As I’m doubling up on chapters here, there isn’t much to be said about 489 except a bit about Kabuto’s decision to join Madara. For now, I think it’s safe to assume that Kabuto has his own motives and is using Madara to that end, but it’s hard to deny the “shock value” of the fallen ninjas he can summon — most notably Itachi’s, eyeless and all. The biggest question mark of course is the last coffin he summoned, whose identity wasn’t explicitly shown. Judging from Madara’s reaction and thinking of notable characters who’ve died recently, my initial hunch is that it’s Jiraiya, but take that with a grain of salt because it’s not based on anything concrete. If I’m right though, I can only imagine what Naruto’s reaction will be if he ends up fighting him at some point. It sure would make for a dramatic moment, just like when Sarutobi had to fight the First and Second Hokage during the Chuunin exam.

As for what the title of my post is in reference to, that would be Naruto and whether or not he’ll be able to utilize the Kyuubi’s full power without letting it take him over like it’s done every time up until now. I don’t doubt he’ll eventually master using that demonic chakra, but I’m interested in seeing the challenges he faces in his attempt to do so. I rather enjoyed the mini-arcs involving Naruto’s training for the Rasengan and his wind chakra, so if it’d be nice to see something along those lines again. However, I get the feeling that it’s unlikely I will, as the story seems to be quickly shifting towards Bee again.


  1. Well, what ever corpse he summoned, I’m betting that it had sentimental value to Madara. I’m betting that it may be his little brother’s corpse, or maybe even something like an old body of his or something? I mean, its kinda strange he’s been living for like 100 years, but hasn’t aged

  2. That last box that got Tobi all shocked as to be the real Madara Uchiha. I think Tobi is just a mad man you gets eyes and all that other crap or maybe it is something else he is trying to do maybe. It was a really good chapter! Now, Naruto go find that octopus hurry!!! 😀

  3. I also think it’s likely that the last coffin held Madara himself. I think the only other people Madara could possibly be scared of that much would be the 1st hokage (who was already sealed by the death god), the fourth hokage, or even the sage of six paths, although I think that’s unlikely. I doubt it would be the fourth either, since Madara already kinda took care of him. It just doesn’t seem right either.

  4. That’s a really interesting thought that the last coffin would be Jiraya… It’d be a really good plot twist for Naruto to be fighting his teacher. I was thinking it was the Sage of the Six Paths since Madara had such a shocked expression. I doubt it’ll be Senju since Orochimaru already revived him once.

  5. I really dont think it was Jiraya as it was used to extort madara. Im much more of the persuasion that it was the sage or madara’s little brother.

    On a side note, we keep on hearing that half of the kyuubi chakra is in naruto, do we know where the other half is?

    1. The Fourth used the Shinigami Seal to seal away the malevolent half with his own soul and sealed the good chakra half in Naruto. Of course, that half itself seems to have two halves. I wonder what this means for Madara’s 10-Tails, since part of the Kyubi is sealed away forever.

  6. The other half at least according to the anime was sealed in that monk kid whose father was friends with Asuma. Except his seal wasn’t as good as Naruto’s and his hand gets all screwed up.

  7. So whatever happened to Konan o.O? After Nagato’s death, she brought Nagoto’s and Yahiko’s corpses with her. So does that mean Kabuto disposed of her or something? Or did she bury them before Kabuto got the corpse?

    1. konan is probably still alive, the technique that kabuto uses only utilizes the souls of the deceased so he doesn’t need the physical body of the soul, all kabuto needs is a sacrifice to house the soul and seeing how kabuto was just in some killing spree it could anyone housing the souls

  8. Hm, I hadn’t considered that Madara’s real body could be in the container. I actually thought it might have been his little brother’s.

    As for Jiraiya, yeah, I doubt it’s him. Pein/Nagato walked over him, so I don’t think Madara would fear him, though it’d be really bastardly of Kabuto to make Naruto face Jiraiya.

    And why has Kabuto not tried to bring back the 4th Hokage? Orochimaru got stopped before he could do it, but I would’ve thought Kabuto might want the Yellow Flash in his arsenal.

  9. That last box is most likely the ninja who possessed both the rinnegan and the sharingan, I can’t imagine there being any other ninjas that Madara would really fear that much.

  10. The story is shifting toward Bee cause he will be the one teaching Naruto how to control the Kyuubi (I got that from the obvious hint of the old frog’s prophecy), as we know that Bee is the only host who can control the sealed beast.

    By the way, I didn’t know that only half the Kyuubi is sealed inside Naruto. Was that told before or only recently?

  11. I thought Naruto would eventually train with Killerbee as soon as it was revealed that he could partner with his beast.

    Ah, but why would Jiraiya freak Madara out that much? That reaction leads me to believe that it would have to be someone dear to him – like his brother – or someone whom Kabuto might use to undermine him – like the Rikudo Sennin. I don’t think that Impure World Resurrection can do anything but call a dead person’s soul into a replica body, so it’s probably not Madara’s original body (assuming he’s a body jumper like Oro).

    1. The Sage would fit with Madara’s disbelief, since Kabuto shouldn’t know enough about him to resurrect him. I think it’s someone we haven’t heard about already, like Madara’s love interest.

