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I don’t know what Kyoto Animation is doing with K-ON this season, but P.A. Works is upping the bar with a second concert scene already and it rocks even more than their first one. Houkago Tea Time eat your heart out. Girls Dead Monster is in the house! Before “Garudemo” kicked off their concert to divert the NPC characters and Tenshi away from their “sneak into angel area” plan, this episode was full of the usual lighthearted character interactions, including one revolving around the resident geek, Takeyama (Ichiki Mitsuhiro), who prefers to go by the codename “Christ”. With everything from his stupid codename to his verbal assault on Noda using the number Pi to jostle the latter’s dumb brain, followed up by Garudemo’s assistant Yui (Kitamura Eri) and her overzealousness, and eventually the operation of sneaking into the “angel area” being nothing more than Tenshi’s room, this episode was almost as goofy as the last one, which made me highly suspect an emotional bomb was going to dropped.

Preparing for the worse, I braced my emotional fortitude when the focus shifted to Garudemo lead guitarist/vocalist Iwasawa‘s past life (Sawashiro Miyuki). In particular, how her parents were always fighting with one another and her only salvation in life came from an old guitar she picked up off the streets. It was nice seeing her find that glint of hope in her life as she used music to guide herself towards independence from her parents, but knowing that she eventually died, I was semi-prepared for the incident involving her sudden collapse from a cerebral infarction (caused by a blow to a head from her parents’ quarreling) and her subsequent loss of speech (aphasia). It’s an admittedly sad fate for someone who was just turning her life around, but like Iwasawa said herself, isn’t nearly as traumatic as Yuri’s past. Still, I sympathized for her unfortunate end, which reaffirmed my theory that everyone here led sad and sorrowful past lives.

However, as the Garudemo concert went on for diversionary tactics and the girls rocked on ever so awesomely, it soon became apparent that the story revolving around Iwasawa wasn’t done just yet. With her desperately grabbing her cherished guitar back and playing the ballad “My Song” that Yuri originally determined wasn’t lively enough to draw a crowd, Iwasawa not only did that, but left the entire audience completely speechless as it was broadcast across the school airwaves. It was a really powerful song to say the least, but what caught me completely off guard was her sudden disappearance following its completion. I was more in awe and disbelief than anything else at that point and a completely mixed bag of emotions filled my mind. I was happy that my suspicion seemed correct and that this world serves as a transitional period for people who have died, allowing them to eventually move on once they’re content with accomplishing what they couldn’t while alive. However, Iwasawa’s song echoing through the gymnasium and the realization that the Sawashiro Miyuki character I was looking forward to the most in this series suddenly is now gone after only the third episode left me both saddened and… PISSED OFF! What will Garudemo be without her!? T_T

Anyway, that scene was pretty moving, but not quite enough to get me choked up because I was doing my darndest to prepare for Maeda Jun’s teary-eyed emotional bombs. Had I not, I think this would’ve gotten through to me, even though it’s technically a happy way for Iwasawa to move on. In any case, it doesn’t look like anyone will have time to “grieve” over her, as hacking into Tenshi’s computer shows that her abilities weren’t granted by God, but actually developed by herself. This of course raises the question as to who Tenshi really is if she’s not an angel of some sort. Could she just be another girl who met a horrible fate and is taking it upon herself to guide the people in this world into accepting their deaths? i.e. Is she just the polar opposite of Yuri’s actions? I’m starting to think so, but the fun is in not knowing with this original series. I can’t wait to see more.

Note: In case you were wondering, Iwasawa’s songs are performed by marina and not Sawashiro Miyuki as I mentioned before.



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  1. Here’s something I noticed that was interesting. During the ED, while everyone else appears, Iwasawa doesn’t, despite the fact she was there in the episode 2 ED. Perhaps this is a signal that more people are going to leave the afterlife? D:

    On another note, I wasn’t really expecting for the producers to go ahead and use Key’s actually logo for the Key soda xD. Subliminal messaging/hidden advertising ftw. =P

  2. If Iwasawa says that her past doesn’t compare to Yuri’s I’m really going to go out on the crying in later eps.

    Agreeing with Click with the ED Iwasawa was missing and also wonders if it’s going to end with Yuri and main male character.

  3. It’s my belief that this world is a place for them to come to terms with their life and death, once they do they move on.
    Iwasawa achieved her dream and found peace and so moved on.
    Those who go to class and obey eventually accept this is their new world and let go of their old one.
    The people in SSS fight their fate and don’t accept their deaths or the cruelty of their past life and so they stay.

