As Lan Fan and Ling continue their assault on Gluttony in the dark, Fu appears from the shadows beside Ed and Darius. He and Lan Fan came here after sensing that something was up with some powerful presences, and after nearly getting caught in an explosion from a bomb Lan Fan threw at Gluttony, Ed finds out that she and Fu are carrying several types of bombs. Since the people in the nearby slum are starting to relight their surroundings, Ed realizes that the priority is dealing with Pride and gets Fu’s help. Across the forest, Heinkel has exhausted himself attacking Pride who just keeps getting back up. Unfortunately for Heinkel, some villagers arrive carrying a lamp, giving Pride the shadows he needs to fight back. Before the villagers run away, Pride makes sure to knock the lamp into the nearby bushes to start a fire. He then tries to kill Heinkel, but luckily Ed comes to the Chimera’s rescue.

Back in Central, Mustang meets with Madam Christmas who passes him some documents confirming that Selim isn’t human and that Bradley’s official past is all fake. On the street outside, there are several men after Mustang who learn from a source that Madam Christmas is actually his foster mother. Before they can get inside her shop though, it explodes. She and Mustang have already escaped underground, and the two now go separate directions. Mustang makes his way to a room where Hawkeye, Fuery, and Breda are waiting for him. After the group goes over what’s happened with King Bradley and Selim, Mustang tells his men that they have a one-way ticket to the battlefield, and the only order he has for them is to not die.

Ed meanwhile makes heavy use of his automail arm, with its carbon fiber construction, to defend against Pride’s attacks. In response, Pride grabs Al’s armor again to try to make Ed fight his brother, however Ed is ready for this and has Fu use a flashbang. The brightness severs the connection that Pride has with Al’s armor, allowing Darius to grab it and take it away. Having been attracted by the light, Gluttony arrives at Pride’s side, and Ling and Lan Fan join Ed. Realizing that Gluttony has died numerous times now, Pride decides to consume and take over Gluttony’s Philosopher’s Stone to strengthen himself. This grants him Gluttony’s sense of smell, and thanks to it, he notices that Hohenheim is nearby. While all this is going on, back in Central, word has reached Father that Mustang and his men are on the move. Olivier suggests that they will try to capture King Bradley’s wife next, but Father thinks that it’d be pointless. As it turns out though, that’s exactly what Mustang and company are doing.


This entire episode was more or less devoted to the fight against Pride and Gluttony, though it did switch to Mustang a few times. I’m sure he will play a major part in the episodes to come, but nothing of apparent significance happened here with him until the very end where his group kidnapped King Bradley’s wife (I do wonder how that move will pay off). Anyway, the action here was of course very well animated, and it was nice to see Lan Fan and Fu in battle again. Lan Fan and Ling did quite a number on Gluttony, making me almost feel bad for him…almost. It wasn’t until Pride consumed Gluttony though that I actually did feel some pity for him.

Speaking of Pride, as expected, he got a source of light and was able to make it a real fight. Ed was able to fend off him remarkably well though thanks to his automail arm, and the use of flashbangs was pretty smart. The problem now is that Pride has taken over Gluttony’s Philosopher’s Stone and is likely going to be impossible to fight with all that power. It made me wonder what would happen if Pride consumed all of the other Homunculus and it made me wonder how powerful Father really is, but in any case, the end of the episode and the preview seem to indicate that Hohenheim will be the one who’ll end up facing Pride next week.


  1. well ch 105 raws are out on the net. Read at your own risk

    Well this episode seems to be still moving along since we have a vital part of tomorrows plan already with mustang.

  2. Hell yeah, i was waiting the Pride fight ever since the opening came out. I hope they will animate it till the very end. I think there is an incoming 5th opening (maybe 2-3 episodes left till the final showdown), i hope that will kick ass 😀

  3. @Hm

    Well I’ve been waiting all week to say that the manga raws were out. As well as Omni lives in Japan and watches and I think does computer techy stuff to get it on his comp?

  4. I can’t wait for this episode, but WAIT! When did Ed start using blue Alchemy? When did he learn that? He was always using red Alchemy which “Father” managed to take away from everyone for several hours.

    George Ou
  5. Dont worry about the chapter number in every episode. By seeing the titles I can say it will continue using 1.5 chapter/ep. Ep 51 will be the one with the new opening, and it would begin by the underground scene, with the brown-haired high general Mustache 😀

  6. That’s good and all, but judging by the chapters left in the manga, which is still ongoing, and the number of episodes left, it looks like Bones is going to be cutting it close. I hope they finish the manga by then or else we might being seeing another original ending.

  7. @George Ou

    In this anime, everyone uses blue alchemy unless a Stone is involved. One of the only details I preferred about the first anime (Scar was red, plant alchemy was green, ect.)

    Shad P
  8. No.. Pride, NO!
    It hurts.. help me… Lust.. ; A;

    I actually have to agree with penguintruth on this one. Its not that it was dragged on, its just the fact that we’re used to 2/1.5 manga chapters rolled into an episode for a while, and now it seems they’re doing one chapter per episode..which.. they should have been doing from the beginning, but whatever.
    I at least expected the Pride fight to end in this episode.. but damn.

  9. This pacing was awesome I thought. And heck yes Mustang-tachi 😀 I love the mustang gang.
    Poor Gluttony though :'( That hit me hard in the manga, him crying out for Lust. It’s so sad!

  10. I’ve no complaints about the pacing, but it seemed like they emphasized Gluttony getting trashed. It made me feel bad for him, especially when Pride devoured him.

    However, I do see the pace picking back up eventually. They wouldn’t catch up to the manga before the 63 mark at the rate of this episode.

  11. First the pacing is too fast, and people complain. Now the pacing slows down a bit, and people complain because they’re not used to it. Boo-hoo.

