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OP: 「My Soul, Your Beats!」 by Lia
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Oh wow, I had no idea we’re dealing with a comedy here. Or at least that’s what Key and P.A. Works made me think with this gag-filled episode that had me laughing more than other comedies this season. It all started with what was supposed to be a routine trip to their secret underground weapons manufacturing plant, a.k.a. the guild, except shit really hit the fan when Tenshi was detected and the guild reactivated all the traps. All the SSS members were quick to point out that protecting the guild’s location is much more important than their safety since they can’t die anyway, but let me be the first to say I’d never want to be part of this group. They will literally sell you out in a blink of an eye and let you meet your horrible “death” without a second thought.

However, therein lie the comedic gold of this episode as SSS members decided to make their way to the guild regardless, in an attempt to take out Tenshi. On route, they were crushed by a huge rolling ball Indiana Jones-style, sliced to bits via lasers, squashed by a collapsing roof, and splattered after plunging to their deaths. Otonashi and myself were of course shocked by the chain of deaths, but everyone else just moved along as if it was just another day at the park. My shock quickly turned to good laughs though, as everyone was dying for the stupidest reasons, including one where Hinata fell to his death because Yuri kicked him off for groping her while climbing up and another where Shiina was dumb enough to try and rescue a puppy (which was fake). Yes, it’s as dumb as it sounds, but pretty damn funny when you watch it all happen.

On the more dramatic side of things, which we got to when everyone was dead except Yuri and Otonashi, the former revealed a bit of her past life, describing how her house was robbed when her parents were out. As the oldest of four children, the burglars sadistically made Yuri bring them the house’s valuables even though she had no idea where her parents kept them, and proceeded to kill her two younger sisters and brother every ten minutes if she didn’t return with something. Pretty damn cruel if you ask me, as Yuri ended up being the only survivor of that incident. She didn’t reveal how she later died, but clearly stated that it wasn’t from suicide, so I suspect she may have tried avenging her siblings later on and failed doing so. What caught my attention though was how Yuri said no one in this world died from committing suicide, which makes me wonder if this place is primarily for young people who met ill fates. It sure would make for good drama later on if that were the case.

Animation-wise, yes there were notably epic failures in the first episode with hands and such, which a lot of people were quick to point out. Now in addition to those, I actually feel that the faces are poorly drawn in several scene and look pretty bad too, which includes the ones in this episode. However, despite the somewhat wonky animation, I’m still holding onto the belief that P.A. Works will pull their act together later on. The opening sequence gives me renewed hope about that anyway, which I find goes really well with Lia’s “My Soul, Your Beats!” song. The actual ending sequence that was shown this time around however is a bit simplistic, but goes well with Tada Aoi’s slow “Brave Song”, which will undoubtedly serve as a good outro when things get sadder in the story. On that note, Maeda Jun tends to make viewers drop their emotional guard by getting all the lighthearted stuff out first, so if the purpose of this episode was just that, I can only imagine the teary-eyed bomb he’s planning to drop on us later.


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ED: 「Brave Song」 by 多田葵 (Tada Aoi)
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  1. meh, i am disappointed in the inconsistent animation, but hopefully they will fix it all up in the dvd and bluray releases, then it’ll be all good. other than that, angel beats is still one of my favorites this season (so far)

  2. I watched the first episode a while ago since I stayed away from it because of the stupid troll subs. What I did find out is that the quality can be awesome at times and at times odd… So the inconsistency that was present back then ep 1 is still here?

      1. Yea I just saw it Sankaku’s amazon post. I really REALLY hope they fix these inconsistencies..

        Just watched the RAWS! Damn Noda’s death scene was damn hilarious. Sad song while in mid air. LOL! Also the guy who drowned cracked me up as well especially when the water was draining. Damn that toilet sound!

  3. man man man… killing one by one every 10 minutes, sounds not only sadistical, but insane… =m<!!!
    I'm quite confused with the image quality, the caps look really good, but Ep1 looked kinda rigged and not really constant.

    1. I would say so. Don’t let the fact that Yuri looks strikingly similar to Haruhi stop you from even checking it out. It’s Key after all, so if you liked CLANNAD, AIR, or Kanon, this should be right along those lines.

