mikoto is going to regret on what she has done when she finds out what’s going happen to Kiyama’s students.

  8. “As for the actual plot developments, I found it a bit odd that Kiyama got out on just bail, and it made me wonder just how much power Heaven Canceler really has.”

    About the Dr.H.C:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    @xcswmboy: Touma saved a girl who was near to death because of a magic induced curse. So this incident isn’t so different.

  9. What if in the last 2 episodes some matter or explosion of some kind is about to happen and Uiharu’s power is used to keep that from happening? There has to be a reason for her telling us her ability and not her friends.

  10. OMG, that was surprise… Telestina wasn’t behind it all. And Uiharu power? Warm meals delivery! I expected something more… useful?
    Misaka making break-in just completely forgot her powers if recorded by security would be tell-tale who she is. I thought she was smarter than this.
    Lol @ Kuroko trying to sound cool and barging in on bathing Misaka…
    Lol @ censorship bathwater TM

  11. Mikoto’s “perfect” disguise was hilarious. How she thought it would completely conceal her identity is even more laughable.
    Uiharu’s power(finally revealed!)may yet be useful, keeping things warm, constant temperature/state, similar to that guy who took her hostage in the bank earlier and had the constant velocity ability, she can use it to stop Haruue/child errors from resonating/overloading. Maybe she keeps the flowers in her hair alive in the same state to prevent them from withering on her head. She wears them ALL the time, only taking them off when taking a shower! She’s a level 2, so she’s got some control over it.
    Saten really needs to smack Uiharu upside the head to stop her pouting nonsense; that’s for sure.
    And Kuroko dreaming x-rated and rolling around her bed; how does Mikoto get any sleep with THAT going on?
    In relation to influence/authority, Heaven Canceler is to Chairman of Academy City as Fuyutsuki is to Gendou Ikari.

  12. So Dr Frogface aka HC is quite influential… I suppose it should be obvious since Index already. I wonder if the next episode shall have hunt for the mad scientist Kihara?

  13. Uiharu’s ability to warm stuff up with her hands, reminds me of Azuma’s “solar hands” in Yakitate Ja-pan. lol

    I remember reading somewhere that Dr Frogface helped founded Academy City together with Aleister Crowley, so he does have some sort of standing in the city.

    Talk about attention to detail on the animator’s part. Around 8:03 in this week’s episode, you could briefly see Haruue’s pendant strap hanging inside her pyjamas.

    Though for a while, my perverted mind thought it was her bra strap, or “bra-chira” as the Japanese would call it. 😉

    Kinny Riddle
  14. @ewok, I still think Telestina is behind all this. In the name of law enforcement, she can conveniently take over all the comatose Child Errors and can now do whatever she wants with them. Kihara is no doubt behind the scenes.

    Kinny Riddle
  15. almost have a Ghost in the Shell VA reunion here. i think it’d be nice to have GITS in a academy city universe.
    are we ever going to learn about the deal w/skill-out? will the last 2 eps tie into that call hebitani made about the capacity down machine? how it affects aim diffusion fields? or is that just a dead end and was just dropped? id imagine telestina was on the other side tellin him about the antiskill raid. capacity down or touma would be pretty useful for canceling the poltergeist i imagine.
    good ep overall too bad there’s only 2 eps left

  16. Evidently mad scientist Kihara looking for lvl 6 esper can tie in with the sisters arc, but I assume with just 2 episodes to go there will be no time left to pursue this arc, so probably it will be left for (hopefully) second season.

  17. Mikoto is getting too preachy, and not in the good way that Touma was. She needs to be knocked down a peg or two.

    Uihara’s power must be more than just keeping things”warm.” Those flowers on her head are always in bloom, which wouldn’t happen from just being kept warm.

    As usual, need’s more Imagine Breaker.

    So Very Odd
  18. Uiharu’s ability is definatly gonna be used as some sort of deus ex machina…
    It’s so werid and useless it’s obvious it’s only for the convinience of deus ex machina.

  19. i always thought uiharu was the idealist that pisses everyone off. not that the others arent perfect but they seem to have been able to tell when its time to put their ideals on the side because the shit is getting to real for that bs

  20. @Lero
    “Looks like somebody didn’t made his homework, OMNI.”
    “most influyent persons”

    Looks like someone really need to catch up on some English homework Mr.

    And please pardon us who don’t have tons of free time to do background research on all the mediocre animes out there.

    and of course it is awesome that you know who Dr. H.C is. I mean its really totally awesome.

  21. Stupid Uiharu needs to wake up and figure out WHO her real friends are. She tells whats her face her powers before Saten-san? WTH!!!! I guarantee you in 3 episodes they will hardly ever see each other.

    Reminds me too much of how some ppl focus all their attention on the new “friend” and completely neglect their old friends. Bang, 6 months later they never see that person again. Fucken Fake PPL.

    P.S. Love Saten

  22. Mikoto’s shounen-hero preaching doesn’t come off as naturally as Touma’s. It feels like they’ve had to make her out of character to make her a lead.

    As for Uiharu’s power, I don’t think it’s unimpressive. While everybody’s seen what you can do with controlling elements such as Mikoto’s element, an unusual ability like this would be hard to counter because an intelligent person would use it scientifically. It reminds me of Bleach, where one of the characters has the ability to exponentially increase the weight of whatever he strikes. While these kinds of abilities are situational, the user could introduce objects or the environment in obscure ways.

    Though, I don’t Uiharu herself would have the ability to figure it out…

  23. Uiharu’s ability would be actually very powerful if it involves maniuplation of temperature which on the very basis is the manipulation of the collective molecular energy of objects. Technically her power could be used on higher levels to break down matter and maintain incredibly high temperatures and be used offensively/defensively.

  24. Hmmm lvl 5 of such ability could be awesome, either in the form of really hot ,elee weapon = flamesword? or relly hot item emiting heat = heat ray? , but Uiharu is a lvl 2 after all, so I thought of her using things kept at constant yet low temperature

  25. i love this epoisode even with the technobabble shit which i had to repeat so many times to understand. they really are leading up to sister’s arc with the level 6 topic.


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