Being the chapter right after the Whitebeard War was declared over by Shanks, a well needed transition chapter was needed as the aftereffects of Whitebeard’s death slowly crept over the One Piece world. It appears that the Government’s plan to bring an end to the Great Pirate Era began by Gol D. Roger backfired. The Pirate Era has now been reinvigorated with the confirmation of “One Piece,” bringing in many new upstarts to the field of pirating.

So with Whitebeard dead, it appears the yonkou are now missing a member. Apparently this would mean a sudden struggle for power, though I doubt it’ll be the greed of the other yonkou so much as the newer pirates such as the introduced “Brownbeard”. I thought it was a bit unnecessary to introduce another colorbeard into the mix, but it may have just been a joke. Knowing Oda, he may become an actual threat later on so it’s anyone’s ballgame. There’s also the unmentioned “Gorusei” (the five even higher ranked marines that Doflamingo might have been referring to) that could have other plans for the World Government as the ending pages show Doflamingo trying to kill off Moria. Some have speculated that the WG could possibly have evil ultimatums, which in turn would eventually make some good hearted marines (Garp, Colby, Sengoku?) into revolutionaries. But that is something to be pondered for a while. Luffy on the other hand seems to be making a rather questionable recovery, but seems to have an entire army of reverse transvestites to back him up in the future. That sounds incredibly disturbing when said in English. As charismatic as he is, I’m still jealous of the doting Hebihime-sama… I would gladly give up my dignity to have her boss me around. 😛

What’s interesting is that Luffy once said that if he were to have the knowledge that One Piece exists, he would quit being a pirate. It’s been known how strongly Luffy keeps his word, so let’s hope he never finds out. However, if he were to find out, Luffy might very well join his father as a revolutionary along with any rogue marines to fight against the WG, and the whole One Piece quest may be over as we know it. Oda did confirm that the War was the mid climax of the series, so it wouldn’t be too out of the question to have the goal completely change. There’s also the issue of getting his crew back together in order to continue sailing, so the quest might even be put off until the last 200 or so chapters. Alas, I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen, as it wouldn’t really be “One Piece” anymore… Plus I loved the comedic antics of the crew and their adventures. It’s one of the strongest reasons why I treasure OP so much in the first place.

Note: People have been commenting that Luffy quitting if he knew One Piece existed was false, but I clearly remember it from the anime. Also, as brianwuzhere pointed out, this page clearly shows that Luffy said, “we’re not even asking him whether there is any treasure or not.” Hopefully this clears up any skeptics.


  1. Before any non-readers complain, the picture is seriously not a spoiler. It’s just some random guy Oda introduced in this chapter, without any implied importance at all. It’s more of a joke than a “major character” being introduced. I’ll try to not give false spoilers next time though.

  2. Great, OP coverage has officially started and at a good place in the story at that. Welcome to RC! (officially)

    I found it crazy how Whitebeard’s death actually had a backward reaction with piracy actually having a new boost. Whitebeard’s absence will surely create a power vacuum which will be quickly filled by…well…Blackbeard comes to mind.

    Speaking of BB, we finally found out what happened at Impel Down and apparently Magellan was beaten down pretty badly. It’s hardly surprising having in mind who he was up against, but again, it’s pretty sad to see someone who was established as such a badass go down so quickly. I wonder how Bon Clay is faring in all this?

    The most intriguing part was definitely the ending though with Doflamingo’s declaration that he is not working with the marines. Interesting – I thought he has his own agenda rather than working for the higher ups – but then again, it’s Doflamingo so he probably is just playing along for the fun. Also, I wouldn’t really mind Moria dying since I never found his antics funny and he is in my eyes the lamest Shichibukai.

    Overall, great start for a new arc and a new era in RC with OP coverage. I can’t wait to see how it will develop in the future. Good luck and all the best!

    1. What’s interesting that you just made me think about, is why Moria was chosen. I’m guessing he’s the only known pirate that was beaten by the Strawhat crew, since Crocodile was in Impel Down. Crocodile was nowhere to be seen in this chapter though, so that may say something as well.

