On Christmas Eve, Sawako had explained to Kazehaya the truth behind his present, but he had decided to keep it anyway. The two had then gone to karaoke with some of their classmates, and Sawako had actually sung a song before leaving. It is now Christmas Day, and everyone has to attend school for the closing ceremony before they’re free for winter break. On the way to the ceremony, Kurumi passes by Sawako and sticks her tongue out at her, causing Sawako to reflect on everything that’s happened so far. She worries about not seeing Kazehaya over the break, and since she’s too tongue-tied to say anything to him, he’s the one who initiates a goodbye before heading off. Sawako later shows Chizuru and Ayane her new cell phone, and after learning that Sawako’s birthday is December 31st, Chizuru decides that they should all make the first shrine visit of the new year together. They get Sawako to call up Kazehaya and invite him, and he agrees to go, making Sawako quite happy since it means she’ll get to see everyone on her birthday. December 31st soon arrives, and Ayane and Chizuru come to Sawako’s house that night. They surprise her though by first giving her a makeover, complete with a special hairpin, and they then intentionally abandon her once they get close to the rendezvous point so that it can be just her and Kazehaya. When Sawako meets with Kazehaya and tells him that the others aren’t coming, she worries that he might be disappointed and want to go home, but he’s taken aback by her beauty and is fine with it just being the two of them.


For an anime nearing its end, this episode progressed a bit slower than I expected. That is to say, it felt entirely like a set-up episode sandwiched between the relatively major events of last week and (I assume) next week. That’s not a bad thing of course; I just thought that more would happen this late in the game. The episode did, however, have a bunch of funny moments, like Sawako’s email address, her various reactions, and especially the forcing-back-tears scene. It was also very sweet what Chizuru and Ayane did for her – post-makeover Sawako is very cute and looks almost like a different person – and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kazehaya finally gets the courage to confess his feelings to her next episode. Then again, the fact that there’s still two whole episodes left means there’s time for all sorts of things to happen, and the preview doesn’t seem to give many clues.


  1. I doubt Kazehaya will confess to Sadako or the other way around. Even if they did the ending would be shitty, to wrap things up so fast. I hope there’s is a second season for farther development. Really like this anime, especially Sadako’s expressions.

  2. BTW OH NOESS still no GONZO ( they’ve lost their former glory, they have to make a comback…they need to make a new masterpiece otherwise their previous masterpieces would die in vain . like last exile 4 example )

    @ spec

    its depends on ur things 4 sure, ill be watching the following anime which i have high expectations for…

    -ookiku furikabuute 2nd season (my fav baseball anime. though its more COMPLEX than Major..)
    -house of fire leaves
    -senko no nightraid
    -yojo han shinwa taikei
    -K-on ( i watched the first season so theres no harm continuing it )
    -Major (watched season 2-5, …i have to finish it for the sake of finishing it)

    animes that i have second thoughts ( il be watching 1 or 3 episodes to decide whereter to continue watching it… hoping it wouldnt be another SEIKON NO QUASER)

    -uragiri wo (hope it will be similar to night head genesis… character designs gives me a bad feeling)

    -hero man ( its bones new work, it has to be good right?)

    -angel beats ( its from KEY so…..)

    -kissxsis??(hmmm…i think this anime is just another ladies x butler… they shouldve made it into a hentai … o
    r just stick with d s2pid ova)
    -shinsengume kitan, ginakt killing, ichiban ushiro, waicho wa maid sama,

  3. If they planning on another season its gonna end with nothing much happening I bet. If they are going for an anime original ending then we might see something different happen (confession wise).

  4. Another great episode. Yano is a love master mind. They way she vanished the upcoming rumors of Kazehaya and Sawako. Then the setup for the deto. Finally the make-up session. Every detail was there. There’s a small detail I would like to see developed: Not all guys like make-up girls, we need to have his take on this. But coming from Yano my bet is that she went for a light natural tone and didn’t over did it. I’ll omit the mascara that could make Sawako’s eyes look draker. I digress…. GIVE ME A 2nd season !!!!!

    Island Esper
  5. Another lovely episode, they are definitely closing on a strong touch; every episode evokes emotions from me and watching Sawako finally reaching everyone and having things go her way calms the heart.

    Don’t bash on Kazehaya, these emotions are still new to him as well, in fact, id go as far to say that the reasons they are drawn together are because they are completely alike but in completely different circumstances through the course of the show. They’re both beautiful people, and started at the same place but because of how the wind took them they lived lives completely different–I think it’s their ability to empathize with each other that makes their feelings and auras so ‘electric’ when they are together.

    We all knew the makeover would be a win, we were just waiting for her chance to ‘shine’ and make Kazehaya the one to keel over blind for a change 😛

  6. Love this anime. I do appreciate a nice hearth warming anime like this. Great to see that it has a message, and the drawings are very well made. Regarding the episode, epi 23, and we are still waiting for some development in 2 relationships, so, I just hope that there will be a second season, and i would like it, now lol 🙂


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