With the recent retirement of Omni, certain series have been lacking coverage, namely Bleach, so here I am to fill that void. Bleach is the longest running series I have been following and it goes back to the time I spent a few weeks one summer doing nine-hour-a-day marathons to catch up on all of the episodes. As it is one of the series that originally drew me into the realm of anime, I also feel a bit obligated to follow the Bleach franchise faithfully through its good parts and bad parts, until the very end.

Compared to Divine and Omni, the type of shows I watch is noticeably less diverse since I got into anime and manga relatively recently. Death Note was the first series I watched; after that hooked me, I got into Bleach, then Shakugan no Shana, and then there was no turning back. Though I don’t quite consider myself a hardcore fan, I do dabble in various anime-related circles, like art, music, clubs — mostly using the Internet as a gateway. Last year, a friend linked me to one of Random Curiosity’s season previews, and I have been a regular reader ever since.

I currently reside in Taiwan, where the more “anime-friendly” environment (e.g. K-ON ads on buses) and a lot of spare time have made it easier to increase the variety in my anime list and allowing me follow more series simultaneously than before. As for my all time favorite series, I would have to say they are Fullmetal Alchemist, Clannad, and Death Note, though of course this list is always changing as new series are aired.

Bleach is the only one of the big three shounen series (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece) that I keep up with, but I may blog other shows from time to time as well. My writing style tends to be very concise and I’m not particularly eloquent, but I will try my best to elaborate when necessary and smooth out my writing. Of course I welcome any feedback as well, and I look forward to contributing to this site and following the ups and downs of the Bleach universe together with the RC community.

Douzo Yoroshiku!


  1. Welcome. I kinda do miss the BLEACH updates, kinda because it’s moving at a crippled snails pace, but it was the first Manga I ever read/bought so it still has a black in my black cold heart!

    … Please enjoy your stay! 😀

    Gamma Rallyson
  2. Ah, now with you, RC now has 3 writers with extra vowels in their names… jAAlin, kIIRagi, prOOOF,… I guess divine should change his name? Joking aside, I look forward to getting my weekly bleach fix again! Welcome:D

  3. Ahh Welcome! 😀 It makes me so happy to see RC so… active, even though Omni is gone. HIS LEGACY LIVES ON! Lol.

    Thank you for contributing to RC. <3 I was actually missing the Bleach updates quite a bit…

  4. I don’t currently watch/read Bleach but it’s so cool to see new contributors joining and Divine putting in the amount of effort he is to keep this great anime blog alive. Welcome, and I hope the commenters treat you nicely! 😛

  5. Welcome and congratulations on becoming another writer on this great blog, I’m sure you’ll fit right in and I’ll look forward to reading your summaries and reviews on Bleach.

    Now since you’re covering Bleach, maybe you can help me understand something (or any one else for that matter) that’s been bothering me for a while. During the early episodes where Ichigo goes to Soul Society to save Rukia from execution for sharing her powers with him, he had to wear a cloak that was given to him by Yoruichi in order to “fly” up to where she was being tied to.

    Now in the past 100 odd episodes or more, everyone’s been flying around fine without any need of such a special cloak, be it in the real world, Soul Society or even in Hueco Mundo. So is that just a plot hole or did I miss something?

    1. ill answer for him, the walls of sereitei absorb reishi that’s needed for shinigami to walk on air.
      in the real world and hueco mundo, they can freely use reishi to walk on air.

      1. they aren’t “flying”, they are more like doing high jumps examples:they used shunpo to boost them upwards and looks like they’re flying when they aren’t, they were blown back by a powerful blast or some bankai or abilities give them the ability to “fly”.

      2. I’m fairly certain that several shinigami are literally just standing in mid air at some points, not “jumping”, but unfortunately I don’t have the patience to sift through 100 odd episodes to give you an example so I guess I can’t back up my argument.

    2. Well, in the real world they aren’t really flying… they actually attach small spirits to their feet, using them almost as stepping stones.

      Since these spirts don’t exist in SS, they were unable to fly. Maybe in the fillers they forgot about that, but I tend to avoid those.

      In HM, i’m not sure if these spirts exist or not, but i’d assume it works the same as the real world.

  6. another blogger yay!
    I follow bleach to but stopped watching it for a while in the middle of the 2nd filler.
    good timing since the anime now back to real material.

    now we just need someone for fairy tail……

  7. LOL is it just me or do we all write in an incredibly similar style? I feel like I’m reading my own writing! Congratulations yo, you’re just like me, except the Bleach Guru. I’ll be looking forward to your anime coverage to see if it’s still worth watching after fillers~

      1. The first two episodes had me pleasantly surprised. I had not watched an episode of Bleach until this new non-filler season. Much had happened in the first two episodes. It’s actually playing out better than the manga because this is a war we are talking about, it’s easy to drag out fights than it is with plot. So expect to see lots of well animated fight scenes. I hope you blog the first two episodes because it would be a shame if those were the only two to never get blogged. lol

  8. Welcome, and good luck with this venture! Although you’re relatively new to animanga, just from your speaking style, I’ll be looking forward to your commentary. Also, nice Faye avatar.

  9. mmmm creo que tu adquisicion no es muy buena, ya que no es justo que despues de que omni se haya retirado el nuevo sitio de Random Curiosity se llene de nuevos escritores que al parecer no aportan mucho, cosa que no paso en el tiempo en el que Omni puso mucho orden en el anterior Random yo soy un usuario desde hace mucho ya que me gusto mucho la incorporacion de Divine pero no de los que ha traido consigo de verda suerte y espero que no pongan mas contenido de One Piece !!! que me parece un pesimo Anime para mi gusto por lo extenso que es!!!