      I also forgot to point out that Tralfagar Law may be affiliated with Dr. Vegapunk given his medical technology and a freaking submarine!

      1. you make an interesting point about Law

        I’m looking forward to the reveal of just who Vegapunk is. Are we looking at a mad scientist who wants total control, a laid-back genius who is secretly working for Dragon, or an amoral and dissociated government tool?

      2. If he were secretly working for Dragon, that’d be hilarious. Imagine him turning all the Pacifista against the government in the end with some deeply embedded code as if it was all according to plan.

      3. With WB dead and the whole balance of power shifting, probably the WG is starting to reorganize things a little. Moria is probably seen as the biggest liability and the easiest to be made an example of.

        I’m also interested to see what Crocodile is up to now with his goal of defeating WB being obsolete. I’m pretty sure we’ll see more of him later.

  3. I love the transition chapters. Lots of interesting developments. It’s guys like Doflamingo who make me feel sympathy for guys like Moria. Not really expecting much of “Brownbeard” here, either. With the style of his introduction, I’m guessing that at most he’ll be a thorn in someone’s side.

    The real interesting developments will start once Luffy wakes up. If he can get himself together, the next step should be to find his crew, but who knows how it’ll go down. By returning to Shabondy, maybe? I can’t see them all finding him. Although it would be too lucky, the crew members coincidentally running into each other, pairing up multiplicatively, through to the end of the arc, might be interesting. Also, hoping Boa sticks around.

  4. first of all……welcome to RC ,although not one to speak since i am not a frequent member but still welcome and congrts on ur first actual post.
    i have couple of things to say
    -one is that i don’t remember that luffy said he would quit if he knew OP would exist , i think it was something more like (memory not really good) “if i already knew what was in the end of the adventure i wouldn’t take it” which means that even if he knows what’s in the end he still dunno what 😀 (that’s what i hope for atleast”
    -two it’s that Megellan wasn’t taken down easily….he kicked most of blackbeard’s crew/new crew and balckbeard but got stuck with the old warden ,also taking in consideration luffy’s fights
    -third i hope Oda doesn’t think of giving multiple powers to more than blackbeard since it already sucked (imo)
    -4th i think it was established in the robin’s arc that the WG was based on evil roots
    -5th pretty sure donflamingo when asked was it sengoku is the one who send him he told him try higher (which refers to the WG not that he works alone)
    -finally i really wish he would give some extra power to luffy since in my opinion and the current situation he really is the weakest of the strong and he wouldn’t be able to continue like this

    sry for the long post wanted to share my opinion since none of my friends even watch anime.

    1. It was back when the whole crew was still together and they met up at Raleigh’s house or whatever to discuss getting their ship coated. I think Robin brought up the subject of One Piece actually existing and Usopp followed up on it, but before anyone else could say another word, Luffy said something along the lines of that quotable.

  5. Mmmm…congratulations on your first blog post (excluding your intro) for RC xD. On another note I’m really wondering whats gonna happen to merman island. Since White Beard claimed it as his own its been pretty peaceful down there, but now that he’s dead, and that there’s a ton of pirates headed over there, I wonder whats gonna happen when Luffy’s crew and Jimbei pass through it.

    1. They’re gonna pass through and Luffy’s going to mass defeat all the bad pirates, including said “Brownbeard,” and then claim the island as “Luffy’s.” Lol, at least, that’s what I’m thinking will happen. Given Oda and his pocketful of surprises, anything can happen. Though I’m not sure they’ll even pass merman island, I thought it was underneath Sabaody? Well I guess if they do go back to Sabaody, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the chaos they left behind..

  6. there was an interview with oda this year and he said that one piece will go on for atleast another 5 years before ending it but he did say he has the ending in mind already

  7. “What’s interesting is that Luffy once said that if he were to have the knowledge that One Piece exists, he would quit being a pirate.”

