Ed, Greed, and the two Chimera travel to a village outside of Central and find Hohenheim. After being greeted with a punch to the face, Hohenheim meets Greed and then goes through the process of explaining everything. He offers to let Ed use him as a Philosopher’s Stone, but Ed refuses to use those innocent lives. Hohenheim is glad to hear this and then turns the subject to how Father is planning to use the solar eclipse tomorrow. Ed makes it clear that the only reason he’s joining forces with Hohenheim is because it improves their chances of winning, but Hohenheim doesn’t mind the reason as long as they’re fighting together. As Ed starts to walk off, he tells Hohenheim about Trisha’s last words, and he’s surprised to see his father cry about it. Leaving his father to reminiscence about his mother, Ed has dinner and then buys some red cloth to transmute a new coat because he knows the final battle is coming. He also asks the Chimera about sticking with him, and they explain that their intuition tells them it’s better this way. Greed, on the other hand, refuses to reveal why he’s going with them back to Central. As the group walks along the woods outside of the village, they run into Al, and Al wants Ed to follow him. Realizing what’s going on, Ling takes control of his body momentarily to warn Ed, and it turns out that Pride is possessing Al’s armor.

Around this time, over in the East, Grumman’s men are still searching for King Bradley’s body. Grumman feels that they can’t head towards Central yet, and Miles suspects that Grumman is willing to let Mustang and Olivier do the dirty work so that he can come in afterward as the hero. Back where Ed and company are, Pride reveals that he’s there to get rid of Greed and take custody of Ed. He’s quickly able to grab Greed and tries to make Ed submit by threatening the nearby village, however Ed responds by using his alchemy to knock out all light in the area. This makes it impossible to see, but it also means that Pride cannot use the shadows. Greed suspects that Pride’s real body is inside the forest, so he sends Heinkel after Selim while Darius and Ed try to get away. Unfortunately, they get attacked by Gluttony who had been waiting nearby. Since Gluttony is hampered by the darkness, Darius agrees to try to fight the Homunculus, and while he’s initially successful, he inadvertently knocks Ed out in the process. Ling then convinces Greed to trade places with him and is subsequently able to fight Gluttony effectively. This angers Gluttony enough to cause him to open up his stomach, but before he can use it, someone arrives and slices him up. Ling realizes that this person is none other than his bodyguard Lan Fan, and she now sports a bladed automail arm.


Well this episode certainly had the action that we haven’t seen much of in the past couple of weeks. Actually, I guess that was in the second half, and the first half mainly had Ed finding Hohenheim prior to running into Al/Pride. What was impressive about that first part was how sad it was when Ed told Hohenheim about Trisha’s last words, especially when Hohenheim started crying. It really made me hope that he gets a happy ending via noble sacrifice or something (I should mention that I have a hard time seeing Hohenheim surviving this series). Also, the Grumman and Miles scene made me question Grumman’s character – I thought he was a good guy, but that made him sound like he could be just another power hungry old man.

As for Pride, he looked really creepy in Al’s armor, but it was interesting to see how Ed and the Chimera found a way to fight him. Too bad it looks like from the preview for next week that it ultimately won’t be very effective, and he’ll just be more pissed off. Of course, the best part of the episode had to be the reappearance of Lan Fan at the very end and how she quickly and efficiently she sliced up Gluttony. They made her look pretty badass with that automail arm blade, and it looks like her fight against Gluttony will continue next week.


  1. I just started watching dubbed episodes because the only way I’ve have been keeping up with this show is through this blog, either way this episode looks freakin’ EPIC!!!
    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. I’m so glad they changed the Trisha talk for this episode. In that scene, right after Hohenheim starts crying, Ed comes off as being an immature douche in the manga.
    I swear I can’t stand that dude sometimes.
    There were also a lot of parts in this episode that felt dragged on for dear life. Guess they were just desperate to end the episode on the Ran Fan cliffhanger, I guess.

  3. @Homuncurus!

    You mean when he’s all, “Jeez, grown men shouldn’t cry like that!”?

    I liked that part, because it showed how uncomfortable Edward is around his father. His father starts crying when Ed had this air of hostility going and it got really awkward for him and he didn’t know how to react.

  4. I gotta say, FMA Brotherhood has probably been one of the best anime’s I’ve seen. But I am sort of worried how they’re catching up to the manga. If the pace continues like this, wouldn’t it mean the manga will have to end within approximately 5 months? (Assuming the anime won’t pause or have fillers)

  5. THATS IT!! i’m saving my FMA virginity! i refuse to watch “or read” any more new releases until the show is OVER. then i shall devour them all marathon style on super big screen. wish me luck, I’ll need it

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. @g0rth0r
    OMG! That’s awesome! I wanna live on Mars too xO … well, maybe not anymore, if Pride lives there, but… yeah.


