「みんなの力」 (Minna no Chikara)
“Everyone’s Strength”

Philosopher stones sure are handy when it comes to battle. Just take it from Al as he regenerates his armor on-the-fly while duking it out with Pride and Kimblee. Their fight was pretty fast-paced and very impressive on Al’s part, due to his quick thinking to deceive Pride with a flashbang feint. It’s too bad he didn’t just barrage the little homunculus with explosions of light (which I sure as hell would’ve love to see), but it turned out he didn’t have to in order to trap him in darkness again. As for Kimblee, who would’ve thought that this would be the last we’d see him. Due to Al’s crafty thinking of acting as bait, Marcoh was able to distract everyone with the philosopher stone, allowing Heinkel to crush Kimblee’s throat. How Al’s able to devise a plan like that so quickly and avoid detection from Pride’s Gluttony-like nose is beyond me, but damn did it make for a cool scene. Not only that, there was a surprise hit-and-run save from Yoki of all people, just so that he can share in the heroic limelight.

To be quite honest, as sick and twisted as Kimblee is, I’m a bit sad to see him go. He was definitely one of the more unique characters in this series, as he willingly sided with the homunculus just to witness what happens first-hand. I also loved hearing his sarcastic remarks to them, like when Al came storming back last episode despite what Pride thought he would do. Him and his asshole-like behavior will be missed! As for the Armstrong siblings versus Sloth fight, I would’ve never suspected the big bulky homunculus to be the fastest of the bunch. Luckily for Olivier and Alex, he can’t seem to use his speed in moderation. Still, Olivier slipped and Alex had to bail her out again, making that two times he’s saved her life during this fight. Humorously enough, all Alex got for his troubles was an argument over how Olivier decided to give Mustang the Armstrong estate if she died.

With regards to May, she may have been tricked by Envy, but I got a good chuckle out of her talking some trash to him. Namely, how avoiding his attacks are easier than those of an entire army of homunculus zombies. That’s right Envy, the mindless mob is greater than you according to the little Xing girl! Not a whole lot happened underground aside from that, nor the ongoing fight Ed, Scar, and the others are engaged in, but I did find it odd how they started playing the new opening theme “Rain” in the latter case. It was only last episode that the song was introduced and it’s already become the inspirational battle theme of sorts. Not that I didn’t enjoy it or anything, but it still felt rather soon to be using it here.

Overall, this was another action-packed episode that ended on a good cliffhanger with the timely entrance of Mustang and Hawkeye to help Ed and the others out. The preview shows Mustang absolutely losing it however, so I’m interested in seeing what happens there. The next episode title, “Flame of Vengeance”, seems to indicate that it will revolve around him. Other than that, I should mention that this episode jumped around a fair bit between the four different vantage points much like last time, but I actually liked the hectic impression it gave off with regards to the current state of Central.

* A commercial aired for the second season of Sengoku Basara following this episode, indicating that it would take over FMA’s timeslot in July. This info has been added to the official site as well.
* Credit goes to Omni for preparing the screenshots for this post as he continues to work in mysterious ways when it comes to Random Curiosity.

Update (4/13):
* For myself and everyone that’s not actively following the manga, please use some discretion before making comments that may contain spoilers. This includes hints as well. The site supports HTML <spoiler> tags, so please make use of them. I’ve had to edit a lot of spoiler-like comments already, which as you can probably imagine, isn’t a whole lot of fun when I have to spoil myself to do so. Thanks.




  1. This episode was a lot of fun to watch, though I agree that it was a bit too soon to be using the OP as an insert song.

    The BASARA commercial also struck me as sort of surprising because I expected a higher profile show to take the timeslot once FMA was done. Still, it’s definitely something to look forward to.

  2. In an episode where Alex did most of the damage to Sloth, Olivier still comes off looking more awesome than him. It’s not a knock against Alex, it’s a testament to how totally awesome Olivier is.

    I love how Sloth is the fastest homunculi. It makes sense. Just because he moves the slowest, doesn’t mean he’s really slow, he’s just too lazy. He wastes his potential. SLOTH. As much as I loved the first series, I don’t know how the hell Water Mommy was supposed to represent that. (PLEASE let this not become about that, though!)

    Next week’s episode should be… interesting.

    1. Completely agree with that. The first anime has so many inconsistencies when it came to homunculi. Like, since there are only 7 deadly sins, does that mean no more than 7 Homunculi could be made? Why did Gluttony and Lust follow their sins, but everyone else was so random?