  12. Nah it’s not Jiraiya. It’s either Madara’s younger brother or Madara himself. Remember, Madara died once and Itachi said that the current Madara is just a shell of his former self or something like that.

  13. the poor fos, he actually looks sad, I was hopeing he would get along like the Hachibi. Mandara, who are you really? Kazuka is just as old as you. you have so many wrinkles from the looks of it..

    code fanboy
  14. It has to be the real madara body, which would prove that he is the fake madara, which would be why he was so shocked. And why kabuto promised to keep his secret. No way madara could live for so long and be able to fight so well unless he was an android or changed bodies!!!

    I want to see just what kabuto has up his sleeve, what does he really want?

    1. I agree with the Naruto sucking part.

      If there is one shounen series that defines randomc, it’s Bleach and it’s much better than Naruto. There’s like over 300 posts in the Bleach category. Though granted, divine might not be interested in Bleach.

      1. I know!!! Random Curiosity’s longest series’s posts were from Bleach!!!! I think divine is doing a terrible job because of that… The last blogger cared more for bleach than Naruto!! Even with its crappy fillers!!! I miss the last blogger a lot!!! T-T

    2. Hey guys…
      At least be grateful that RC is still here. And please don’t say RC died when Omni left. Both Divine and Jaalin are trying hard to keep RC alive.

      And if you don’t like Naruto at all then why are you even here checking this post out in the first place?

  15. I think it’s pretty obvious that it is not Jiraiya on the last coffin. I don’t think Madara would get scared by seeing either Jiraiya, Danzou or any of the hokages (remember he fought Hashirama, the first one).

    It has to be either the sage of the six paths, or the real Madara. That’d explain why he’s still wearing his mask even after revealing his supposedly true identity to everybody.
    Also I read somewhere that since we have seen techniques with the name of the gods from Japanese mythology except Izanami, we can assume there’s gonna be another strange technique and that might be the one Madara used to come back to life, if as I assume he got killed by the first hokage.

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  16. I gotta go with the Obito/Madara connection and say it’s his lil’bro or someone like that (I”m not gonna rant since the 41 people before me said enough I think). And FINALLY we get to see Naruto go badass on Nine-Tails. 😉

    Bleach was always more of Omni’s (who ran the site before divine took over) thing and divine pretty much just started on Naruto, so really it’s no surprise. And give divine credit for God’s sake. He’s basically doing a whole lot of the Spring 2010 anime season by himself and Bleach is pretty terrible at the moment anyway with all the filler, so no real loss there in my opinion.

    If divine should pick a shonen manga to follow, One Piece is the real way to go. The last arc was all around a Crowing Moment of Awesome/Heartbreak. /fangirl prejudice

  17. Well to start off Tobi can’t be Obito because his right eye got crushed. And it can’t be the first hokage because he was eaten up by the shinigami that the 3rd summoned, so he wont be able to leave for the rest of eternity. I think it might be madaras brother. Tobi is Madara because he met Itachi befor he became Tobi, and if he wasn’t Madara then why would Itachi want so bad to keep Sasuke from him?

  18. Thats it time to end this debate. Everyone brings up the fact that Obito cant be Tobi because of being crushed by a rock. This in a universe where dogs,snails,frogs and what not can talk and be summoned via some blood seal contact. We have Hidan who is nothing but a talking head. We have Gaara and 75% of Konoha that were all brought back to like via some Retcon Jutsu (which annoys me to no end.) We have a 50 year old woman parading around as a 20 year that has the strength of a Sayian. We have Orochimaru that has spent the past few chapters living inside of Sasuke AND Kabuto. We have Sasuke who went blind and is gaining power from the eyes of Itachi who was also blind. So with all this there is no possibility that Obito could have been rescued by Madara, given a new eye and maybe had his body taken over or was a pupil of Madara. TOBI IS OBITO, anything is possible in Naruto. Oh and Madara’s corpse is also in that coffin,Tobi wouldnt be scared of Jiraiya who was killed by Pain who was defeated by Naruto. The Sage of Six path was too much of a beast to be controlled by the likes of Kabuto/Orochimaru. So it has to be Madara that is all goodnight.

  19. Curious as to how Naruto and Kyubi will interact if they have to depend on each other in combat (less so than I am about whatever techniques will be gained out of it) given how Bee and his tailed-beast are almost friends.

    As far as Madara and that last coffin… starting to think that “Madara” might just be a symbol of the hatred the Uchiha have for the Leaf than a single person now. Don’t see how it could be Obito given how much love he had for Kakashi and Rin. Just going to have to wait and find out, but if its Obito it would explain the “one eye” thing and how he wanted to snatch Nagito’s eyes. If he’s trying to restore himself to power and all he has is invulnerability, Nagito’s ability to bring things back from the dead might help him get his original body back. Enough with thinking too far into this though. Just going to watch and see.

  20. @abe
    Well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

    >how Naruto and Kyubi will interact if they have to depend on each other
    This is naruto we’re talking about, the kid who convinces all the bad guys to move to the light side and watch the sun setting in the distance while holding hands. Totally not gay because it’s not even 3d.

    But I agree the best thing to do right now is to wait until Kishimoto reveals whom does the sixth body belongs to.

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