Lucy, Natsu, Erza, and Gray return from a job to find the Fairy Tail guild house in ruins thanks to an attack from rival guild Phantom Lord. Makarov initially isn’t too concerned because no one was hurt, but all that changes the next day when Levy, Jet, and Droy are found nailed to a tree and injured thanks to another Phantom Lord attack. Makarov decides that this means war, and most of the guild departs with him to strike back. Although they generally don’t have any problems in the ensuing fight, they soon realize some of the strongest members of Phantom Lord aren’t there, including Gajeel – the one responsible for the attacks – and the group called Element 4. When Makarov heads further into the enemy base to find Phantom Lord’s leader Jose, Gajeel reveals himself and jumps into the fray. Lucy meanwhile stayed behind to look after Levy since they had become friends, but while out to get some groceries, she gets ambushed and captured by Juvia and Sol, two members of the Element 4.


After the last couple of episodes, I didn’t expect that they’d get back to the action so quickly, but that’s pretty much exactly what happened here. It was exciting to see things unfold like this, though I have to say that the action itself still wasn’t all that impressive. I mean, it was great to see Makarov fired up for once and to see everyone’s abilities, but the battle was filled with fairly static action shots instead of well-choreographed fighting. Part of that might be because they’ve only been fighting enemy grunts so far, and I’m hoping that will change for the better when the Gajeel, the Element 4, and/or Jose get more involved. I also assume that since we have these new villains and since the episode didn’t end with just this episode, we’re at the start of a new story arc. Based on how Lucy got captured and what the preview showed, it looks like this arc will be focused on her in the same way that the Galuna Island arc was about Gray.


  1. First…Maybe..

    Great Episode! Ty For the on time blogging!

    Loved this epi by fa.. but they still didnt explain about natsu’s miissing friend, that irks me a bit them skipping it like that

  2. Juvia’s Water Lock always impressed me when ever I read it in the manga, watching it animated made me feel wow she really deserves to be considered as S rank mage considering with ease she can incapacitate her opponents in a split second.

  3. the way that girl (dunno who) locked on wif homing sniper :/ a bit more Over Powered than the main characters :/ imo…………. almost like nuclear freedom in seed …

  4. The addition of the fujoshi? is lol…

    And if not for this episode as i reminder… i dont even remember the Element 4 were S rank mages… >_>

    Looking forward to the coming episodes =3

  5. @Gekokujou
    I totally can’t wait 😛
    I’m still hoping the anime will go as far as Erza arc ;_;!!

  6. I see this “Phantom Lord” arc ends in four to seven episodes.

    I’m still hoping that Bones take over the animation of this anime. With the upcoming fights, getting new Fairy Tail members, a Water love triangle, the rebellion, and the most awaited Erza Arc will make it more interesting.

  7. arigatou: That would have been awesome if Bones had done the series from beginning, but there’s no way they are going to take over the series unless the current animators drop it (which is very unlikely).

  8. Juvia = lluvia meaning rain? Could it be some weird spelling to make english speaking people sound it the right way? Oh the pain of polyglots .

    So many Erza switcheroos; her jammies FTW. Showcasing so many mages at once was = to cut in animation efforts. They are bitting more than what they can swallow. Hope the scle down to one-on-one battles but give us better choreography.

    Island Esper

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