「復讐の炎」 (Fukushuu no Honoo)
“Flame of Vengeance”

Selective intelligence manipulation at its finest! I wouldn’t have suspected Mustang’s crew to pin the coup d’état on the goons at Central, but it sure made for some good laughs along with Briggs bringing in the heavy artillery. Deceiving the public was a good move to expose their corruption, but Ross‘ line about “justice” and everyone portraying Mustang’s group as the saviors in this civil war was the icing on the cake. I felt kind of bad for Mrs. Bradley being used as a tool to that end, still in the dark about her husband being a homunculus and thinking he’s dead, but at least her emotional burden is for a good cause. Her testimony about Central soldiers trying to kill her and Mustang stepping in to stop them was key,so I’m quite surprised they planned that far ahead when they kidnapped her (…or did they?).

The best part of this episode however was the showdown between Mustang and Envy. Or I should say, the completely dominating one-sided onslaught unleashed by the Flame Alchemist and his “I win” snap. Like seriously, Roy must have one of the most overpowered abilities out of all the state alchemists, provided that you don’t dump a bucket of water on him before hand. He’s lucky there’s no one balancing his ability in the Fullmetal Alchemist universe, as it would need to be hit with the nerf bat several times before it’s allowed to go live. When you have a monster like Envy who can regenerate as he pleases running from him, you just know something is messed up. Snap, oh there goes your eyes. Snap, oh there goes your whole body. It almost seems way too effortless, so I’m just glad he’s one of the good guys.

Looking back, it’s kind of hard to believe that we’re this late in the series yet this is the first time Mustang’s run into Envy. It’s been a long time coming for him to get the opportunity to avenge Hughes, which made for quite the scene when they were finally face to face. Given what an ass Envy is and how awesome Hughes was, I was pretty happy to see Mustang’s overpowered ability systematically take the shape-shifting homunculus down over and over again. Envy’s definitely getting no pity from me at this point, but the bigger concern is Mustang and how his hatred is absolutely consuming him. It’s hard to deny how badass he looks when he’s completely serious, but his obsession with revenge shows just how much he’s fallen from his normally calm and collected self. The drama unfolding here is intense to say the least, and it looks like things will continue on next time as we’re left with a cliffhanger involving Mustang and Hawkeye, one of which is evidently Envy in disguise.

* The commercial that aired during the broadcast showed scenes from some sort of Izumi OVA that’s included with the 9th DVD volume scheduled to be released next week.
* Credit goes to Omni for helping prep the images again.


Note: There were a lot of spoiler-filled comments last time, so if you’re familiar with the manga, please be considerate to others who aren’t and use <spoiler></spoiler> tags as appropriate. This includes hints or anything that’s suggestive of what will happen.




  1. Epic facial expressions in this episode.

    A lot of this stuff feels like kind of a waste of time at this juncture of the story, though. And my feelings about this particular battle are already pretty well known, so I’ll leave it at that.

    To be positive, though, holy crap, the Tales of the Master story’s been animated! Awesome.

    1. Saw the RAW!!! LOL! Seeing Envy getting owned by Rage Mode Mustang is awesome.

      Mustang should just make that flamethrower move again and incinerate Envy. His smokes are getting in the way of the fun. XD

  2. GOD, NOT NEXT WEEK!!! I mean that’s NOT FAIR!! ENDING UP WAY LIKE THAT!! Because we’re running of time?!

    – Will Riza shoot Mustang?

    – Or Riza will be the one who get shot?!


      1. I believe this is the case as well. Riza was supposed to protect Mustang’s back, but if he went too far or fell down the wrong path, he gave her orders to shoot him in the back. So I believe she is feeling that he is going too far with the revenge, so she might be doing this to remind him to not fall down any further.

      2. One of them is definately Envy. I’m betting on Mustang being the fake this time around. That because of the obvious sound effects of Envy plotting and because Hawkeye being Envy would be too obvious.

        Also, notice how she’s pointing her gun at Mustang? Envy can’t mimic projectiles, so pointing is useless.

  3. well….that’s a great episode .
    i asked a question before but i think the post was already dead ,
    so here is my question:
    does any1 has a feeling that he heard the new opening before ,i mean in another anime and i am sure it’s not the same song but the overall feeling (i hope some1 know what i mean).

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

  4. @ nplm
    yes! I had the same feeling, right when the chorus started. It’s odd… I’m pretty sure it’s a different song, but something about it feels familiar. I guess that’s how you feel when you like a song?
    The OP is definitely growing on me, though XD

    Looks like an epic episode! One of my favourite scenes from the manga. I can’t wait!

  5. The directing in this episode was pure win. Compared to last episode. I was a little disappointed with Al’s battle last week because I remember it being so much better in the manga. But this week was pure win. Every frame was awesome! 😀
    That Izumi OVA looked interesting. And what’s with the Fullmetal Alchemist festival they advertised after it?

  6. All I can say is that:

    A)This episode was awesome

    B)Fire is one of the best methods when it comes vengeance: ) let ur victim suffer over a duration of time rather then being a quick death =D


  7. @Divine

    Hey, I know this is quite out of the blue, but.. thank you for blogging! Or.. continuing to, anyways. I know there probably is a large weight upon your shoulders now and yet you’re still dedicated to running the site without Omni or much of Omni. You’re awesome.