  4. I think the reason that no one there died from suicide is because if you wanted to die, why would you be in a place where you can rage against god for unwanted/random deaths

  5. OP animation is soooooooooooooo beautiful ;A;!! *loops* i love piano.
    The TRAPS, LOL. Great episode with a great mix of comedy and seriousness 😀 I love Shiina, when she saved the puppy, pure XDDDDD

  6. OP is amazing, both animation and music-wise, I also like the way it goes through the tremendous amount of characters. Some other shows tend to destroy their OP by spending too much time on showing and introducing the characters. So well done with that 🙂

    I didn’t find the first half of the episode that funny, the traps were pretty boring and cliched. Regardless I still chuckled on the “deaths” of TK, Hinata and Ooyama 🙂 The second half was okay, Tenshi showed some badass abilities again. The past of Yuri however didn’t feel as dramatic as it should have been thanks to the lighthearted first half 🙁

    I still liked the episode and I’m looking forward to see more.

    1. Yeah I had to stop and go “wow the Resident Evil laser room.” It makes sense since everything is built due to what people can remember. Thus someone saw that movie and thought “oh I so have to make that a trap.”

      That was a really traumatic past. No wonder she is leading this fight. After going through that you want to fight back against something. God is a pretty good target.

  7. Meh…really depressing stuff tends to make me…well depressed. 2nd ep in and Yuri’s past is already nagging at me. There better be an awesome “Good End” or I’ll be seriously annoyed.

  8. Totally unrelated to Angel Beats!, but I have been noticing a lot of spring shows’ titles ending with exclamation point(s) like Maid-sama!, Mayoi Neko Overun!, Working!!, K-ON!!.

  9. I honestly never noticed the animation dips from the first episode until they were pointed out. As a series it has quite a bit of potential so it seems best to try to continue to ignore any such grievances.

    I had heard that the anime as a whole was intended to have a more “Yuri’s past” feel and theme than a comedy, so they may just be easing us into it. It was rather enjoyable.

    Oh, small thing Divine, Hinata fell as soon as the trap activated, it was only Ooyama who was kicked off for groping Yuri. :p

    Pretty good episode all in all.

    1. You’re right, but it’s actually the other way around. Ooyama’s the idiot that kept forgetting about every trap and fell immediately, whereas Hinata got kicked off by Yuri. Oh the hilarity. I love it.

  10. It’s kind of throwing me off at how small the female cast is. I’m not complaining by any means as I really like Tenshi and Yuri, but it’s just so odd since I’m so used to all of Key’s harem shows.

    1. I wouldn’t really call it small per se, so much as there’s an unusually large number of male characters that make it seem that way. They probably just didn’t want to show the girls dying horrible deaths in this episode. As you’ve probably already noticed, Shiina had the tamest one out of everyone.

    2. I was thinking this same thing, but I noticed in the ED that there are, I think, 8 male characters and 7 female? It just seems like so far the male characters have played a larger role.

    3. I was thinking the same thing as I watched the ED. I think it’s because most of the girls are in the band / distraction crew. The armed forces group seems to be comprised mostly of guys, and that’s been the emphasis so far.

  11. I love both the OP and ED, the songs just really fit. And the OST is quickly moving to the top of my priorities list. 😀

    I didn’t see the “dips” in quality so much as just an overall slight lack of quality. I mean, the concert scene last episode was the only one where I was going “wow.” But I’m keeping my hopes up for better animation as this is the same studio who did CANAAN.

    This series is still giving me a weird vibe though. It’s like there’s a ton of potential, but I feel like we just jumped right into the middle of things, but at the same time these first two episodes still feel very introductory. I remember feeling the same way with Sora no Woto last season…

    Still watching though, and excited for next week! 😀


  12. Hey guys: ) I DLed/watched this episode ASAP so I’ll try to keep this short XD

    First of all, the Opening was INCREDIBLE! I would not be surprised if most of their budget went into this opening. Lia is amazing as usual and I hope that her children will follow her footsteps =)

    I am surprised that the story went to Yuri’s past pretty quickly; I thought her past would have been explained later in the season, but I can understand why they would address it now. I can assume they wanted to establish a ‘foundation’ for Yuri’s passion in fighting ‘god’. I am sure I am not the only one thinking about if there is truly a “god”, why would there be so much suffering to people who have done nothing wrong but living life as a human being aka “God’s Creation”

    Lastly, all I can say for the rest of the episode is “Tokido Saya Dungeon Arc” I love Little Busters! EX!


