OP Sequence

OP: 「ヴィーナスとジーザス」 (Venus to Jesus) by やくしまるえつこ (Yakushimaru Etsuko)
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Bring on the messed up homeless people living by the riverside! If you thought the Village Chief was bad, wait till you see the rest of the gang that Riku (formerly known as Ichinomiya Kou) gets introduced to this time around. In this episode alone, we have the star-head Hoshi (Sugita Tomokazu), the red-hooded “can’t step out of the white line game” Shiro (Ootsuka Houchuu), the uzi-touting and clearly male Sister (Koyasu Takehito), and the iron head siblings, Tetsuo (Sanpei Yuuko) and Tetsuro (Shinitani Ryouko). I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top that in the “WTF” character introductions category, but surprisingly, there are more to come later on. Even without the others, I have to say that I feel for Riku in this new life under the bridge as the only one with his sanity in check, but that doesn’t stop me from taking enjoyment in his misfortune either. =)

So much like last time, things were broken up into mini episodes, with the first one being about Riku’s newly renovated pad down under. Not too shabby to say the least, until he looks outside and remembers where the hell he is. It doesn’t help that he freezes his ass off when Nino comes through the door either, but at least she’s nice enough to bring him some fish to eat straight from the river. A pretty girl bringing you a home cooked meal? Even Riku wasn’t dumb enough to let that pass, but he was still too useless to strike up some conversation that might get him anywhere in this relationship (if you can even call it one). As far as I’m concerned, he should have just gone with the Venus talk idea, because if he’s going to make this work, he may as well go along with the severely messed up flow. You can’t go wrong with crazy here!

The latter portions of the episode made for some good laughs as Riku tried “very hard” to cover his eyes as Nino got out of the drum can bath, as well as his ever-so-awesome welcome party. In the latter case, things were going fairly well until Riku decided to introduce himself as Ichinomiya Kou instead of his new “street name” under the bridge, which got him a nice “KAPPA KIIIIIICK!!!” to the face. But hmm, some of the others weren’t too happy about him introducing himself as Nino’s new lover either, so I guess he can’t win. Out of the new bunch however, Sister and his record-breaking five second mass had to be one of the funnier moments here. All he had to do was raise his gun and ask if there was anyone here who did something bad and then the religious service was a done deal. Now that’s what you call efficient preaching.

As you can probably tell from the screenshots, this was another gag-filled affair much like the first showing. I enjoyed the quirky randomness of it all, but didn’t find it hilariously funny. Still, I can’t get enough of Riku’s outbursts as he tries to comprehend insanity and of Nino in general, particularly with how Shaft manages to make her look really really good in some shots. It’s not often I can say that given Shaft’s inconsistent production lately, so hopefully this is a step in the right direction for the studio as a whole. Other than that, included in this episode were the opening and ending sequences missing from last week. The opening sequence with “Venus & Jesus” is notoriously Shaft/Shinbou Akiyuki‘s style (with Tatsuwa Naoyuki directing it), whereas the ending is much simpler. Surprisingly, it features a song by Suneohair, whose music I instinctively associate with Honey & Clover, throwing the whole gag thing off.


ED Sequence

ED: 「逆様ブリッジ」 (Sakasama Bridge) by スネオヘアー (Suneohair)
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  1. this is just my type of anime i have no idea where they are going or whats going on,the graphics are great and it doesnt seem they will go in the crapy direction as usuall anime. i think this will be the best anime after K-ON

  2. Without reading your review i automatically went to listen to the ending song and totally familiarized it with honey and clover too!! Even the sublime background of the bridge in the beginning kind of reminded me of the ferris wheel.

  3. its not a GREAT anime, but it can be too hilarious sometimes. I see LOTS of people hating this anime, but I also see people who like the anime, particularly the monologues n dialouges. I guess it all depend on each person’s taste.

    anyways…..I on the other hand, like the gags in this anime. Though im not sure where this anime is heading too…

  4. “the uzi-touting and clearly male Sister (Koyasu Takehito)”

    God, Koyasu is the FIRST guy I think of when I saw a pic of the character. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

  5. You are wrong, Divine.
    Basically, Shinbou havn’t been involved in any OP and ED sequense since he had done in Mahou Shoujo Lylical Nanoha. Arakawa’s OP director is Tatsuwa Naoyuki,who did Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei OP, Vampire Bund OP and etc, and Arakawa’s OP storyboard was done by Yamamoto Sayo, who is the director of Michiko to Hatchin.
    I’m always wondering why people who label all SHAFT animes as Shinbou-esque don’t care about small yet important differences.

    1. Correction noted. True it’s Tatsuwa Naoyuki directing it, but he’s like the right-hand man to Shinbou with Shaft productions, so I mistakenly looped them all together. I guess it would’ve been more correct to say it’s Shaft’s style with Shinbou/Tatsuwa influences.

      As for labeling the anime as Shinbou’s, that would simply be because he is the main director.

  6. oh my gosh, this was really funny, the welcome party was great, but the part where he says “thats not a sister, its a brother” was just too much, i couldnt stop laughing, and he shot and made a five second service that was just as funny as the whole situation. man this was great

  7. So I suppose the underlying theme in this large-sample analysis of schizophrenics- (after some DEEP digging) is the sincerity and earnesty through which the people under the bridge live their lives, compared to the falsity and coldness of Riku/Kou’s upbringing. With no attachments, the people under the bridge can freely “live.”

    But then you realize all that’s just secondary- what this show’s really about is colorful characters and over the top gags.

  8. I did enjoy the sister mass, after spending 3 hours in church yesterday. But I wonder what this show is really about. Will they go the sad reality that homeless people have, going so far as going crazy or will it stay as a full joke and nonsense. Will watch a bit more

    Island Esper
  9. I loved the OP, can’t stop playing it for some reason. Probably because I like Nino’s pink hair better than her usual blonde. 😀
    I’ll be sure to keep watching this show at least for another week or two, maybe it will grow on me more.

  10. After watching the first episode, I just thought this was going to be an eccentric comedy. But seeing the second one and the way the main character has trouble accepting the community’s life style, it has the potential to get further. Considering the big guy playing the sister, and the ED with all of the characters doing something different, maybe they’ll show how some of the characters came to be under the bridge and how the oasis is preferable to “real life.”

  11. I was laughing and screaming rather uncontrollably watching this episode. Everything from the oil drum bath, the five seconds mass, the shabby kappa suit (because it’s dried out? lol), the neighbors and the cookies. Mr. Star (Hoshi) is the one I’m looking forward to see/hear simply because of Sugita and I screamed “Chizu!!” when I heard Tetsuo. Lol. Now, all I need to see is the Last Samurai (Nakamura Yuuichi).

    Love both the OP (if you could call it singing, I’d call it cute-singing. :p) and the ED is more of a romantic side of this quirky tale.

    Lil' Lilly
  12. i’m definately sticking to the end with this and i kinda have to agree w some of the comments. the underlying theme is much more apparent than in bake.

    way to go shaft. oh any idea when’ll bake 15 be out?

    i do not want to be short changed by shaft.

    1. Since this technically isn’t a spoiler, I won’t put it in spoiler tags.

      To answer your question, no, Nakamura Hikaru is actually the original creator of the Arakawa Under the Bridge manga. Right above the ticket you’ll see him credited as being the author 「作者」. Hope that clears things up.

  13. In my opinion, i think this is a very artistic anime, those weird and oddly things are actually called “DADA”. This anime is actually more like express feelings more than telling a story. Well…. i enjoy watching it.


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