      Such is the first anime.

      Yeah, Sloth means you waste your potential. That’s why Sloth here is so insanely muscular, powerful, yet he’s so damn lazy, he doesn’t utilize it.

  3. In the fight between Al and Pride, Marcoh managed to avoid detection by staying down wind due to the dust clouds that Al creates to prevent Pride catching a wift. It seems that they modified the head stabby scene with Oliver, now jumping off the wall and piercing his head, instead of in the manga plunging it straight down. Next week I really can’t wait since Show Spoiler ▼

  4. I tried to write it as hint-less as possible, but seems it wasn’t enough. T_T
    Is there a moderator of sorts in here? I really need some editing… Didn’t see a spoiler tag or anything like that. -_-

  5. I did a little re-watching of all the episodes so far.. then compared the scenes from anime and manga (I enjoyed doing that).. I noticed the gap between manga and anime getting smaller. also the manga is somehow going climax. anyone think they will end at the same time? or will they really? (I hope they don’t branch off the manga.. I disliked how the 1st anime did)

    1. Apparently Bones are currently working on the last 3 episodes based on the manga’s ending coinciding together. That being said manga forums are assuming that the mangaka has nearly finished the last 2 (?) chapters and has shown the storyboard to bones so they can start directing it.

    2. @MrRei

      well there was good reason for Bones deviating from the manga seeing as how at their halfway point during the first run they had already fully caught up with the manga. the manga started in like what ’01 and the anime began in ’03? something like that, now here we are in ’10 and the manga is just now ending.

      i like that they asked permission to go an alternate story and give it a conclusion of sorts and just stop animating it til the mangaka was ready to end the series (even though i didn’t like the way they concluded it myself) rather than do this whole filler, actual story, filler, actual story route that the shounen shows seem to be adopting.

      i hear simlarly kyoani decided not to do any more Full Metal Panic until the novels are done. look what gold they’ve been able to give to us instead of doing non canon episodes of that series.

      1. yes, I did know why they’d go for an alternate story.. but still, the original storyline is the best (that’s why I didn’t want a branch off this time around). FMA isn’t made for fillers ether… unlike one piece where they could just stop by an anime-original-island.
        crap the 1st anime/movie ending.. I expected an Ed x Winry ending, instead we got an Ed x Al (not to mention being stuck w/ Germans) ending. Right now I’m just anticipating a nice grand ending ^^

        @Full Metal Panic, last I heard the novels will end soon. may be that means another FMP anime is near?

      2. Probably off topic, but maybe we finally get a move on Chidori and Sagara’s relationship?

        I must agree about the movie ending was kinda disappointing. Yay for Al and Ed, but no Winry? That was a real let down and there was barely any alchemy demonstrated except for the start and end.

  6. WHAT THE FUCK!? HE JUST KILLED KIMBLEE!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ALL ABOUT!? Now I’m started to hate Pride. Why!? He just don’t even gave a FUCK just like KIMBLEE’S I mean did you guys witnessed that he killed Gluttony during the last episode 49?!

    1. Since they’re emphasizing high-paced combat, it makes sense to have the drawing less accurate. People don’t see high speed stuff all that accurately. This has the added advantage on taking less time to draw and being able to churn out even more amazing action scenes.

  7. ahahah the first screenshot is definitely hilarious. anyways great eps. I wonder if Ed can’t just transmute those dolls and revert them back to philosopher’s stone and stuff by using the philosopher’s stone inside as a trade off by touching them, a little similar to how envy absorbs them. It is impossible to face them all. Great action packed eps tho, eps Armstrong pair and Al’s fight

  8. Ahh you’re so right about Kimblee. He was sick and twisted, but his cool demeanor and sarcasm were really interesting character traits that he lacked in the first series… I liked Kimblee for that reason!

    Show Spoiler ▼

  9. there’s sure some nasty stuff goin’ on in this ep.

    speaking of sengoku basara, having to replace fma in july, it makes me wonder the number of episodes expected to be shown. hmm…

    1. I haven’t seen any report of length, but I would guess it’ll only be 12/13 episodes long. I suspect that one of the reasons they chose Sengoku BASARA is so that it could fill the Summer season void until the next high profile show in the Fall.

    1. Actually Kimblee is one of the unique characters in the series as Divine said.

      I’m rather dissapointed to see him come to his end in such a pitiful way. I presumed he’d die at the hands of Scar like in FMA1.

      Also, wtf how did Marcoh come out of nowhere and communicate with Al to formulate a battle plan that will best a Homunculus and a state alchemist.

