「おかしな監視員」 (Okashina Kanshiin)
“The Odd Observer”

So yes, it turns out there is an uncensored variety of this series on ATX, but you really aren’t missing much with this censored version. However, if you’d like to see the occasional nip slip in a fairly innocent and not overly explicit Seikon no Qwaser type of way, then it doesn’t hurt to wait three more days for ATX’s offering. To give you a better idea, what you would’ve gotten to see in episode one are better views of the lovely Junko, which I actually found somewhat tasteful, plus the removal of all black fog and logos. Normally I’d be all for the uncensored version, but since the fog is used sparingly and the logos don’t take away too much from the imagination, I honestly don’t mind the censorship too much in this series.

Now as for this second episode, things picked up right where we left off last time with Junko recovering a bit thanks to Korone and then running off in tears thinking how she’s tainted now and will never become a bride (just like a certain left-handed bass player from a light music band). Surprisingly, she was gone for most of the episode after that, but I didn’t particularly mind because Korone was so fun to watch as the new Liladan (android) sent to watch over Akuto. For that, I have to credit Yuuki Aoi‘s acting for bringing out that soft-spoken yet adorably blunt side of her, which is very reminiscent of Noel in last season’s So-Ro-No-Wo-To. It wasn’t anything hilariously funny, but still pretty amusing due to how easily she teased Akuto about being a pervert as he tried to pull her tail to deactivate her.

Plot-wise, there was some back-story build-up on how Akuto met Seena when he was younger and bought her a lavish hair ornament before leaving the church. The other highlight however was the formal introduction of Itou Shizuka‘s character in the series — the two-faced head of the girl’s dorm, Etou Fujiko, who secretly wants Akuto’s demonic powers as her own. While I realize that Fujiko is depicted as a manipulative bitch here who will trick Akuto into using questionable drugs on Junko, I can’t bring myself to hate her when she has Shizuka’s voice backing her up. Shizuka’s one of my “weaknesses” so to speak because of characters like Katsura Hinagiku, but at least it looks like Fujiko’s character will improve over time, much like Junguuji Kuesu did in Omamori Himari. She may have that “ojou-sama” type of air around her now, but I just know she’ll succumb to the demon king’s harem sooner or later if the ending sequence is indication of anything. >:)

So with the introduction of Korone and Fujiko, I’m looking forward to seeing the other characters in this series as well. As you can probably tell though, they haven’t shown any signs that this adaptation will turn out to be anything more than just ecchi harem fun. Despite that, I still enjoy this series a fair bit because it’s simply just that. Hearing Kondou Takashi‘s outbursts as Akuto hasn’t gotten old by any stretch of the imagination yet, as he was the sole reason I enjoyed Seitokai no Ichizon more than I thought I would. With that in mind, I definitely plan to continue following this series, but it’s hard to give it any priority over the likes of Durarara and Angel Beats on Fridays, so I may opt to cover it on Saturdays like I am now. No promises there, but that’s what I have in mind at the moment.

Finally, the ending sequence/theme that was missing from the premiere episode was featured here. Somehow, I can’t help but picture Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou when I hear Asou Natsuko’s songs though, as it’s the series that introduced me to her music in the first place. It’s not a bad song and the sequence itself is quite “savory”, so be sure to check it out. If anyone’s looking for the opening sequence without the scrolling credits from last time, I’ve also encoded a copy of it and uploaded it here.

Note: This series doesn’t seem to feature any preview scenes, hence why I don’t have any screenshots of it.


ED Sequence

ED: 「Everyday sunshine line!」 by 麻生夏子 (Asou Natsuko)
Watch the ED!: Download, Streaming ▼


  1. This series is pretty damn funny, especially some of the moments with Korone like the bathroom scene. Oh, and I kinda actually like the censors, because their actually kinda cute since they don’t use the ridiculous amounts of fog and sunshine to cover up and replace it with a cute face of the character (or an elephant lol).

  2. Yea I for one didn’t really hate the censor this time since they are actually cute compare to black hole and fog which is ridiculously annoying. But of course being a true anime fan and a guy I always prefer everything original down to its core, so adding something like censor make me feel it ruins the original feel of the anime, now if only I get get my hands on the ATX version.
    But when I saw this manga back then it always reminds me of the manga RAVE, at least one of the ideal in the story reminds me of it like the question about why darkness and devil just simply label as evil without any reason, holy and light will just label as being good, how come no one ever question the reasons, why just being born as a devil and enjoy darkness will just simply label one as evil, while angel and light just label as good. Shouldn’t a person be judge by its action instead of how they were born. This was one of the ideal in RAVE they talk about and it reminds me of the situation the main character in Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou is in, he was born or destiny to be a devil and everyone just simple label him as evil without give him the chance to prove his action.

  3. man, i really like this series, i am deffinetly watching it to the end, but what i realy loved the most this episode was the introduction of the ending theme that i liked a lot

  4. Oh no Korone is trying to take over Nagato “I’m a droid no emotion” moe skill. This should be easy since it appears Nagato will gain/retain some “emotions” at the end of Disappearance. So here’s wishing that Korone will stay as a moe android. Fujiko looks uber in evil mode too bad she hangs with Celty headless brother LoL

    Island Esper
  5. Okay, I noticed that a light novel and manga came out first. Reading the manga, it was a bit different and besides that I noticed this. (Probably the last one to notice it) There are only going to be 12 episodes. Great, just great.

  6. Great series so far, I laughed a good bit when Korone was in the closet. The ecchi in this series is not as bad as I would’ve thought also, they manage to keep up the flow of the story rather than go out of the way for such things. Also Divine you are doing a wonderful job with this site so far, I myself as well as many others I’m sure have been keeping a close eye on this site more than ever now. The only concern I have is that you may burn yourself out too fast ~ keep up the great work and I hope that this site can go on for awhile to come, I’ve been visiting it for quite a long time now =o


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