    P.S. Sorry…the post looks long : / I really love this series already as well as other Key Works; TV and Visual Novel XD

  13. I was certainly impressed by the OP: I want to play it on piano too! XD
    As for the anime itself till now, not bad. I’m not so picky that I would look some graphic failures as dealbreakers either; if I dropped a series each time there is something not drawn as well as hoped/expected, then I would have close to nothing left to watch ^^;;
    But yeah, knowing Maeda’a historic of coming up with tearjerkers, I am a bit scared of what is coming up, lately, I’m really in no mood for drama =__=

  14. I appear to be the only one who didn’t notice the drops in animation, for me it was fine and the effects used when Angel is fighting is quite a treat for the eyes.

    But the comedy and story usually distract me from minor animation problems.

    Really looking forward to the rest of this series, very excited!

  15. the animation’s quality drops are tricky to spot (except the hands from episode one…). they are present, but most viewers who don’t have keen eyes for the animation quality won’t notice at all…

    the OP was good, the story was nice (guild rocked… too bad they had to blow it up).

    as for the story, it seems that the bombshell is kind of hard to spot (which is good). how will you invoke a heartbreaking story in a world where one cannot die?

  16. By the way I noticed the red and white lines that crosses the screen in the OP looks like the lines you we usually see on a heart beat monitor. Wonder if it has any relevance to the story…

  17. An interesting epsiode- one sided as they are I actually enjoy these Angel fights(we even learned of a new skill of hers). I didn’t actually notice quality drop but maybe I’m just blind to it.

    The highlight was that little bit of Yuri’s past and showing the root of her determination. On the other hand am I the only one who thought when they said there’s no victim of suicide in their world something like “Oh, so Otonashi’s the first one?”. It’s actually an impression I got from watching the PV (something about a boy, who had gone astray) but then his amnesia in the first episode did nothing to dispel it. If that were the case then Yuri might’ve invited a threat greater than Angel into their ranks.

  18. The OP had probably the most realistic piano playing I have ever seen from an anime character. (Considering this is from 13 years of playing piano, that’s saying something). I hope I find the piano version for the song. 🙂

    And TK is slowly becoming my favorite character just because he’s awesome. Swears and everything are perfect English too, which doesn’t hurt. Though, it really did feel weird when he spoke Japanese, so I think they should just have him be the random foreigner the whole show. But otherwise Yuri’s past made me feel horrible, also knowing that somewhere out there, something similar may have happened to another family and an older sister/brother. God…I can’t even imagine…

    Did anyone else think of Loony Toons when all the “tragic” deaths kept happening? XD

    1. I agree. It was really a brilliant idea that the OP goes with Tenshi as the pianist; it really matches for her “character”. I am certain that there will bw a piano version of this song. We are talking of Lia’s song after all. 🙂

  19. I love the art from this anime
    and I think it will be one of the best animes this season,
    Did anyone think that the lights from the beautiful op
    resemble the lights from clannad,
    those lights meant spirits I think but are there related in any way ?

    Girl from the sky
      1. The one on the first episode.

        It was a response to what you said about it being a place to accept death.

        I was trying to explain that rather then to accept death, it was a place to forget about death, through several examples such as the “NPC” do not acknowledge the fact this is the afterlife nor do the NPC answer any questions shrugging it off as what in the world are you talking about. This was also my explanation on why those who pretended may have been erased because they were assumed by a higher power that they forgotten death or eventually, what was an act became reality. It may be perplexing to read first… I’ll probably look back into it and reword it later on lol.