    I wish they’d bring YUI back for the last OP, though. T_T Oh, well. 🙂

  7. Ran Fan!!!!

    I cant bring myself to read this blog before I see the fansub because of potential plot spoilers, but I still always visit this site for the pics when waiting for the sub to drop, Minor spoilers are ok. I totally pic #4 coming, but I did’nt think it would look so funny.


    I love that ran fan is coming back because I really liked her charachter, and because of what it may mean for the charachter of greedling. I can’t decide which would be cooler, ran fan with a new arm,(eastern automail might be bad-ass!) or a rehabilitated ran fan with one arm who kicks more ass than ever because of it.(please no spoilers, Manga dudes)

    This show is poppin’ now, I find myself itching for the next ep all week.

  8. Hi. As my nickname states i’m a fan of the FMA series. The manga isn’t available where i live so i am curious and i want to ask someone who has it… Does the FMA Brotherhood really follow the story of the manga as is should or is this just another custom made anime as the first one?

  9. lol at Ed buying red fabric and making a new red coat xD

    Greed: That red thing again?
    Ed: I need to look like the main character once in a while. Better for the last episodes.
    Greed: I thought it was for when you are dead they can find you easily.
    Ed: >:

    it didn’t go like that but lol xD

  10. Question asked and answered. That Eastern automail Ran Fan is rockin’ is bad!ass! Her entrance has got to be one of the coolest things I have seen in this series so far, even knowing it was coming. I guess I didn’t look @ the pic so closely before, that elbow blade is so cool! I yelled “Ran Fan!!!!” at my computer screen like a crazy person.

    I dont know how I feel about Lion King pummeling little 8 yr old Selim though… ah f*k it, kick his ass!

  11. Holy shit. (I lost count how many times I’ve said that now for this series lol)

    Wow, since when did Lan Fang power up so much to pwn a homunculus?

    Not that I’m complaining as I usually do for other shounen series, where such pwnage is usually at the convenience of the mangaka, at the expense of the mangaka’s own laid out rules concerning power levels (like Chakras and Reiatsus and all that crap).

    Good thing Arakawa never did wasted time on such stuff for FMA, and hence the total awesomeness in these occasional pwnages.

    Kinny Riddle
  12. @Kinny Riddle
    Up until now, we’ve never really seen Lan Fan in a serious battle. She was seen battling Ed in her introduction, but the only other fight she was in was cut out in episode 19(Ling/Lanfan vs Gluttony/Envy).

    As for the episode, it didn’t feel as epic for me as what the comments here seem to imply or as epic as what is coming up, especially next episode. With Ed, Ling, and Gluttony in the woods at night, it felt like I was rewatching Episode 24, lol. Maybe I’ll have a different opinion once I’ve seen the subs.

  13. @Kinny Riddle
    In the fight that was cut, it was clearly shown that Lan Fan did own the Homunculus(owned Envy over and over). So Arakawa had already set that precedence. Plus, while Gluttony and Envy may be extremely powerful, they’re not that good at fighting.

  14. I liked that they extended the coat scene.

    In the manga it was barely in the background “Oh, red fabric”

    And Darius and Heinkel are like “…oh great, there he goes with that jacket again”

    I don’t remember if it was also in the manga, but I liked how he explained that he needed to be psyched up.

  15. I liked how they made the Ed/Hoho-papa-stuff more mush mush then the manga, I can never get enough of that! Actaully, everything seemed a bit streched in the first half, and I loved it!

    So, that monologue wasn’t actually Grumman’s thought? It was what Miles *thought* he thought?


    And one more OST out the 24th march, yes?

    @BROOKLYN otaku Yeah, good luck. I tried to do that…and here I am…

  16. @Ouroboros: Yeah! I can’t wait for that part either. It actually has to be one of my favorite scenes.

    @Cornwiggle: That part was also in the manga. And the scene was actually longer in the manga too. They asked him why he liked red so much and he said, “Cause it’s a badass color that gets my blood going,” and then he proceeded to explain how this will be their final battle so he needed to be psyched.
    But yeah…

  17. @hms-one: No, it wasn’t. I found it funny actually, but was too busy to comment on it.

    I really liked this episode. Pride’s my favourite FMA character, I like his cruel, confident and strong personailty, it’s very interesting. I also like his voice(s). Grumman’s voice on the other hand I actually find quite unpleasent to hear.

    Next week’s episode contains my favourite moment from the manga, and more so I’m definitely looking forward to it!


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