「独房は楽しい?」 (Dokubou wa Tanoshii?)
“Is Isolation Fun?”

Liladan or not, I really don’t know what to say about one girl offering to let another naked girl use her mouth as a personal urinal other than, “Hoooly shit.” It’s pretty hilarious how Korone can suggest something like that with an entirely straight face, but that’s exactly one of the reasons why I love her. I have no idea who programmed her, but I’m sure as hell willing to bet that it was a guy with a golden shower fetish. I’m sure there are some huge female perverts out there as well, but nine times out of ten, it’s pretty safe to assume that this was the work of a man, so let’s not fool ourselves. With her and Keena locked up in the confined meditation chamber along with Akuto, the twelve hours he was supposed to spend in there would’ve made a year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber look like a walk in the park. In addition to having no washroom, Akuto would have had to resist all his male urges as two lovely girls test the limits of his sexual self-restraint. It’s not an easy task when Keena is butt naked and gave him a free feel to start.

Oddly enough, Akuto’s predicament in that situation and inadvertently shredding Junko’s clothes again turned out to be the relatively tamer stuff when compared to newcomer Teruya Eiko’s frankensteiner attempt. I must say that having a cute girl like that try to strangle you with her thighs and giving you some one-on-one alone time with her region down under isn’t so bad though, assuming that she doesn’t break your neck in the process. In Eiko’s case, the added bonus is that we all get to hear Tomatsu Haruka‘s whimpers as the strength is completely sapped from her lower body. Feeling a little weak in the knees there Eiko?

Amidst all that well delivered fan-service, it looks like we’ll finally get to learn a bit more of Fujiko’s brother’s past and the secret he erased his own memories in order to hide. It’s still somewhat unclear what Eiko’s part in all this is just yet, but there was that encrypted message to Junko to suggest that she’s up to no good. Her personality alone would make one figure as much as well. Fujiko on the other hand clearly doesn’t know what her brother sacrificed both his life and honor for, but it’s fairly safe to assume that the student council president Lily does. As such, next week should be interesting as Akuto and a few others tread into the labyrinth to figure out exactly what the map they found is hiding.

While this is probably the first semi-cliffhanger-type conclusion, the series thus far has done a really good job tying in the current episode to ones before it, giving off a good sense of continuity in the overall story. It seems like a rather trivial thing, but I find that this small attention to detail just makes everything flow better, especially if the episodes are watched one after another.



      1. like I said, I didn’t have a word there that said 1st and it was about the episode.
        me and Proof, in the angel beats-4, commented at the same time but he somehow got it first.

  1. The “I can drink your pee and convert to energy” bit blew me away. God damn, there’s no freakin’ way I could saw that R.Kelly/Korone scene coming. I literally did a spit take at that moment =P.

    On another note, Soga for some reason makes me want to punch someone/her in the face *~*. Idk why, but something about the rice addiction and the way she screws up everything (i.e the maps) makes me dislike her =X

  2. where can I find the uncensored version?
    didn’t expect her to join in his harem but she might die or disappear after they get whatever is in that labyrinth though.
    and im starting to believe that guy who keeps following him is gay like what eiko said.

      1. @amado I don’t think there are steaming the episodes uncensored wholly, unless you want to watch youtube or watch it censored on cruncyroll or download the flood of subs that come out on mondays. Also why uncensored, there not much of a difference?

  3. Is Eiko going to join Akuto’s harem? I prefer her a lot more than the president, and it would suck if she’s the enemy and remains one (still be ok if she converts to his harem lol)

  4. The animation and story is not bad about this series. The only problem i have is that they are moving in a too fast of a pace. They are not giving enough time for character developments. The manga adaptation was more fun to read because they gave more time to develop the relationships between the characters. Here, the girls are just falling in love with the main character with almost no reason. I believe that the light novel does explain it but i don’t know how to read kanji so no use buying the light novel.

  5. Well the echi is nice but the hardcore part was omitted from the review: Akuto giving a can of whoop a$$ to all the guys !!!! Geessh!! we talking broken legs and arms with lots of blood !!!


    And he did look totally evil like in a trace. Btw Korone defined the portable toilet paradigm LoL

    Island Esper
  6. I am wondering if Soga Keina does remember Akuto from when he gave her the hairpin. She doesn’t react as if she does, seeing as she obviously treasures the hairpin but doesn’t do more than act friendly with Akuto, even though most people would remember a guy with V’s near his eyes.


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