OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「My Soul, Your Beats!」 by LiSA
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「Day Game」

With Yui as the supposed new lead vocalist for Girls Dead Monster and a revamped opening sequence to showcase her abilities, it was pretty amusing to see her strangle herself to death following the performance. I still prefer Lia’s original version of “My Soul, Your Beats”, but this version by “LiSA” isn’t half bad either. As cool as it was seeing Yui rock it up and come off quite differently than her actual idiotic self, I was still sad to see Iwasawa noticeably gone in the new sequence, which more or less confirms her brief subplot is a done deal. I’m going to miss Sawashiro Miyuki in this series having never heard Iwasawa speak up about the SSS’s stupidity, but I must say I love Kitamura Eri‘s addition as one of the pinnacles of that said stupidity. Sure Eri can do the whole evil bit as Juri Han in Super Street Fighter IV, but when she does the moronic one à la Eve Neuschwanstein, it’s a whole new world of awesomeness.

In reality, everyone in SSS is a complete idiot (…minus Otonashi perhaps). It’s nice to know that this extends to the girls though, starting with the fearless leader Yuri and trickling down to the likes of Shiina and Yui. In Shiina’s case, I thought falling for a cheap trap involving a toy dog was pretty bad, but balancing a broom in her hand for concentration purposes is an all-new level of stupidity. Needless to say, all of the above in conjunction with a baseball tournament out of the blue made this week another gag-filled affair. What was surprising though was how they tried to slip in Hinata’s subplot about his past life as a high school baseball player aiming for Koushien.

Over the course of the episode, there were some nice moments when a sense of nostalgia reminded him of his past, but the implication that he died from some questionable drugs that his bitter teammate gave him for causing their loss was a bit too sudden to have any sort of impact. Plus, we’re dealing with the goofy Hinata of all people, so I doubt I’d be even close to shedding a tear even if he did end up disappearing. Had he actually fulfilled his regret and moved on, what I probably would’ve missed is how he abuses Yui for no good reason. Granted, he did put her in enough submission holds to last us for the rest of the season, but it’s not often you’ll see a guy who would lay the beat down on a girl who gives off a cute cat pose regardless of how stupid she actually may be.

While I’m really enjoying these lighthearted episodes week after week, I’m still a bit puzzled about the direction of this series. I’m not questioning it though so much as wondering when the more dramatic stuff will start coming to fruition. Quite honestly, I’m fine with seeing more of Tenshi and her vice president Naoi (Ogata Megumi) strutting the baseball look, Yuri giving off the villainous evil laugh, and Otonashi going at it with Noda to no end, so the tearjerker Key drama can show up whenever it feels like it. Whether it’s sooner or later, it’s all good in my books either way.

Note: There was another slight change in the ending sequence this week with the inclusion of Yui mobbing Hinata, so I decided to upload a copy this time around.
P.S. I was out all night and didn’t get home until now (~7am), so my apologies if this post isn’t very coherent. I think it’s all right, but any completed post looks good when I’m lacking sleep.


ED Sequence

ED: 「Brave Song」 by 多田葵 (Tada Aoi)
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  1. I want to the old OP back, this rock version pretty much ruined the song imo 🙁 I hope it’s only a temporary change and they will go back to the previous version next week.

    On the other hand, I like Yui, I don’t mind her replacing Iwasawa as the lead singer. Also, it was kinda surprising that Hinata’s disappearance was prevented, and I’m glad that the series is not going in a direction where every week we’ll get to know someone’s past and that member will disappear at the end of the episode.

    1. I admit that the previous one had a more “nicer” feel than this, you have to admit it fit for the short preview you always see in the OP(somewhere in 0:55-1:05).

      just play it at that part and you’ll know it does sound a bit better than the previous.

  2. I was a puppet in the strings of the director. I was watching it and thinking ah another character story will be resolved. Then otonashi actually says what i am thinking: Yo if you win this you won’t dissapear will you? I was like lol wtf? And then when the girl interrupted the important moment. I fell down to my knees and thanked the anime gods for providing such entertaining series.

  3. “but the implication that he died from some questionable drugs that his bitter teammate gave him for causing their loss was a bit too sudden to have any sort of impact. Plus, we’re dealing with the goofy Hinata of all people, so I doubt I’d be even close to shedding a tear even if he did end up disappearing.”

    About that, at first I was annoyed at the small amount of backstory he was getting but I’m a little more forgiving of that now because Hinata is the main character for the prequel light novel that came out before the anime and his backstory was revealed already in that.

