Episode 22


As a space battle begins between the G-Society and the GTO forces, over inside the Erde Meteor, Geacht’er takes possession of Ascoeur and freezes Q-feuille. Geacht’er then heads off with Ascoeur and the other Shadow Workers to enact his plan, but Rubis stays behind under the pretense that she’d take care of Di-air. Instead, she destroys the area’s surveillance system so that Di-air and the unfrozen Q-feuille can escape. Ascoeur later awakens in a chair that connects her to the Erde Meteor’s warp gates. Geacht’er’s plan is to use his and her power to unfreeze the frozen time space and destroy everyone in the galaxy except for the G-Society. If Ascoeur tries to escape, it’ll cause a chain reaction that will destroy the Erde Meteor and all of the people on it, including Letuchaia’s grandmother. Letuchaia’s pleas convince Ascoeur not to do anything drastic, and Geacht’er sets his plan in motion. While he’s out in space though, Q-feuille and Di-air arrive to save Ascoeur. Q-feuille is able to overcome Saphir and Letuchaia’s abilities with her own powers, but Ascoeur doesn’t want to be set free because she doesn’t want everyone on the Erde Meteor to die. Fortunately, Tweedledee, Tweedledum, Un-ou, and A-ou suddenly show up to help, and they injure Saphir and force her to retreat. Tweedledee and Tweedledum then stop the system connected to Ascoeur by using one of her hairs, but it turns out that they’re too late, and time outside starts moving again.

Episode 23


In order to stop Geacht’er, Ascoeur, Q-feuille, and Di-air head towards the northern pole in the Mistral. They break through the G-Society fleet thanks to some help from the GTO fleet, and the Mistral then battles Saphir and Torch & Shade’s ships while the three girls teleport onto Geacht’er’s ship. Because of all that happened to him in the past, all Geacht’er cares about now is destroying the galaxy. He tries to kill Q-feuille, but Hiver and Sommer arrive to save her. They then try to seal Geacht’er off in subspace, but he stops everything with his power. Geacht’er realizes too late that Q-feuille is still moving towards Ascoeur even while time is stopped, and the power of the three girls causes time to resume. They are able to freeze Geacht’er long enough for Sommer to enclose him, and this gives Ascoeur and Q-feuille a chance to stop the explosion. Q-feuille thus heads with Di-air back to the Erde Meteor while Ascoeur stays at the northern pole, and when the two girls activate their powers in unison, they enter a space where they meet Éclair and Lumière.

Together, the four girls are able to stop the explosion and return the planet to normal. Unfortunately, soon after, the captured Geacht’er disappears, and his ship is revealed to be an illusion. At the same time, the Erde Meteor’s warp gate activates, and Tweedledee isn’t able to do anything about it unless she has direct access to the main computer. Letuchaia and Pauki thus take Tweedledee and Tweedledum there while Rubis stays behind with Q-feuille and Di-air. It’s too late to stop the warp however, and the Erde Meteor takes the planet along with everything else into warp. While this is going on, Geacht’er appears in the same room as Q-feuille. Saphir is there as well and tries to kill Di-air, but Rubis protects the girls at the cost of her own body. Geacht’er captures Q-feuille anyway, and he calls for Ascoeur to come. His plan is to detonate the planet again by crashing it into another one, the GTO home planet of Aineias. Before this plan can come to fruition though, Ascoeur rams the Mistral into the Erde Meteor control room and jumps out to save Q-feuille.


For the most part, I thought these two episodes weren’t very good, even despite the reappearance of Éclair and Lumière. Every scene with Letuchaia made me cringe because they’re trying too hard to redeem her, and she became the whiny kind of child character that I hate. It was such a stupid choice too that Ascoeur had to make between destroying the galaxy or losing 50,000 enemy civilians – it should have been a no-brainer for her to choose sacrificing some lives to save the rest of the galaxy. But no, she played right into Geacht’er’s hands and didn’t end things when they were manageable. I was half-hoping that she would have to see the consequences of her actions, but of course, because this is the kind of story that it is, everything worked out fine.

Episode 23 was probably a little bit better than episode 22 because bigger progress was made in the story, including Ascoeur and Q-feuille meeting Éclair and Lumière and the resolution of the explosion plot, but it was pretty clear that things weren’t over yet since this wasn’t the last episode. Geacht’er seems to have devolved into your average obsessed villain, and him warping the planet to Aineias wasn’t that great of a plot twist. I think part of the problem is that, thanks to how everything’s worked out so far, I have no doubt that things will work out fine here too, so I’m feeling little to no suspense or excitement prior to the finale (which I hope to get around to watching and blogging in the next day or so).


  1. I was surprised Rubis helped them so much; I guess she can’t kill children, with someone like Di-air. Geacht’er and Saphir show their “I’m freaking crazy and you can’t stop me!” faces. Eclair and Lumiere finally! They get the additional help required to stop the reaction from Ascouer and Q-feuille, but Geacht’er uses the ultimate summon, “Call Meteor” (FF7) literally using the Erde Meteor to transport and crash the planet into Aineias, which will kill everyone in the galaxy. Geacht’er is a sore loser!
    Ascoeur had a Naruto moment with her choice between 50,000 and billions, and creating a third at the cost of her life. Since Eclair and Lumiere are free, they can help Ascouer again with Q-feuile and even Di-air to stopping the planet meteor.
    I’m pumped for the conclusion. They better show what happened to Viola and Cesario and confirm if Torch and Shade really are Sinistra and Dextera reborn.


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