        Sora no Kaze
  20. I have not seen a a realistic piano playing like this in an anime. It is with rythm with Lia’s angelic voice, really suitable for this anime. An also noticed tenshi’s wings at the end of the OP. Good mixture of comedy, drama and action and good quality of animation (very much particular with the fight scenes of angel). Tenshi reminded me of the MMORPG character assassin, since their primary weapon is the same as that of tenshi (a katar like weapon) and with the attack of Sonic Blow (Hand Sonic as that of Tenshi’s). And most of all, I was really overwhelmed with the very good opening of this anime. I’ve been a fan of Lia ever since she was a part of AIR’s soundtrack, Tori no Uta and until now she has been at VisualArt’s/Key’s OP sequence of their various anime. I have been a fan of this blog site but I rarely post comments on the numerous animes that I watch but this anime really pushed me to post my overwhelming feeling towards this anime. I am really excited for the next episode and to the future ones as well. I’ll be sure to post again a reply for each episodes. More power to VisualArts/Key, that’s nothing less from them. They do always meet my anime taste ever since. 🙂

  21. If you ask me I find this show kinda boring. The stuff that was suppose to be funny.. wasn’t. They really should cut that tenshi-resitance crap already. It really makes no sense to me. Why do they care if they can’t die? really. Thou the excerpts from Suzumiya’s haruhi life were kinda interesting. I will prolly give it one more, and at the same time last, chance with the 3rd episode.

  22. “On that note, Maeda Jun tends to make viewers drop their emotional guard by getting all the lighthearted stuff out first, so if the purpose of this episode was just that, I can only imagine the teary-eyed bomb he’s planning to drop on us later.”

    – I agree with divine. I’ve been a victim of this ever since the series of Clannad. They had placed the light stuff in the Season 1 and later beated the crap of my emotion in the after story (the later episodes) and goes the same with AIR as well. Well it’s Key’s specialty after all.

  23. poor Yuri… I wonder how did she die?
    the trap-filled trail to the guild however was a LOL-fest
    Kana-chan is amazing in combat, and so is Yuri for almost being on even terms in melee with her…

  24. Having just finished watching this

    I made note already how there is probably different worlds for people who died during different ages. But now I can delve into deeper by saying that there are different worlds which deal with certain causes of death. Suicide cases may have an afterlife world where it is more sociable and likable environment where they can forget their regrets. I’m still wondering if it depends on who you are to retain your memory after your death or if it’s only Yuri herself. If it’s only Yuri, then this keeps consistent with the first point of everyone loses their memories, hence death is like an illusion and is as said before a place to forget the fact that one has died.

    They also go into more detail on how one revives regardless of how they die. It also explains how weapons can be created as the object is not alive, as well as the method and means to create it, it can be done. Though it doesn’t mean the object will be efficient. Yuri also shows that she considers her comrades important and that even if they do comeback, she realizes that she still needs to be a better leader and make sure that they all don’t die, something I could see happening later on where perhaps the revival mechanism is broken and their lives are at stake.

    The fact that Tenshi caught on makes things suspicious. Depending on how the whole amnesia things works, my suspicion will be answered (I’m sure you guys should understand where I’m going with this as a possible origins of Otonashi). Also, noting the fact that some members have seen certain disgusting while others haven’t things makes me wonder if there was a bigger battle before Otonashi came and there was a relative time of peace. Also, the fact that they had to move Guilds at some point raises awareness to the fact that either the convenience of the place or if they were force to move from before. Because there is such a huge work force, as well as the fact that there is only one student council member, aka the student president also makes me wonder whether there are more “Angels” and whether they’re doing something else, or if they died in the previous huge battle.

    The fact that Yuri is the first to rebel, her experience and combat ability (in weapon arms and CQC) in dealing with an Angel as well as how some plans seem to be pointless when they may not be (I note that someone aka Sentinel says that they are all “NPC”, which I’m sure is not the case) such as the fact that stealing meal coupons is a way to disrupt the peace and constantly create an environment where people will question and ask why certain things happen and as a way of recruitment. Also noting the extensive advancement of Guild as well as the fact that they knew how to make a canon or tank at one point makes me believe an epic battle happen once before. And the comedic traps (if they truly were trying to make these traps have a point) signifies that there may have been a “angel” which liked cute things.

    Of course as usual, I may be over analyzing it, however, but these possibilities do make sense for future background info revealed and episodes.

    Sora no Kaze
    1. Anyways though, after that analysis, my overall view of this episode through the comedy and analyzing and some revelations are positive. Looking forward to seeing next week episodes as well as more figuring out.