    Speaking of the pacing, both the manga and the anime are ending around June.

    Pride got a HUGE update in creepiness this episode.
    Which is great because he’s my favorite homunculus. Since he’s such a creepy douche.
    Somehow, the anime made it seem like he enjoyed eating Gluttony more than he did in the manga. Maybe because it was drawn out more.

  12. I like the pacing in this episode. =D

    I always pity Gluttony… except when he opens the fake door of truth, when I laugh. When I read in the manga how Pride ate him, I nearly cried. Same thing happened here, even though I was waiting for him to say “Lust…” =(

    *shudders at Pride*

  13. Think about most anime adaptions.

    They do about 2 chapters. Keep in mind now that FMA chapters are twice as long as most other series’ chapters. So, technically one FMA chapter is the same as two of another series. That’s why in most anime, they add maybe 2 minutes of original stuff and keep the flow going for that pace the entire time.

    I’d rather have that, than them cutting out things like Brotherhood did early on. That’s really annoying in my opinion. They should have started with this pacing back in episode 15.

  14. Awesome episode! I quite like the pacing now actually.
    Pride is one scary dude… and this episode just made him even creepier *shudders*

    On a side note… I like how Brotherhood sometimes does very quick flashbacks to previous scenes to make a connection with the present. Like in this episode when Ed was talking about how a part separate from a homunculus will just disappear. Also, when Ran Fan lost her arm and referred to Ed’s splitting off his automail to set up a trap. As well as when Ed said to Greed “I can’t let my passions get in the way of precious information” and then there was a quick flashback to when back in Devil’s Nest, Greed said the same thing to Ed. I think it’s a very nice touch, and some of these connections I didn’t even realize when reading the manga.

  15. It bugs that every single station had the same exact warning. Do they think that’s enough? They even had to throw it in during the fight one time with an annoying beeping sound.

    Again, think that’s enough?

  16. This show is freaking awesome … I did find myself feeling pity for Gluttony a few times until I remembered he’s a person-eating monster, even if he does have the mind of a child. We’re down to just Envy from the “original” three Homunculi, and he may or may not still be in grub form. And from the looks of it Hohenheim puts a beating on Pride next episode, at least enough of one to force him to retreat. Things aren’t going well for the Homunculi at the moment, but Ed and Al never did learn Eastern alchemy and Father has yet to take the field.

    I was trying to figure out if Lion King was actually damaging Selim or not, as there wasn’t so much as a single drop of blood flying from his claws (as opposed to the gouts of crimson we got w/ Ran Fan shredding Gluttony). I thought it could just be censorship since he looks like a kid, and he mentions that he’s taken a beating before he eats Gluttony. But we never saw him regenerate or actually take any wounds, just look a little dirty/bruised. He must have some hella tough hierro.

    I wonder where Al’s consciousness is right now … Pride seemed to be holding him captive along with his body. Now that Pride’s been driven out, he’s probably on the other side of the Gate and Hohenheim’ll have to drag him back (I believe we saw the lights come on inside Al’s helmet in the previews).

  17. As for my case, I haven’t read the manga, so I have no idea of how the pace should be or not. Regardless of which, I think from the beginning, till this episode, the anime was well animated and entertaining.

  18. Great episode. Is it just me or was that post credits sequence the longest so far in the series. I suppose they wanted to end the show with pride eating gluttony, and not break up the flow of the fight if they could help it.

    Poor Olivier. She moved too fast, without knowing all the facts, and now she is under the microscope.

    The beeping warning, and excessive screen text were a mild annoyance(on the eclipse sub.) At least most of that text was during non-fight scenes. Thus is the nature of recording from broadcast television, I suppose. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the tsunami map on ep 46 and I kept that episode. I wonder if eclipse might do a new encode on this ep also. Either way, I can’t complain.

  19. @hms-one
    eclipse did a second version of ep 46 without the tsunami warning. I downloaded the ep a week later from their website and it was gone. Could have made it clearer, like putting v2 at the end or something. oh well communication isn’t their strongest point.

    I feel sorry for gluttony and even for sloth a bit. Gluttony’s basically a child with child-like desires. He’s got his eating thing but he can’t help that and unlike lust and envy his actions aren’t truly malicious. Even his anger induced form is essentially like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Lust seemed to be the only one that looked after/mothered him and I found it touching that he both rages at mustang for her death and calls out her name for help when pride consumes him. At least Gluttony understood loyalty…

    As for Sloth, I bet he’d rather not make enemies at all… too much effort

    Also regarding pride, his human body is described as a container for his shadows so its possible he isn’t even made of flesh and blood. well that or the censors…

  20. Pride wasn’t censored. It was like that in the manga, too. He’s just that tough.

    Neither was, um, Greed’s head being knocked off or his chimeras being sliced by Bradley. There is no such thing as censorship on this show, at least so far, and I doubt even the latest chapter would be.

  21. Aaaand just as I suspected, I’ve found myself a new shouta chara. to love <3 XD

    Can’t wait to see this dubbed. If NOTHING else, Bones has always delivered with fight scene coordination and animation fluidity. ^_^

  22. Wow I didn’t expect that to happen =X
    I agree with a lot of people that it was slow… I thought there were other points in the anime that they could’ve slowed down instead…
    BUT! I’m not going to complain because I still think that the action scenes were done really well =)

    I also find myself not liking any of the homunculi at all =S (except Wrath/Greed who seem to harbor some human feelings?) Except during the last few moments of their death (Greed/Lust/Gluttony), I almost feel bad for them. Gluttony especially since his death was in the hands of a “comrade” =( his plea for Lust at the end was really sad.

  23. Hms-one, yeah, the first time I heard that beeping, I thought it was from the show. The first one does kind of aid it, since the bar explodes seconds after, it’s like the setup or something.


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