It’s mid-April and without any additional notice, the old site at finally went down today. Despite having the new Random Curiosity running here, it’s still a bit sad to see the old URL not load anymore with the Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière banner you see above. It also felt pretty weird deleting it from my bookmarks toolbar just now, as it was almost like I was laying the old site to rest. Gone, without a trace, except maybe in Google searches that won’t load anymore, but never forgotten. :'(


  1. yeah i still haven’t fixed my starting pages.
    I’ll leave that gaping hole for now.
    On a sidenote i do really appreciate this site. And i hope you continue with it even when you get so busy to do one show. Or a random boob rant. I just love the style and feel of this site.

  2. *salutes*

    goodbye old site, you have provided me with many hours of reading time that could’ve been spent on bettering myself. Although, I think I prefer things this way.

    you shall be missed, old site.

  3. I’ll miss the old site too. I always went to it to read up on anime series I was keeping a close eye on. All good things must come to an end. I’m grateful this website keeps those traditions going. This is my favorite anime blog. 🙂

  4. Goodbye and thanks for everything. I won’t be deleting the old bookmark anytime soon and thus, it will join a bunch of old bookmarks of wonderful sites that too had gone away…

  5. It really is weird to finally delete the link off my bookmarks. Feels very surreal….

    I will always love the old banner but progress and change is inevitable anywhere we go.

    I salute you RC ver 1.0 :`(

  6. it was a great site and it will be remembered by me.
    the old banner also gave me peaceful vibe but this banner of senjougahara is not bad either.
    ill miss it a bit though…

  7. Just me or does it feel like someone just died…too sad..T_T

    OLD RandomC – Definitely never forgotten….unless I’m an alsheimer’s patient…can’t blame that one on me.

  8. I told myself I should remove the old link from my favs but just couldn’t do it. Good memories, you don’t want to let go. Man, I guess I was in denial.
    Many thanks can’t give justice to Divine for keeping the RC spirit alive and doing so much work. Cheers for the years to come!
    The old RC is dead…All hail the new RC!!!

  9. Bwuah? That logo was Louise from ZNT?

    Damn, I’ve been reading for 1 year and I always thought it was some random/original art. I guess the lack of pink hair and wizard suit threw me off.

    1. It is just missing one thing though, Omni. then It would be just as great. However, I still like Divine’s style of posting. I, like many others, never really read the summaries and just read the impressions and looked at the pictures for amusement.

  10. She was a fine old site, and has been my front page for many long seasons. She has led me through numerous shows I’ve now seen. And now as we go about with our lives, we won’t forget her. Let’s make the new site live up to its predecessor.

  11. Well, supposed to happen sometime, but, on the positive side, we kept going, errr, Divine, kept the ball running, I do appreciate that Divine kept going, dude, great.. you are doing great.. Keep it up 🙂

  12. /Salute

    It has been a privilege to have been a reader of Old Random Curiosity and as an honor to that site, I will never take down Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière wallpaper off of my Windows Live Messanger background : )

  13. Shame to see it go, but thanks for keeping this going Divine. It’s alot of work, just keep in mind there’s always others out there willing to contribute if you ever feel it becomes to much.

  14. That’s why back in April the 1st, I immediately updated my bookmarks with the URL of the new site and started to get myself used at visiting the new site’s URL.

    I could not bear the thought of visiting the OLD Random Curiosity site day after day after OMNI’S departure just to find out sooner or later that the old site will never load anymore.

    Thankfully, we can contribute to the new site so it can stay as long or even longer than the old one did.

    Kudos to DIVINE for the new site!!

  15. Sayonara RC senior (:-(. You’ll be missed. Hopefully Omni will drop by once in a while in RC Junior. And goodbye Louise, you’ll always be my moes-tes princess ever hu hu…

  16. 6 years ago I had to quit blogging because of the site closure. Webmaster stopped so the site went down. Similar situation to this. After that I was following three anime blogs; Jeff Lawson’s NoWhere, We are Mizuho and Random Curiosity. All three are gone now. I keep them in my bookmarking engine and every time I open my web browser I can see three dead links. Random Curiosity senior joined the list recently. R.I.P.

  17. Bwah…so sad to see it go.
    Please don’t over work yourself Divine ; A ;
    Try and get some other bloggers to help you cover some show : 3
    (That’s been worrying me for a while now = m = )

  18. its sad to see the old site go but this site is awesome too thanks again for your hard work divine! and i agree with drunken veggie you should see if you cant get some other bloggers to help you out!

    p.s. I’m available to help out if you really feel swamped though I dunno how much help i’d actually be. Contact me if you’re interested. (I assume that the email shows up when you read the blog through administrator eyes XD)

  19. RIP. And thanks again Omni for all your hard work! I wish you the best for your future!!
    And you Jaalin, best of luck with running this “new” RC site! You’ve accepted a very heavy inheritance..

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