    I think you’re confused. Luffy said that he would quit being a pirate if he knew what One Piece was, not if it exist or not. The fact that WB said One Piece exist wouldn’t bother Luffy, it would only bother him and make him quit being a pirate if he were to give explicit details on what or where One Piece is. great post though

    1. Actually, on that page, Luffy does say “we’re not even asking him whether there is any treasure or not” in addition to not wanting to know what it is. Point being, he doesn’t want to know ANYTHING about it, even its existence.

      1. That is partly being caught up in the moment of stopping Usopp though I think. Also, he could be objecting to *how* they find out about it, not the act of finding out about it. Having a friendly chat with some old guy at the bar, which answers all of the mysteries of your adventure, is pretty lame and is not a great start to a search for treasure. While the strongest man in the world’s last words being that it does exist, is a lot less lame and less likely to ruin Luffy’s fun.

  8. i would’ve thought that you will start the OP posts with the latest anime ep447, since chp581 came out for awhile and most people have already spammed about it in other places. but anyway, that’s just me. good to see it nonetheless.

    regards to the after-effects of Whitebeard’s death, is it really that surprising to see the new boost in piracy? if Roger’s revived the great pirate era, it’s almost a given that Whitebeard’s death would have a huge impact too.

  9. I personally think Brownbeard served as both a joke (His character design looks pretty comical particularly his face lol, and his name seems to be a farcical attempt at coining in on the legendary ‘Beard’ name), I just can’t imagine him being fought) and just an example to show the loss of control caused by WB’s death. I think we’ll either never see him again or if we do see him again, he’ll get steamrolled ;P I’d be very surprised if he turned out to be strong. Anyway, enough about Brownbeard…

    Anyway, just wanna say, it’s cool to have someone covering OP here now, this was a good read, keep it up dude 🙂

  10. It would be better if you put spoiler tags like what Omni did for his bleach chapters.

    I doubt Luffy is going to quit being a pirate just because Whitebeard said One Piece exists.I’m more worried about the possibility of Luffy going the emo-Naruto route after the WG basically killed Ace.

    Brownbeard = fat
    Blackbeard = fat
    Coincidence?I think not!lol

      1. You could divide your opinions about the chapter and chapter summary(if any) into 2 different paragraphs.One with tags and the other without.Specific sentences would work too,but it would be less natural to read.

    1. We never sectioned off parts of manga posts with spoiler tags before. If you’re going to read impressions on a manga post past the front page, everything’s fair game spoiler or otherwise. There’s no text on the front page, so it’s your decision to click on the post. These posts are intended for people who have read the chapter in question themselves already.

  11. Honestly, when I saw Brownbeard, I figured he’d just turn into fodder for someone (I was thinking either Teach, one of the Supernovas, or possibly even Kaidou or Big Mum).

  12. One clarification

    The term Okama isn’t directly translated to Transvestite. Though very VERY similar the meaning it holds is a tad bit misdirected. Okama really just means a Man that is very feminine and therefore goes the path of a female (as a male) and vice versa.

    Though I guess after the Emporio Hormone it could question one to believe that they truly are Okama. Considering at this point it could be a Tranny/Gay/Les mix going on. Needless to say, they now call themselves New-Kama. So I ask you nicely to refer to them as such (;]).

    And I really wonder about Law. There must be some other reason than “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” deal. Secretly part of the Revolutionary Army? Really mind-boggling. If for evil intent I can see Hancock going on a rampage. Wait, do you think Law’s power has anything to do with his medical abilities? I don’t see why not considering he’d easily be able to use “Room” and just switch out and organs and the like with ease. ”

    So many things that can happen I really don’t know what to do :/

    1. On another note, thanks for the Deadman Wonderland comment on my intro post. Great unintentional recommendation, I enjoyed E7 before. We can’t really cover every single awesome manga out there, as this is mostly an anime blog. Supposedly anime posts garner more attention as well, with all the pretty colors and screencaps. If you still want to convince someone, contact Divine.