      With the amount of deux ex machina, this show may turn into another Bleach!

      1. Dude, it’s not deus ex machina.

        There’s a long lull between when Al engaged and between when anything could have happened.

        Marcoh could have shown up immediately after Heinkel gave Al the stone. Either way, Marcoh said he was going up last episode. All the puzzle pieces are there; it’s up to the viewer to assemble them.

        It’s not deus ex machina.

  10. Still rivers run deep. There’s only one thing that could make Mustang absolutely lose it — only one thing that could leave him staggering in grief through the sewers. I haven’t read the manga, or the spoilers, but I’m pretty sure I know what’s about to happen. And, I have to say, if I’m right, I’m going to be pissed.

  11. Wow, the animation in Al’s fight scene is just superb. I’m happy BONES did such a good job as it is one of my favourite scenes from the manga. That’s one of the reasons I love Brotherhood. Each character gets the awesomeness he/she deserves XD
    The Armstrongs are, of course, awesome as always.
    And man does Mustang know how to make a grand entrance. Can’t wait to see the next episode!

    BTW, whoever’s spoiling ought to get their asses kicked. Hard.

  12. I have to agree, RyuGuitarFreak. HONESTLY, guys, not everyone has read the manga and even ‘subtle’ hints are spoilers! So please, STFU about future events!

    Aaaaanyway. Thought it was weird with the OP in the middle of the song, but overall the episode was very good and I loved the Armstrongs vs. Sloth fight; highlight of the episode. Next week looks gooooood, can’t wait!

  13. Yeah, wtf. Damn spoilers, bad enough Selim/Pride was spoiled back in Season 1 or 2, now every ep people are coming on to spoil next week’s shit. Will you please learn some freaking etiquette?!? If you wanna post about the manga post on a manga MB.

    Awesome episode as ever. REALLY bad day for Sloth! That spike through the arm n head had to hurt like a bitch. Mendoku se. 😉 Envy is awesome and I’m glad Mei’s back. The zombies really are just filler for Ed and rest, aren’t they? It’s keeping them busy while the real storyline’s going on elsewhere. Go f’ing Heinkel for the out-of-nowhere pwnage on his former boss! And Yoki ftw! Everyone rocked in this episode, just like the title would suggest (“Everyone’s Strength”).

  14. Show Spoiler ▼

    why won’t ed just transmute a big hole to trap the dolls or do something more creative than just materialize the spear of so-so-ness(WTF?)…im getting tired of seeing ed just using that or his arm blade for melee..

    1. Well, the 5th OP and ED started last week, so it’s not like they’ll waste it on just two episodes, obviously. With the new OP and ED, FMA is certain to last for at least one more anime season.

      Kinny Riddle
  15. Of all the villains, Kimblee has got to be the most badass of them all. I know I’m repeating this, but what the heck. Envy comes across as an annoying arrogant prick, but Kimblee… he has this sarcastic wit to match his arrogance, which helped make him an enjoyable villain to watch. We shall miss you dearly. 🙂

    At last we’ll see Mustang exact his fiery revenge on Envy for Hughes’ murder. About time Envy goes through what Lust has gone through.

    Gotta LOL at the soldiers’ inability to think laterally when it comes to tracking down Mustang’s “ice cream” truck. They’re tracking a renegade State Alchemist, in a world where alchemy is common, for friggin god’s sake. Apparently the thought that Mustang could simply transmute the appearance of his truck has escaped their imagination completely.

    Kinny Riddle
  16. Anyone else notice the slightly different SFX used for the Alchemy in the Alphonse / Kimblee fight at the beginning? Wasn’t bad, just slightly jarring given how it’s a slightly different sound from the last 51 episodes.

    Kimblee’s last moments were brutal though. Evil as he was, seeing him lying there struggling to stay alive was a truly awful way to go. Says something for the quality of the writing when you can feel bad for the villain that way.

    Loved the fight sequences though, very slick and intense.

    Sol Fury
    1. maybe it was due to Al using the philospher’s stone or they just wanted to try something different. Plus I agree that it was sad to see how Kimblee left the series. I hoped to see another Scar vs Kimblee bout in this series minus the armless Scar at the end.

  17. the problem in this charpert was the las explotion made by kimblee it wasn’t suppused to be like that in the manga when al see his stone he rush to kimblee and a huge explotion is made from the clash of the two stone soo it was way more devastating and al have more time to find marco and come out with that plan


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