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With the impending worldwide release of Super Street Fighter IV this upcoming week, I thought I’d take a moment to make mention of the ODA that is going to coincide with it. As some of you may already be aware, last year’s release of Street Fighter IV on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 included the Street Fighter IV: Aratanaru Kizuna (a.k.a. The Ties That Bind Us) 65-minute ODA by Studio 4°C with their collector’s editions. As the owner of a copy of the Blu-ray version that came with the PS3 CE, I was thinking about covering it at the time but never got around to it. Aratanaru Kizuna was fairly lackluster from a production standpoint, even though I enjoyed how it introduced newcomers to the franchise such as Seth, C.Viper, and the story involving the S.I.N organization. This time will be different however, as the Super Street Fighter IV has piqued my interest enough to talk about it now and eventually cover it here on Random Curiosity.

With this revamped semi-sequel, the “Super” in Street Fighter IV adds the remaining characters introduced Super Street Fighter II, T.Hawk and Deejay, Final Fight characters featured in Zero/Alpha 3, Cody and Guy, Street Fighter III additions Dudley, Ibuki, and Makoto, and from the very original game (and Alpha series), Adon. Alongside them are newcomers Hakan, a Turkish oil wrestler, and Juri Han, a Korean Taekwondo martial artist whom this second ODA centers around. Produced by GONZO studio this time around, the Super Street Fighter IV anime is already looking noticeably better than its predecessor, though I’m always wary of what the studio that brought us Dragonaut produces these days. While GONZO is no BONES by any stretch of the imagination, they are still a notable improvement over Studio 4°C as the trailer indicates. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have Gundam 00 S2’s art director Wakamatsu Eiji on board either. I’m actually pleasantly surprised to be quite honest and the music gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, so I’m really looking forward to this sequel both in terms of production and story involving Juri.

[flv:Super_Street_Fighter_IV_ODA_Trailer_English.mp4 550 310]English trailer. If your Japanese isn’t so great, watch this to get an idea of the premise.

As a Street Fighter fan going back to the SFII days, I was pretty stoked about the release of Super Street Fighter IV last summer, but this quick semi-sequel iteration that Capcom is swindling close to full retail price out of fans only has me looking forward to it haphazardly. This is coming from someone who owns two MadCatz Tournament Edition FightSticks too. However, what’s even more dumbfounding is how the ODA I am looking forward to isn’t included with releases outside of Japan, as there are no collector’s editions this time around — not for the North American market anyway. Instead, it looks like it’ll be available as downloadable content on Xbox Live and possibly PSN for the rest of the world.

Given how the series stars Takahashi Hiroki as Ryu, Orikasa Fumiko as Chun Li, Sawashiro Miyuki as Cammy, Yasumoto Hiroko as Guile, Fukuen Misato as Sakura, Suwabe Junichi as Balrog (claw), Wakamoto Norio as Bison (dictator), Ootsuka Akio as Seth, and now Kitamura Eri as Juri, this isn’t just Street Fighter, but a mesh of a bunch of my favorite seiyuus as well. Needless to say, you know which audio version I’ll be watching and have my in-game voices set as. Expect a full post on the ODA whenever I get my hands on it.


  1. i never thaught that they will make street fighter japeness anime i hope the other heros of the seri will be in the animes like ru
    i will watch this let ‘s hope it will be good

  2. in the uk it’s priced just above the platinum game range, surely cant be that worse in your region divine? also loving the second piece of music in the trailer. cant wait.

    1. I’m not gouged nearly as bad as you guys in Europe I don’t think. It’s going for $45 CAD here, when regular new releases are in the $60-70 range. I’m actually more okay with the pricing than I probably came off. I’m just a bit choked because I paid $100 CAD for the CE less than a year ago and feel like I should get a discounted “upgrade” price instead. 🙁

      1. I think this might honestly be the first game that we’ve drawn the short straw for pricing. I sure as hell am not going to get used to it though ;). It’s a bit of a shot to the balls that I forked out full price for the street fighter 4 “beta” just a year ago, and for a special edition as well. Being a fan is a bitch sometimes eh?

      2. if you’re worried about the prices you can try the game by downloading it somewhere.. And if you like it, BUY IT! You can tell if the price is worth by trying it first ^^
        SF4 has totally nice graphics if you have HD display. If you’re a VS/arcade guy its worth buying (specially the PSP ver for wireless play).
        btw, Cammy is sexy.. just wanna get that out ^^

  3. “…but this quick semi-sequel iteration that Capcom is swindling close to full retail price out of fans only has me looking forward to it haphazardly.”

    You’d think gamers are poor these days. I’m not trying to sound like a dick, but gaming is an expensive hobby–you’d think people would know that going into it. It’s only forty bucks, and it’s for content that wouldn’t reasonably fit into DLC.

    Or would people really want individual downloadable character packs? Capcom could make a lot more money doing that…

    1. Ryu and Ken always seem to show up whenever they feel like it, but I’m confident they’ll be key characters in this sequel much like they were in Aratanaru Kizuna.

      The ones actually on a mission are always Chun Li, Guile, and Cammy given the organizations they work for.

  4. I was kinda surprised to see the small cameo by Jun (Or was it July?) in there, being held up by Yuri.
    Makes me wonder wether they have any plans for her as additional DLC. THey’d have to change a lot though, because she and her ‘twin’ were just Cammy clones in terms of gameplay.

    Plus it’s a bit odd storywise, because she was freed from Bison’s influence after Alpha 3, which is before SF 2 and iirc SF 4 is a sort of sequal to SF 2

  5. Shouldn’t be too bad Divine. The game is typically priced at 78$ AUD from where I live, which is equivalent to $72 CAD. Of course, this isn’t really accurate considering I haven’t factored in all of the other economic variables, but still, games in Down Under are damn expensive! I could probably import SSFIV from the US and save $25 AUD, but I don’t have either a credit or a debit card. Oh well.

  6. Well I never cared much abut Street Fighter but this anime looks interesting enough to give it a shot. If they were ever to make a Gulty Gear or Blazblue anime- now that’d make me happy.

  7. I have the Street Fighter IV boxed set that came with the soundtrack, anime, game, and C. Viper Figurine (along with a free code for Street Fighter II HD Edition). Not a bad set, since the soundtrack, game, and SF2HD are well worth it.

    The figure is nothing special (and tiny, at that), but the anime was pretty disappointing, to say the least. It was boring, the production somewhat haphazard, and the action bits too few and far between with a silly plot (it might be because I find Seth to be one of the most unoriginal and cheapest boss characters ever created…. at least Bison/Balrog had some sense of style as a villain you loved to hate) and terrible dialogue.

    Yes, yes, I know, it’s based on a video game…. still, I expected better from Studio 4C. Hopefully this new anime can redeem the last effort.

  8. i think the whole anime thing is just being delayed to get more money out of the fans. its more annoying then anything but as long as its good it will be worth the wait.


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