      About the term Okama, it can be said nothing is really “directly” translated to anything from Japanese, but what you gave as a definition is pretty much what a transvestite means. -_- Haha but I think I’ll be referring them as New-Kama from now on.

  13. Hey you sure you didn’t get the info right? Luffy said he would quit being a pirate if he were to find out if the One Piece was on the last island since that was what Usopp asked. Not if it existed.

    1. I believe what Luffy is trying to say is that he wants to figure out the existence of One Piece and its location on his own; he doesn’t want someone to tell him because it’ll ruin the fun of the adventure. If someone does tell him whether One Piece exists or not and where to find it, he’ll quit being a pirate because the journey to fine One Piece will have become easy and boring.

      Anyway, I don’t think he’ll just quit if/when he learns that One Piece does exist. He opposed to hearing more about One Piece from that old guy because it was too easy, but I think even Luffy will agree that this way was a pretty hard way to confirm One Piece’s existence, so he’ll be fine with it.

  14. “We’re not even asking him if whether there is any treasure or not!!”
    Of course, Luffy was probably still referring to the actual location of One Piece when he mentioned the possible pirate retirement but I see how that can get lost in translation. Incidentally, in the lastest episode (447), Blackbeard tells Luffy that One Piece does exist and it looks like he’s still a pirate.

    1. Somehow I think it’s because Luffy just doesn’t trust Blackbeard, so he takes his words with a grain of salt. But you may be right in the end, so I won’t be so hard headed on this.

  15. hey sorry this is a really random and irrelevant question, but if someone could shed some light on this i would greatly appreciate it. The banner for this site, what anime is it from? the drawing is really cool, and im curious to check it out. thanks, and sorry for disrupting the flow of this topic.

    1. Bakemonogatari. The anime itself is really cool as well, but may be a bit risque for some. Shaft likes to pull many subtle sexual references but if you’re game, it’s a great show.

  16. Honestly, I think the difference between Whitebeard’s proclamation and Ussop’s question to Rayleigh was that Rayleigh was actually apart of Roger’s crew. The means that not only was he most likely there when Roger took One Piece to Raftel (presumably) but that he was also most likely involved with obtaining the treasure in the first place. So, using examples, it’s like this:

    Whitebeard’s declaration = fellow adventurer trying to spur you on
    Asking Rayleigh = getting a cheat sheet without doing any of the work

  17. good to see one piece around
    I started OP like 10 weeks ago and have been following it till now but there is no way in hell I will read over 550 chapters…

    *I wonder where the fuck is zoro …*

  18. Luffy always acts positive.. not sure how he’ll react to Ace’s death but I hope he remembered what Ace said, that he knew Luffy would make it to his dream.. I also think that Luffy won’t take it from another person that One Piece exist, he won’t give crap to someone telling him something he didn’t asked.. He’d rather figure it out for himself.
    As for the war chapter ending.. Yep, grandline halfpoint is story halfpoint (Oda is aiming for 1000+ chapters). Hope this doesn’t chage Luffy’s goal to revenge (not that I think so). I think the crew will get together before moving to Shin Sekai. And then they might get another 4 nakamas there (there were 4 from east blue, 4 from the 1st half of GL.. so I figured it won’t be strange to add another 4 from Shin Sekai. Plus, the default number on Sunny is 1 & 3, if they got another 4 that would make 13 people ;p).

  19. Thank you Kiiragi! I have been waiting for this chapter to come out!!! I was wondering if you can post the One Piece anime. I know blogging takes a long time but if you can…please try to post the older episodes because i wanted review on the story again because OP is just too good!!! The mangas are just too dull for me (black and white) LOL..thanks again!!!

  20. I am quite sure that what Luffy meant in ch.507(the page u provided) was not that he would quit being a pirate if he knew One Piece existed but he would quit his pirate adventure if Rayleigh would tell him anything about what lies at the end of his adventure and what One Piece really is, any important details about One Piece that Rayleigh as Roger’s first mate would know. I doubt Luffy will ever have a reason to quit being a pirate, his adventure as a pirate is the whole meaning of this manga and any other theories just don’t seem right to me.

