Bros before hoes. Killer Bee’s got it down but Naruto had to go and disrespect the fist bump by following it up with his harem technique. It was somewhat nostalgic seeing an Oiroke-type jutsu again, but Naruto’s really got to learn to sense the mood. 「空気を読め、ばかナルト!」 Not everyone has difficulty containing their nasal blood pressure when there are a ton of naked girls fawning over them, even though it has a proven track record on the likes of the Third Hokage. And besides, one shouldn’t just assume what other people’s “preferences” are, not that I’m implying Bee swings that way or anything…

…So anyway (>_>), the highlight for me this chapter was what looks like the beginnings of a training arc. I mentioned last time that I was hoping they would have a bit of downtime in the overall story with Naruto learning how to control the nine-tails, similar to how he first trained for the Rasengan and subsequently his wind chakra, and it looks like they’re moving towards just that. With Yamato around and Naruto confronting his inner evil self à la one Cecil in Final Fantasy IV, things are already looking like they’ll be more intense than his previous training regiments. While I can sort of see this turning out to be a test of Naruto’s inner resolve with his success dependent on how he responds to the accusations of his other self, deep down I’m still hoping they cross fists to some degree next chapter. I’m not expecting a battle of epic proportions, but it’d be interesting to see some action result from this.

In any case, Gai and Bee are around as well and may end up helping Naruto learn how to subdue the beast within him, which already has me picturing what it’d be like with Naruto controlling the nine-tails like Bee does with the eight. Getting to see the Kyuubi versus Susanoo down the stretch? I don’t even care who would win that match-up as it would be so awesome to see. Who needs frogs when you have a demonic fox with seemingly limitless amounts of chakra? Not Naruto!


  1. Well, I think this made a lot of sense. Naruto could easily fall into the path of lusting for power and revenge. Bee noticed Naruto’s ulterior motive. Therefore, the end of this chapter shows Evil Naruto. Of course this Evil Naruto is just plain weird, make me think that Bee is just Evil Naruto in disguise, but nevertheless, shows what Naruto might turn into with the line, “what a bunch of pests.”

    Sora no Kaze
  2. Nah, Naruto could have not needed the Nine tails chakra if he perfected the frogs’ chakra. Nine tails is not unlimited, the ten tails is he unlimited one. Nine tails is almost but not unlimited. But if Naruto perfected the frogs technique to not only taking Nature’s chakra to his own but any chakra then he would get supply from anywhere. But of course, if that is the case then we won’t have a story anymore. XD

    1. He’s already done what he can there. You need to perfectly mix Sage Energy with your own chakra. Too much turns you into a frog. If Naruto can master the Nine-Tails, he can mix its energy with Sage Mode like when he got stabbed by Nagato and his eyes turned into addition signs.

    2. Kyuubi is almost unlimited? How the hell can something be almost unlimited? From my point of view things are or are not unlimited and that is it… XD

      But anyway, remember he needs time to gather nature chakra and seeing as how the kyuubi don’t let him join together with the frogs, he can’t get better at it than he already is. And if you remember it well, the elder frog already said that naruto mastered it. ^^

    3. That is why i say Naruto has to take it to the next level. It is true all you guys say but if Naruto can take it to the next level and take chakra not only from nature and the nine tails but from anywhere including from his enemies attacks as well so he would have an additional source of chakra and pretty much be invincible. I mean it is just like the rasengan and chidori; just when people thought that was the limit there were others who thought of combining those 2 techniques. The only downside would be that there are no chakra involved in taijutsu techniques.

  3. You know you’re old when seeing the Harem Justsu makes you feel old.
    /raises hand

    And I honestly can’t wait for the training arc. Means less of Sause-Gay and more awesome Naruto-ness. 🙂

  4. If I had to guess, the evil Naruto is the Kyuubi, if this is surposed to teach him how to control it, then it should teach him how the get along with the fox.

    My my, operation Harem jutsu failure, now that’s the first. In the manga at least.

    Code Fanboy
  5. Is my imagination or did the b00bs of Naruto’s harem jutsu reduce? And srs! He said at the beginning of shipuuden that he had “refined” the tecnique I just saw the plain and simple harem no jutsu (not that I mind, it had been so loong!)

    Evil!Naruto should rule more, but alas I truly do feel like it is a Cecil conversion. Now Naruto will become a paladin. (or who knows, maybe Naruto wil finally gain the guts he had been missing since Sasuke left?)

  6. My thoughts of ‘Evil Naruto’ are resumed on this hastily written parody I posted in a forum.

    Shin Megami Tensei: Naruto 4

    Evil Naruto: ‘I am a shadow, the true self… those a**holes at Konoha annoy me”

    Naruto: “No… that is not true…”

    Evil Naruto: “Yes. They always hurt me. And now they want my autograph? Fu** them. I should kill them.”

    Naruto: “No!! I don’t think like that”

    Evil Naruto: “And the Hokage Sarutobi… that old bastard never took care of me. Sakura is a bi*** who only slaps me. Kakashi never trained me. And Jiraiya left me behind. Tsunade is just a drunk.”

    Naruto: “No! Stop!!”

    Evil Naruto: “And the Yondaime… that bastard fuc*** my life…”

    Naruto: “NO!!!! STOP!!! YOU ARE NOT ME!!!”

    Evil Naruto: “HAHAHAHAHA” —- *rises*

    Evil Naruto transforms into Kyuubi: “I am a Shadow!! The true self!!!”

  7. If this training results in Naruto being able to control the Kyubi(‘s chakra) then I really doubt Sasuke would stand a chance. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if both died in the end, but considering how powerful the Kyubi is, would there really be anyone that would be able to stop Naruto at that point?

  8. Maybe the “evil” Naruto was the “thing” Karin has sensed inside him??? Interesting. I’m pretty sure that in the next chapter “inner Naruto” will tell everything to “good” Naruto, including Sakura’s and Hinata’s confession! Looking forward for 493! But after 493 we had to wait two weeks (Golden Week in Japan) before 494.

  9. Hey, I like the training arcs, I think a lot of character development is contained within them. Also lets admit its kinda a big deal mastering the kyubi and something you def need to train for. If you compare it to bleach with Ichigo simply being as powerful as he can be at the start of the series then learning how to control his power with the addition of hollow powers, to many people his power boosts are seemingly random so when he plulls off avictory plot-kai is exclaimed, at least with Naruto we know he worked hard for it…

    1. ichigo does work hard for his power but sadly still not powerful enough and almost all of his wins after first arc(agent-shinigami) were from his hollow.
      besides naruto is farther than bleach so naruto had more time to train.

    1. your right, maybe while bee is training naruto he leaves the sword somewhere and gai seems to recognize it but will wonder if he did see it before which might make kisame angry enough to reveal himself.
      just my guess.

  10. Is it just me, or do I feel that the suspicious person detection barrier is an epic fail?

    I mean, c’mon Kisame is right inside Samehada. How come it didn’t alert them to that? Or maybe the disguise was just to awesome to be detected. This means that Akatsuki has a good handle on what’s happening with the remaining two hosts then. Heck we might see an epic battle in the island, Kisame vs. Naruto & Bee. Bring it on!

  11. gai vs kisame in the future!! has anyone not seen this coming? i mean its been set up allready on the island, you have kisame hiding inside the sword, and Gai who comes along with naruto and yamato… now what the hell is Gai doing there? well kishi wrote this down on purpose as a precursor to a future battle which is KISAME VS GAI round 2.. winner takes all..

    john s
  12. Yeah i think the next major fight will be Gai vs Kisame,since Gai is one of the few characters that doesnt have a proper match with the Akatsuki yet…this wil be great!


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