  4. O man, so many mixed feelings about this episode. It was fantastic, it was Iwasawa’s turn to shine. The whole concert what well done, but everything was ever so shiny. I still think that the emotions could’ve been conveyed better somehow. This is kinda pull at the heart material, but I guess we’ll have to wait till later.
    Since the ED showed Iwasawa missing (Christ in, LOL what a asshole)or “moving on”, I can see slowly the cast fading away and this turning into bawlfest. DON’T TAKE TK AWAY.
    So what is the different b/w Erase and Disappear?
    How does Tenshi do what she does by “Erasing”? Without Iwasawa there anymore, it’s a really sad realisation. MIYUKI SAWASHIRO ;_;
    I think Yui is going to replace her [btw divine, typo for KitaEri’s character] I think it’s hinted in the trailer, but not too sure where someone says the line of her replacing. Lol Yui as the main singer/guitarist? I see why KyoAni didn’t take this up, they’re already busy with their own.

  5. Lame episode. If AB is going to have a memory-of-the-week format, this series will get boring quickly. There is no comparison to K-ON!!; it’s not (really) about the music anyway.

      1. So far it’s been 3 episodes of AB, and 2 were flashback-episodes, with the latest not only being a flashback one, but having NO action whatsoever (hacking in a girl’s room/concert which had a “touching song” at the end that sounded off pitch…ugh).

        AB I suspect will be like watching Endless-Eight, packaged in flashbacks of each and every character….all slowly vanishing. It’s like having rapid character development…and then poof, no more character.

        That being said, the first episode was not bad, and most of the second was OK.

    1. Although I’m hoping, like you, that the series won’t be doing “the memory-of-the-week format,” I’m going to have to agree with RaptorJesus that this series can compare K-ON!!. Well, I think it far exceeds K-ON!!…

      Nice Holystone
  6. I really liked this episode. More Tenshi = I’m happier. Was sad at the end. I hate those kinds of endings =(. I’m M for bittersweet stuff, I hate it (because it makes me sad) but keep reading/watching it.

    You could say it was kind of bittersweet, the sweet being her passing on and the bitter being everyone else there with a gap. I think in further episodes this incident might grow in SSS the possibility of passing on and I agree that more people will probably pass on and disappear from the ending, which will make me more sad.

    As long as nothing happens to Tenshi. If something happens to her… RAAAAAAAAAAAEG!

  7. I’m kind of worried if they mow through the cast as quickly as this ep did, there might be no time to build an emotional attachment other than for the few main characters, though possibly that might the the idea (ie people come, people go)

    Also felt kind of sorry for the tenshi when she was standing there looking at the posters. Given the way she’s drawn, its kind of obvious she’s not going to be a real villian.

    Zaku Fan
  8. I think ever since this shot:
    we knew that Tenshi is just lonely and misunderstood, being taken as a concept rather than a person that is likely in the same boat as Yuri’s group, whether she is on God’s side or not.

    Still, how does she develop her own abilities? If she isn’t affiliated with a higher power, she must have recalled them from her memory, so what does that suggest about her previous life (if she had one) or the world she came from.

  9. This ep definitely have a Haruhi feel to it but more epic and emotional especially with how Iwasawa finished the ep. I am definitely going to look forward to getting my hands on this this shows OST once it comes out :P.

  10. Oh great, this series is going to be like HR. I just hope they explain things better by the end. And guess Tenshi has been watching Naruto, Guard Skill: Harmonics looks like a clone skill.

    1. Wow.. Great episode.. I’m somehow can’t stop being curious how the story is going. Call it intriguing. I wonder who’s on the right side of the path here. I’m beginning to think this is like purgatory itself.

      Also I wonder if those are really “NPCs” they’re saying. Me thinks they’re all the same.

      On a side note… With all those commonalities I’ve spotted I’m having no doubts that this was a direct(or subtle) challenge to KyoAni. XD

  11. @Divine
    I so agree with you about Miyuki. I hoped she would be part of the Harem.

    I believe that the other girl “Tenshi” is not really an Angel neither. She said so in the beginning herself. Maybe she knows about the truth about the place and her plans is the same as the student body to remain in this world which is by not allowing the student body do what they want because it will become eventually their last wish which was not able to complete while being alive?

  12. Yeah she finally found her peace. Now she can rest, that’s how it goes. I guess you know how people believe there’s ghosts that wander around the planet trying to reach out or fulfill what they wanted to accomplish before they disappeared. Shows you in this show too, really powerful indeed! Can’t wait for more now 🙂

  13. a great episode sad we lost a main char already but she at least reached her dream.
    oh and if you listen to the preview it seems like someone will replace her.

    I agree that probably all of them need to find peace to pass on, most likely tenshi is just there to maintain order and maybe help on some of them to have a peaceful life to pass on.