    Also about the Supernovas, did they already forget the humiliation they got from Admiral Kizaru and he was only playing, after this last chapter i think the Supernovas think way too highly of themselves.

    Anyway glad to see One piece covered here 😀

  21. lol a lot of readers are going to be happy. People having been crying about this for years. I could never get into this because the art design sucks. The plot and action is on point I will admit that much. Props to anyone able to endure these bad character designs for the story. I just can’t do it.

  22. Never really been struck by One piece. But I have always been curious, the Manga has been going on for what seems like forever. Does it ever show signs of possibly ending any time soon? Forgive me my ignorance but all I know is they are hunting a treasure called one piece. So it’s hard to imagine how long that can pan out.

    1. actually it could go 1000+chap …. we didnt see almost 1/3 of the characters that’s on the show + they were hunting treasures in the beggining but things developped i think 100+ chapter ago which made it kinda open and after all it’s ODA he can do about anything
      LOL I just thought what would happen if he died (lots of ppl are gonna kill themselves after him). like i will since i watch it since i was a kid

    2. Well, right now most of us would said that it’s about halfway through, seeing how they have just reached the latter part of the Redline. In short, that means that they have crossed half of Grand Line, but the world that’s beyond, which is aptly called “New World”, will be precarious and even more dangerous. So yea, it can still go on quite a while, which makes me kind of glad, since Oda likes to pull surprises week after week.

      By the way Kiiragi…welcome. I wouldn’t mind more OP coverage. Will you be covering both the manga as well as anime? Which is your favourite arc so far? For me (and many others as well, I suppose), you can’t really beat Water 7 and Enies Lobbies in term of both Manga and Anime…I swear that the animation for W7/EL was absolutely superb…wished that they had kept things that way though…the animation’s been slipping all over the places recently (*cough* shabody/isle of woman/impel down)

      1. my fav arc would be the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, followed by Enies Lobby/Water 7 Arc…My most hated AC would be the Thriller Bark arc…i think its a complete waste of time..i only forgave it coz its in HD

  23. Sorry to nitpick, but people say that the series is halfway through because they’ve reached the halfway point of the Grand Line. While I understand why they say that, it isn’t technically true. There were around 100 chapters that occurred before they ever reached the Grand Line.

    1. While that may be true, the first half of the Grand Line still consisted of 400+ chapters and Oda has been quoted for saying that the manga won’t come to a close for about another 10 years.

  24. well, luffy WILL NOT give up one piece just cause know the whole world know that exist, in that chapter luffy practically said that he will quit if ussop asked anything more to reylight about information related to one piece because he will not go on an boring adventure that you know what there is in the end, lits like friends told you the ending of the movie you were going to see, or told you the WHOLE ending of the game you were so pasionaly playing…

  25. It really doesnt matter what luffy meant when he may or may not have said he’d quit being a pirate. How is it not completely out of the question that the “goal” completely changes? If you really want to refer to luffy keeping promises did all of you forget the most important one? The one that we were just reminded of. The arguably second most important character in the series (hi Shanks) has just reentered and promptly gave luffy his hat back saying he cant meet him yet because luffy would be upset, because their promise isnt complete…. Promise to stop being a pirate if he learns what one piece is or become a great pirate and meet shanks again… Its not difficult to figure out which one completely trumps the other. IT also doesnt really follow that there’d be a power struggle with one of the yonkou dead. The 4 yonkou were all equal in power and enemies. With one gone the other 3 just stay in the ever present mutual destruction avoidance loop. Besides the most important part of this chapter is the reshowing of all the pirate crews from the shabondy arc. They’re the “new era” along with Luffy and Whitebeard being gone is just another step towards Oda’s “new era” goal. The direction the Marines will head in is definitely something to look forward to though. Should prove to be quite interesting. Also with the introduction/character development of a large portion of Dragon’s revolutionaries, his further entry into the show is something to look forward to as well


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