      Oh and feel free to comment on the analysis as you please guys, it’s not only for you guys, but also to spark more understanding through possible answers. After all, these things are perplexing at times.

      Sora no Kaze
      1. “Yuri also shows that she considers her comrades important and that even if they do comeback, she realizes that she still needs to be a better leader and make sure that they all don’t die, something I could see happening later on where perhaps the revival mechanism is broken and their lives are at stake.”

        –I believe that the reason why Yuri loves her comrade show much is because maybe she still had the guilt of not being able to protect her siblings while she was still alive. And the same may be true that she may have felt responsible for that that she wants her leadership to improve; that is to fulfill her failed role as an elder sister. Since it is only a 13 ep anime, I am really expecting major neck-twisting plots, as there are so many mysteries presented at the start of the series that makes you think of various possibilities about the plot per se.

      2. But men, setting aside the plot, I really damn like the OP very much. So much for the realistic and rythmic piano of Tenshi herself, it’s Lia that’s singing for Key again! I guess she really is one of the “keys” of VisualArt’s/Key’s success. ^_^

    2. “I’m still wondering if it depends on who you are to retain your memory after your death or if it’s only Yuri herself. If it’s only Yuri, then this keeps consistent with the first point of everyone loses their memories, hence death is like an illusion and is as said before a place to forget the fact that one has died.”

      But didn’t that blue-haired guy say in episode one that losing your memory was common and that everyone eventually regained it?

      1. Yes, I rmb that somewhere, but at the time, I wasn’t sure where exactly saw that. Which also contributes to the fact that it’s a place where you forget death. You’re not suppose to rmb how you die or the fact that you did die. As mention, but probably in a very perplexing manner which I will now word better lol, this is a buffer zone before one gets reincarnated, in the very case that there was a chance someone did rmb, they would eventual forget about the fact they died and think it was all a dream and eventually forget about their previous life and the cause of their death (which in this world, could be natural, or accident and not suicide as noted).

        Sora no Kaze
      2. There was mention that amnesia is common in those who first arrive in this world, but it’s not a guaranteed condition or anything. I don’t think we’re meant to read too much into the fact that Yuri wasn’t affected by it. She was merely pointing out that she had her memories intact from the very beginning (unlike Otonashi), which explains why she was so quick to start a rebellion.

      3. I see, that helps out. If I’m right, it was brain damage that caused the amnesia or so they speculate. Not sure if this was from the episode itself, or from someones thoughts on it. I need to keep looking it up again.

        Sora no Kaze
      4. I rewatch it and now rmb that it was Tenshi herself that mentions it. I never read into it taht deep, someone else noted a huge amount of regret allowed her to rmb which I can agree with. I’m just pointing out that the general step to forgetting, is wiping that memory slate clean, in the very literal sense of getting amnesia in this world.

        Sora no Kaze
  25. I wonder how many guard skills Tenshi has. Bet she’ll bust out some beam weapons soon. Sorta be like Chise from Saikano. That puppy trap takes the cake. And I’m sure Hinata died happy.

  26. A true drama will start out with comedy to create a happy atmosphere, but it soon quickly changes to a sad mood. What makes a great drama great is the making the happy parts extremely happy, and the sad part extremely sad. The bigger the gap, the better it is.

  27. This show feels like a cross between Haruhi, Shana, and Kanon. There’s something not quite right about this anime that I can’t put my finger on, but I kinda like it so far.

  28. Again I couldn’t help but notice the Matrix similarities, with subterranean Guild/Old Guild being the Zion that supplies the SSS rebels on the surface with the stuff needed for their guerilla warfare, and besides being an “Agent”, Tenshi is also being a “Sentinel” here, attempting to penetrate the Guild and destroy it.

    Besides the Matrix, perhaps Maeda Jun is also paying homage to other well-known movies, like Indiana Jones (the giant ball), Resident Evil (the laser room), etc. (LMAO at Matsushita’s clothes still falling apart despite respawning from the Resident Evil laser room)

    Is it me or am I really sadistic at taking so much pleasure at the SSS’s members various “deaths”? LOL But these could very well be Maeda’s usual tried and tested tactic in letting our guards down before hitting us with an epic tear-jerker.