  10. Welcome aboard. Personally I think Bleach has become very stale and repetitive. The arrancar arc has been going on for an eternity now with hardly any significant plot twists so unless they don’t get rid of Aizen soon I’ll surely stop reading it but it’s nice to hear you’re writing now. Hopefully you’re posts will be as good as Omni’s and the series will pick up soon before I cease reading it.

  11. I love lucky star as well.

    My favorite scene.

    Yutaka: Oh Tamura-san, What does Yaoi Mean?
    Hiyori: DAHHH! (is speechless for a few seconds) Which definition do you want to hear?

    That was hilarious!

  12. Your first post should be about that terrible first episode after the fillers. I watched a full episode of recap, 20 minutes of my life I will never get back. But I thought, well at least it starts next week…no, we get a full episode of Renji/Chad fillers.

    Enough of my grumbling, welcome to RC! Looking forward to more! 😀

  13. Wow, more writers. We should get one for Fairy Tail ;__; it’s so epic atm!!
    Welcome Prooof 😀 looking forward to your Bleach posts. Do you think the manga is ending soon? Coz i think so 😡

    1. Yes! Fairy Tail coverage would be epic!! Maybe anymore than that would be going a bit overboard but there are so many good manga that could be covered on here. I wonder how many more people would be up to posting about manga on RC. I wouldn’t mind doing Fullmetal Alchemist before it ends…

      1. Yeah, the anime too 🙁 Omni stopped it just as it was Juvia’s turn to shine, also OP3 kicked in. ERZA ARC, yosh! But the manga is definitely on the roll, latest chapter blew me away.
        Fma, yikes, anime is catching up and the manga is monthly. It needs to hurry xD it’s really close to, like 10 chapters apart. Wonder how it’ll end.

    2. The manga and anime will probably finish very close to each other which is really weird for an anime without fillers. Thanks for the info about the new OP. I haven’t been watching the Fairy Tail anime but it’s always fun watching the OPs.

    1. I feel that series that go on for too long tend to drop in quality, but I wouldn’t say Bleach is ending anytime soon. We will see though…
      As for the wallpapers, I’m still quite far from the skill level of some of the designers on MT, but thanks =)

  14. Where are these flux of writers coming from? lulz well welcome! Hope to see some more new faces on here. Make things very VERY lively.

    PS: If you’re looking for more writers I’d be happy to lend a hand. Don’t have MUCH time on my hands right now (with work and such) but am willing to set aside some time. Half Japanese and am fluent.

    First anime was…damn. There’s been so much. Kinniku-man. Makibao-. The list goes on.

  15. Oh on a completely different note, why do we have no Kekkaishi updates? Sure the anime is done (for now) but why is it the manga get’s no attention? It’s still going (and really it’s a great anime). Lot’s of the One Piece cast are in the Kekkaishi anime. The OP is also back-up vocal-ed by (and written by if I remember correctly) B’z lead singer.

  16. Welcome to RC, Prooof. Why the extra “o” btw? Was Proof already taken? 😛

    Glad someone will be covering Bleach again, even though I’m following both the anime and the manga already. I like the screencaps and discussion you get here. BTW, will you be covering both the manga and the anime? Some pretty cool shit in the latest manga chapter …
    Show Spoiler ▼

  17. It’s why I love reading this blog so much. You guys are good writers, give good summaries, and are comprehensive and varied in tastes of anime and manga.

    Welcome to RC, Prooof.

  18. omg That’s so cool. Your COOL!! Welcome Prooof. May I ask, why you chose that name of all names?

    I stopped watching Bleach a long time ago. But like you said, I might 9hr it sometime. xD

    Oh and Taiwan has K-ON ads on buses?! Yo, F New York! Dx

  19. >>Currently reside in Taiwan.

    So I assume you know a bit of Chinese? Anyways, I am surprised you only give Seitokai no Ichizon a 5 out of 10. You might wanna check out the original light novel, it’s actually quite good 🙂

    And oh, almost forgot to say the same phrase many posters had already said — welcome to RC.

      1. I’m guessing he’s asking about whether you’ll blog about the chapters Omni didn’t cover, or if you’ll start with what’s coming out after today (ch. 401 in manga and 268 in anime).

  20. I dont know about the rest of yall but imo i think its really cool all that these people are stepping up to fill the void and then some left by Omni. I wonder what he thinks of his baby now that he has handed it over. Is he happy with how its growing? I hope he is cause it definitely is a plus for me. I just started watching one piece a week ago. I never really got into cause i always got hung on the first episode with coby who annoyed the hell outta me. I thought the show was just childish but after seeing that it was going to be covered i decided to give it another shot. Now a week later i will probably break the 100 episode mark tonight.

    1. I forwarded Kiiragi and Prooof’s sample posts to Omni and spoke to him about them before I brought them on board. I had the final say in things, but I did discuss things with him to get his opinion, so he was definitely in the loop.

      As indicated in the About page that I finally got around to updating, Omni’s an admin/advisor of the site now, so he’s in direct contact with our new writers as well.

  21. Yay Bleach coverage. Although I too regularly follow Bleach, it’s always nice to see what other fans think of the latest chapter/episode especially on my favorite anime blog. Welcome =D

  22. Err.. Are the fillers worth watching at all? I’ve been downloading them but haven’t watched yet. Those fillers seems out of place in the whole story.. The Bount arc’s was placing was great and I liked it… But the new fillers start in the middle of another arc, which feels wrong to me -_-

  23. Prooof, we have been waiting so long for Bleach coverage. What took you so long? 😉

    On a more serious note, welcome aboard. And remember, opinions (when justifed) are very very good.


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