  14. I was, like you, pretty shocked when Iwasawa dissapeared. AND PISSED! Sawahiro Miyuki may be my favorite Seiyuu and Iwasawa’s character was one of the ones I was hoping to enjoy more before something like this happened. But I do think, since it’s this early in the story, we may have a chance of her coming back.
    But it’s also hard to say that when they took her out of the ED. 🙁

    1. If im not mistaken, after watching episode two, the SSS group creates weapons by using people who have knowledge in creating weapons to then apply that knowledge to dirt. Kinda crazy huh? I.E. If a person knows how to create a pistol, this person can get some dirt, think of every component a pistol needs to function then BAM you have a pistol XD

      When it comes to Tenshi, the scary fact learned from Episode 03 is that she is using her own knowledge to create her devestating abilities, implying that “God” did not give them to her.

      Let me know if I got the idea wrong guys : )

      1. Which brings up the questions: Is she really an angel then? If she isn’t, then she had to be human right? Just what world did she live in that had that kind of tech!?

        I guess it’s also possible she is god! That would solve a lot of questions.

      2. Heh rather then living in a world with High Tech, I think she must be a fan of games or something. It looks like she’s using a computer program to help her visualize her concepts for the skills then bringing them into the world with her imagination. The ability reminds me of Fate/stay night’s projection magic and Chaos;Head’s Di-sword abilities.

      3. 1 possibility is that the tenshi is simply someone who has been in the world the longest. She may have stayed to shepard the emotionally wounded people in the dead world to their next life through a orderly “life” (aka the NPCs). Since she has been there the longest, she may have found out much more of the rules for the world and thus developed her powers.

        Zaku Fan
  15. NOOO! Not Iwasawa T_T I really wasn’t expecting her to be the first to go… well, at least she was happy there at the end ^^! What really pisses me off though is that (while she was alive) she found something she really loved and really was “turning her life around” only to end up the way she did! What was the point!?

    On a more positive note, the “death by pi” and “we’re all idiots” part was hilarious lol!

  16. Just episode 3 and Maeda has already “killed off” one character, though she’s been replaced with a new SSS member in the ED. I fully expect Takeyama to replace Iwazawa in next week’s OP as well.

    But how will GDM distract the SSS from now on now that their main vocalist and songwriter has decided to “move on”?

    I was just starting to like the band as well as it’s other members as well.

    Like Hisako, their spunky ponytail second guitarist.

    Sekine, their bass player (left), and Irie, their drummer (right).

    This blond twin-tailed cutie, Yusa, doesn’t seem to be part of the band, but is often seen coordinating the band’s activities.

    Though both had their initial dreams destroyed by their irresponsible parents, Iwazawa’s fate makes Clannad’s Tomoya feel lucky that he’s still alive after his scuffle with his dad.

    Today’s fun includes Takeyama, AKA “Christ”, overwhelming Noda with nothing but pi. XD

    Gotta like Tenshi walking off pouting about why the students/NPCs are treating her like a villain. Besides making her look cute, it also may hint at her forgotten humanity here.

    The fact that Iwazawa has “moved on” further strengthens my belief that this world is a “processing centre” for souls who died with regret, where they can eventually come to terms with their lives and eventually “move on”. Tenshi and Yuri may just be two souls that have decided to come to extremely opposite conclusions.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. but now the question in my mind is if “tenshi” was a human.
      kinda scarry if she was…i mean what was she in life if she know how to make “Hand Sonic” and the other skills.

      and if she was human and there was no god i think Yuri will kinda be pissed cuz she was rebelling against nobody.

  17. …holy crap. It just might be my opinion, but the Alchemy band performance was even better than the one in Haruhi! I am desperately waiting for the full song to be released and annoyed that teachers barged in when they were getting to the good part.

    It’s sad that Iwasawa moved on already, but her past was really sad and I’m glad she found happiness. I wonder what GirlDeMo is going to do now?

  18. What I think :
    Show Spoiler ▼

    And perhaps I’m assuming too much <_<; but feel free to correct me if I said something paradoxical or if you think that's totally wrong.

  19. I got total death flag feelings at the end of “my song” when she had the voice overs of her thoughts. I also get the feeling we are going to get girl-of-the-day flashbacks from now on, but maybe not just girls and also the guys.

  20. I don’t oppose the killing but it was rushed, too fast. I thought she was going to get “killed” like the guys did in episode 2 and then return; but Nooo they apparently whipped her 🙁 I have the same concern that most of us have: a memory, come to terms, die. They will kill the show if they go that route. Only one way to find out: watch the next episode!