    And it seems unlike online games, they “respawn” right at the spot where they “died”, instead of going back to a “save point”.

    Of course, talking about sadistic, nothing beats those burglars that murdered Yuri’s siblings. Already I can see some of the more dirty-minded doujinshi artists getting to work in imagining how Yuri met her end come Comiket 78 this August. (God, I really need to cut down on those BDSM doujins. )

    My reason that the people are being held in this limbo world is mainly because they still hold lots of regret that they have died, and the purpose of this world is supposed to be for them to let go of their regret and move on, as with Buddhist philosophy. The more tragic one’s death is, the more regret one has, which might explain why Yuri was the first to resist. I don’t think everyone died a death as tragic as Yuri’s, maybe they died from other more “mundane” causes, like accidents or diseases.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Similar to what I said to divine, I can see what you’re saying, but I don’t think it’s cause they hold a lot of regrets. That would be assume that the sudden amnesia is the first thing done (as confirmed by someone else) which technically solves the problem of regret. Hence is why I believe it’s all about forgetting death in the first place. It explains the initial amnesia, the fact that they go through what seems to be a check system to be reincarnated, the fact that NPC don’t actually acknowledge and help them cope with how they died, and that the afterworld setting is probably as close and similar to their previous environment.

      Maybe I’m misinterpreting what you’re saying, but the way I see you explaining it, you’re making it seem that the world like a Mental Hospital or some sort of counseling center. Also the fact that you said Yuri was the first to resist due to huge regret, implies that she has an intense amount of regret. But I’m sure that many people can have different levels of regrets, no matter how small or big the issue seems to everyone else. So I think that trying to linking regret to the amount of memory you keep doesn’t quite fit. Regret is the thing that this world probably buffers against, but it doesn’t deal with regret directly, it just deals with the transition through forgetting one’s previous life, and then entering reincarnation with one of it’s safeguards against regret.

      Sora no Kaze
      1. Mental hospital? Now that’s just mean, to the souls that is. lol

        Maybe “soul processing centre” would be a more appropriate description. Or if you’re a Bleach-tard, a soul “bleaching” centre. 🙂

        I don’t disagree what you’ve said. Though I think maybe Yuri, like all other souls, are supposed to not remember anything upon dying. But I think her regret is so great that she’s subconsciously resisting the memory wipe and refusing to be reincarnated “just like that”. Her “will” was too strong for the system to process, hence the Angel as the enforcer.

        Rather than Yuri, I’m actually more interested in the Angel and her ending up being the enforcer of this world. (Her being voiced by Hanazawa helps 🙂 ) Is she voluntary in this? Or perhaps coerced into it like Enma Ai?

        Kinny Riddle
      2. Lol.

        I did also noted or at least I think I noted on the great deal of focus on Tenshi in the Opening, especially when she says I’m not an Angel makes me wonder yet again, who she really is. Then again, she might be programmed to say that she’s not an Angel.

        Sora no Kaze
  29. I wouldn’t call it bad animation but i would definitely call it bad art. Comparing this animation-wise to true tears…

    Story-wise though i kept laughing through the whole episode.

  30. i’m pritty much hooked on this, i agree the animation needs work but i’m hoping that there balancing out there workloads to focus there attention on the key scenes, cos so far i’ve enjoyed the fights with angle and can see that they’ve worked for the detail, regardless i’m a sucker for a show that balances an action ark with comedy and a general sense of confusion.

  31. I was gonna say “Kill it with fire” but it looked like angel fell into a raging inferno. I think I’ll keep watching to see how they turn something this ridiculous into something worthwhile. I suppose the fight scenes are at least entertaining.

  32. This series is very nice.

    I went in with no preconceived notions, noticed the haruhi image likeness (and ignored it) and watched episode 1 and 2 together. Only knew about all the hype about this when i goggled it

    If they can pull off the entire series without faltering, this could be a rare gem (maybe even Cowboy Bebop level)

    Zaku Fan
  33. FYI, I’m no longer ichigo_daisuki but okami now.

    Anyway, after watching this episode, I was wondering if Yuri’s death might have something to do with her parents since they were only away, right?


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