    Haha. To be honest, though. I rarely read any of your actual bloggings. I simply refresh the page every few times a day or if I haven’t been on I just scroll through all the blogs until I find something interesting or maybe see if my favorite anime have been released yet.

    But even though, I still greatly greatly appreciate what you are doing. Just thought I’d let you know.
    Also, it’s kind of late and my brain doesnt function well around this time so sorry if some things dont make sense to you, lol.

    I look forward to your next FMA Brootherhood blog.

  8. OMG Roy is so overrated. It is Lust all over again. The fights with Roy ALWAYS seem kinda one-sided. I mean the humonculus can survive being shot,decapitated, etc. Lust should have easily killed Roy with her extending finger blades. Envy could have easily lunged at Roy cause fire cant stop a moving object from my understanding. Or maybe Envy took it easy because he knows the roll the chosen must play in father’s plan. AGGHHH it getting to the end too fast!!!

    Im with Richie. This site is a vital part of my anime entertainment. Everything I watch is from finding it on here.

    1. Being burned causes much more damage than just being shot or even decapitated because of its consistency – the flames are consistently damaging the body of the homunculus and it is having a hard time trying to regenerate. Really, fire can kill you over and over again, which is why it is so deadly.

      Besides, as megalith pointed out, getting your eyeballs burned out causes excruciating pain, which the homunculi have to tolerate in order to do anything.

    2. yeah but these guys arent human, but it was clear they felt pain so maybe that is all that counts. It was still too one sided which is my biggest gripe. Roy doesnt go out into full combat with anyone just *snap* “Look at that I just nuked half a city” and he hasnt even seen the truth or using a philospher stone.

  9. Envy vs Mustang, the verdict? TOTAL MUSTANG PWNAGE. And loving every minute of it. 🙂

    Envy should have seen it coming. Taunting his opponents (especially Edward) and waiting for them to make a mistake in their provoked rage so he can pounce on them with the sucker punch has always been his tried and tested tactic. But this time this tactic has seriously backfired on him when Mustang is that ridiculously powerful and now mightily pissed off to say the least.

    Not only does Mustang pwn Envy, he pretty much eliminated the undead army in the Lab #3 basement in no time, compared to the brute strength Ed, Scar and co have been wasting. Surely Ed could have easily transmuted things to burn up as well?

    Though when I saw that Hawkeye appearing before Mustang, I’m sure like me, most here have easily guessed that’s actually Envy before he pointed the gun at Mustang. Mustang should have adopted a password system when fighting against a shapeshifter like Envy, it’s always handy lest they infiltrate your ranks and destroy you one by one.

    Kinny Riddle
  10. One thing that I mentioned was, Manga oddities:-

    – Bradley’s wife become Hysterical instead of Collapse?
    – May use the alchemy instead of both Envy & May falling down below?
    – This episode had More LINES unlike the manga!!
    – Riza force to enter the gate has a dialogue line?
    – I didn’t see the scene where Ed noticed the flaming sound coming from the corridor.
    – those lines in this show doesn’t even the same unlike the manga version.
    – OH COME ON!! NOT NEXT WEEK!! IS Riza Really Envy?!
    – Is this a BIG BANG FOR ROY MUSTANG?!

  11. Ah, ha. Judging from the previews, I see finally they’re going to include what they cut out earlier from Ishbal, regarding Riza’s tattoo. I figured it would be around this time it would be re-inserted.

  12. Man , mustang isn’t overrated . He is the hero of ishbal for crying out loud . . . He is an extremely powerful alchemist especially against people who rely more on long range attack . . But i’m sure He will struggle if pitted against bradley , scar , sloth and gluttony . . Cause they rely more on close range attacks and have the speed to dodge mustang’s attacks . . . Even greed might take mustang down . . . .

      1. Yeah. Here’s another reason:

        Umm… there wasn’t one?

        I noticed something about rabid Gurren Lagann fans, they think every single time anyone says a line from that’s IN Gurren Lagann, like “Who the hell do you think we are?” Which… has been around centuries before that series, it’s a Gurren Lagann reference.

        There is no reference.

      1. Congratulations, you’ve just proved you’re a moron.


        You’ve just listed exactly why I hate every Gainex anime. Overrated to all hell, because of ADD addicted fans like you.

  13. Took me a minute to find this place, since the old sight closed down.

    Anyway, it looks like things are really heating up. (pun intended) Also it looks like next episode will continue with the Mustang & Envy battle, hopefully with out a lot of cuts to what else is going on.

  14. Took me a minute to find this place, since the old sight closed down.

    Anyway, it looks like things are really heating up. (pun intended) Also it looks like next episode will continue with the Mustang & Envy battle, hopefully with out a lot of cuts to what else is going on.

  15. does anyone feel that Mustang mood swing was just too sudden?
    well it’s a funny overkill episode (both mustang v envy and rebel v army) so it’s okay

    can’t wait till next episode since I can’t remember what happened in it (the feeling is back guys XD)

    1. Not at all. He’s been OBSESSED since episode 10 to find Hughes’ murderer. And to suddenly find him, rubbing it in his face no less, of course Mustang just exploded.


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