    Island Esper
  21. I was thinking, either Yuri or Yui would take over the lead vocal and guitar position for GDM, though I wonder if the anime audience can stomach two anime shows featuring a girl named Yui as the band’s lead guitarist? 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
  22. Am I the only one in thinking that we still don’t know how she died? Cerebral infarction fine, but that lead to her loss of speech unless further complications led to her death.

    I also don’t like how they’re tossing out characters (I really liked Iwasawa too) so soon without knowing what actually happened to them. I suppose that’s the final plot line to resolve but still, I like good endings and while “passing on” isn’t a bad ending, it isn’t up there as a good ending either.

  23. Will yui be replacing Iwasawa’s disappearance in the series, considering the fact the Kitamura Eri has been singing for anime before? I didn’t see her picture in the cast at the outro credits. The show is starting to give as an initial test of cry gas. I hope no one else among the cast will disappear like Iwasawa.

  24. Wow so many comments for this show.That’s nice.
    So I think Tenshi is human too,she tried to rebel too, but lost hope so now she tries to protect the others by stopping their rebellious actions because they will have to face something even more cruel/strong if they continue.

  25. It feels like Tenshi also have her own friends/comrades and tries rebel against “God?” but FAILED. Now she’s trying to SAVE Yuri’s group I guess…prevent what had happen to her.

  26. I assess that there is a possibility that everyone died by suicide. They all seem to have such tragic backstories- now here the afterlife the reason why it says no one died by suicide is because everyone’s simply living in denial- like how they refuse to give in to death and move on.

    Just a wild guess I thought I’d throw out there. In all likely hood I’m wrong, lol…

  27. After watching this episode, I must say that it also points out what I said earlier in the first episode, they came to terms with their death. In Iwasawa’s case, she came to terms with the fact that music saved her, and that she will use that music to save someone else, hence her comrades, in the literal sense rather then how it did in the figurative sense. You could also say, that she found out her reason to live again which was music.

    On another note, Tenshi seems to be more human then previous thought, also making the first episodes quote I’m not an Angel true, though that could be a lie. Also, because Tenshi has her own room makes me wonder what exactly happen. As I said before, there must have been a previous war, however that would be strange considering that many people think that it’s possible that Tenshi was a rebel before them. Then again, if Tenshi is really trying to stop them, she would be doing a much better job. Enslaved by God would make sense if there was something on the line. Tenshi, is truly an enigma, considering the multiple possibilities. The craziest twist I could think of, would be that Tenshi is trying to develop her powers, however needs time and is trying to stop the SSS from bringing God to early in order to fight God her self.

    This episode also made me revise what I said and to specify more on what I mean to forget. Perhaps, forgetting death means finding a reason to live. She said that she found it, found the reason why she would want to be born, hence forgetting what caused her death in the first place. In all honesty, she really didn’t come to terms with her death, She was still bitter on why the world was cruel and unfair and how the fight between her parents took away the only thing that saved her in the first place. She found a reason to live, a reason to hope, or even a reason worth sacrificing her life for, which was in this case, she was born and meant for music, she was born to be saved by music, to save someone with music. Music was the key to giving her peace and sanctuary, her reason to live, and I know I’m probably long-winded at this point, but Music helped her forget how she died and the horrors of her life.

    Overall, great Episode. I was quite sad to see Iwasawa go. I found death by Pi ridiculously funny. I was hoping more songs would appear. Let alone, what I’m most curious about is how the supposed “NPC” will react to the disappearance of Iwasawa, since Girls Dead Monster was prominent in their life. I have to note that because this is a 13 episode series (I’m use to seeing Key do 25 episode series) that they might end up doing that. I mean, they can’t make it all fun and games for that many episodes in 13 episode series. I’m also surprised by the character replacement for the vanished. They might be just doing character replacement for the time being… but later on, I’m going to assume that they won’t do that. I’m seeing episode 4 being a light hearted episode, just judging by the name of it.

    On another note, I’m getting the feel that the message of life here is not to dwell on the past, not to be resentful, to move on and live life to the fullest, something that so many people just take for granted, despite the fact that it seems so obvious. That’s just an assumption over many assumptions and don’t take my word for it since it’s only the third episode.

    Over and out!

    Sora no Kaze
  28. hey guys i dun really know if anyone has noticed but i have been rewatching the OP for this anime and i found something really funny.

    for those interested in what i noticed, check out 00.58 min it is the part withe the SSS Briefing screen.
    look closely at the “copy right” in the bottom right of the screen.

    laughed till i cried.

    1. Ah, I see what you mean ^_^ but the time was 00:53 on the episode I had.

      Speaking of the OP, after the SSS Briefing screen, clips that are going to be later in the episode are shown; in other words, they are flash-forwards for every episode.


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