「伊波、男性恐怖症。だって怖いんだもん…」 (Inami, Dansei Kyoufushou. Datte Kowainda Mon…)
“Inami, Fear of Men. Because They’re Scary…”

I don’t know how Souta puts up with Mahiru at Wagnaria, but his job sure as hell warrants some danger pay. Actually, make that an extensive health and dental coverage package as well, because he’s probably going to need his jaw realigned and teeth reset at this rate. Like seriously, that supposedly timid little orange-haired girl is VICIOUS! Vicious I tell ya and Souta should really consider wearing a full-cage helmet to help absorb those Terry Bogard-like Burn Knuckle bombs she’s dropping on his face. You can’t really blame him for agreeing to help Mahiru get over her androphobia by sharing some shifts either, as he was coaxed into it by his one and only weakness — the petite 12 year-old-looking Popura.

I’m quite surprised how almost the entire episode focused on just that but it didn’t get old at all. There were some good moments too, such as when Mahiru wondered if she had mistaken what Souta’s last name is after hearing Popura keep calling him “Katanashi”, only to find out that it is indeed “Takanashi” like she originally thought and that Souta would have none of that mispronounced shit from her. It was literally an “Oh hell no you can’t call me that you crazy bitch!” moment with silverware and all. “You ain’t no 12 year-old elementary school girl! I won’t let you get away with that shit! I’ll stab you if you get it wrong again!”

Other than that, Yachiyo’s “goal of the month” stuff was pretty funny, mainly because it started off as “try to do your job with the customer’s perspective in mind”, but quickly changed to “try to do your job with manager’s perspective in mind” after they realized the original one wouldn’t mean rat’s ass to Kyouko. Much like the first episode, the ongoing gag about Popura’s petite frame is still prominent throughout, but it was hilarious hearing Souta say the thought of a little girl growing up and getting taller makes him want to vomit. That’s some serious mini complex for you right there, especially when consider how pissed off he sounded as he mumbled that under his breath. Talk about taking the whole “minicon” thing to a freakish fetish level. Just ask Popura.

Judging from the preview, the next episode will center around Yachiyo and the katana she’s always carrying around. I’m actually curious about learning more about her character and her “oddities” so to speak, so it should be fun. Also, the ending theme with the male trio of awesome seiyuus was featured in this episode and I actually thought it was a pretty good goofy song. For some reason, I can just picture FukuJun, Ono D, and Kamiya Hiroshi having a blast singing “Go to the Heart Edge” in the recording studio. Check it out below.


ED Sequence

ED: 「ハートのエッジに挑もう Go to the Heart Edge」 (Heart no Edge ni Idomou) by 福山潤、小野大輔、神谷浩史 (Fukuyama Jun, Ono Daisuke, Kamiya Hiroshi)
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  1. Lol wow, this show’s hilarious. I love how intense the minicon gags get, and how Kouta’s kinda a bastard (yet you don’t really mind since its pretty damn funny). Can’t wait to see even more of the character’s ridiculous interactions, and the punches from Mike Tyson/Mahiru =P.

  2. Every character is crazy in this series! Even Katanashi… sorry, I mean Takanashi – a dangerous minicon he can be. Glad I decided to watch this despite the very generic series title.

    Glad Takanashi doesn’t react predictably like a boring harem male when dealing with the violent antics of Mahiru, crying and moaning. Rather, he allows his minicon nature to get the better of him – His extreme love/fetish for all things mini and distaste for everything that isn’t means he couldn’t help but be instinctively mean to Mahiru, even if it means with him ending up as Mahiru’s punching bag all the time. Perhaps you could say he was asking for it. LOL

    Besides Takanashi and Mahiru’s antics with each other, there’s also some Kyoko x Yachiyo yuri vibes going on this episode as well.

    For some reason Souma, the other cook voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi, is missing from this episode. Wonder if they’ll explain his absence? Or is his absence simply because the sketch does not require his presence?

    BTW, does anyone also notice a dark-haired meganekko waitress working at the restaurant as well? Will she be part of the recurring cast?

    Kinny Riddle
  3. Ugh, such a fangasm over the cast. I’m such a whore for Ono, Kamiya, and Fukuyama.

    The first episode really won me over, I’m eagerly waiting for subs on this one! Thanks for your hard work!

  4. Mahiru always punching Takanashi will get old fast, at least for me. I do wish they plan for a character arc at least for these two. It hints at the end of this episode but who knows her natural reaction to men is punching them so even if Mahiru might end up liking Takanashi she’ll just punch him.

  5. At the moment, this is actually funnier than K-ON, for me at least (though I hope it will improve since Ep1 is more reorientation than anything).

    Poplar’s confusion about her own shortness and Katanashi-kun was quite bemusing. But I agree that the violent indignation against male-kind will soon get old.

  6. This is like how Special A was with the OP and ED; the girls would sing the OP and the boys would sing the ED. Although, there might be other anime that do that ‘_’;

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