  4. hey, try overlapping the old OP with the new one, it’s a mix! And it’s quite good 🙂
    anyway, this ep make me laugh so much XD
    and I thought that Hinata will dissapear, only to be ruined by Yui (Lol)

  5. And here I’ve hoped that Tenshi would go Homing Mode or something and have Yurippe’s punishment to be running 10 laps around the school naked while yelling “Green martians are chasing me”. On a more serious note, Otonashi seemed quite genre savvy on the whole “unfinished business” thing. Must be because that they only have 12 episodes.

    If the preview is right, then one thing is certain: They’re in HELL. Seriously, exams?

  6. I don’t think the OP this episode should be marked as OP2, more like OP1- Special Rock Remix. Expect to see the beautiful piano OP by Lia return next week minus Iwasawa but plus Yui.

    Maybe it’s just as good that the SSS (or Maeda himself) has rejected Yui’s request to become GDM’s new lead singer. We already have an anime band with a girl called Yui as its lead singer. XD

    The use of a special OP this episode could be an indication why Maeda decided not to seek Kyo-Ani’s collaboration. Despite their prowess with animation quality, Kyo-Ani can be pretty anal when it came to uniformly applying their OP and ED across ALL episodes. The cheerful ED of Clannad After Story sort of ruined the sad mood at the end of some episodes: Show Spoiler ▼

    For some reason, it just seems all too coincidental that Hinata faced the exact same situation and was given a second chance to redeem himself. Last week, Iwasawa got into a situation in which she managed to play the song of her life and helped her get over her regret. Both times Tenshi was present. It’s as though Tenshi is there to “help them” move on.

    PS My first reaction at Hinata saying “I need you” to Otonashi was “Wow, that’s so gay.” Glad Otonashi agrees with me. XDDD (For the record, I have nothing against people who “swing that way”. )

    Kinny Riddle
    1. This week we have a rock version of the OP, when will we see an orchestral version, like this fan-made one? 🙂


      BTW, is it really true this series is ONLY 1 cour? Or is that just tentative? 12-13 episodes seems a waste for a premise this “epic”. Especially when the animated version of Maeda’s previous masterpiece Clannad lasted for 46 episodes (2 x 22 + 2 extras + Tomoyo and Kyou specials. The final recap doesn’t count).

      Kinny Riddle
    2. Funny you mention that, because I originally had it listed as “OP1.5”. I get the feeling that this is a temporary opening theme/sequence as well, but since it has a notably different sequence with another vocalist, I decided to label it “OP2”. I’m still wondering who “LiSA” is though.

      1. Not sure if its the same artist but there is a “Lisa” for the second ED, “tears”, in the Gundam Seed Destiny Special Edition. You can find the song in “The Bridge: Across the songs from Gundam Seed & Seed Destiny”. Again, not sure if its her but its the only Lisa i know of.

  7. I found this episode very interesting. It was good to see a protagonist actually have the intelligence to question the situation. Otonashi asking Hinata if he would disappear if they won, then not believing Hinata’s retort that he wouldn’t doesn’t usually happen in these types of anime.

    This all made me wonder if Tenshi is using these situations to make the characters disappear, like Iwasawa in the previous episode. Strategically placing people in situations where their dreams/hopes/raison d’etre can be achieved so that they can RIP and disappear.

    So Very Odd
    1. Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought Tenshi might be responsible for these.

      Similarly, could it be Yurippe is sending her SOS, sorry, SSS members to all these missions in order to give them chances to bury their regrets and move on? Though I have no idea if Yurippe is doing these deliberately or unwittingly collaborating with Tenshi on this.

      (Damn, not only does Yurippe hugely resemble a certain megalomaniac girl, even her anti-god resistance group sounds very similar to her evil organization. lol )

      Kinny Riddle
      1. That’s another role that Tenshi could play. I agree that there are many possibilities that this is true. But several things might make this ambiguous whether she setting up the situations or trying to stop them.

        1. Main thing is that Tenshi doesn’t call herself or better yet, acknowledge that she’s an angel. (1st episode)
        2. 3rd episode where she seems says why does everyone think I’m the bad guy.
        3. 3rd episode where they find out about that she develops her own powers.
        4. Tenshi ironically has a normal dorm room
        5. The fact that Tenshi wanted to remove the posters, although the rest of the NPC did not.

        However there also other questions that pop out

        1. Why didn’t Tenshi use force.
        2. Why is it only now, that this method of disappearance is starting to happen now?
        3. Tenshi appears at every operation.

        Oh and I do enjoy the prequel light novel 1st chapter. Let’s out some insight on the world of Angel Beats!. They have more, but that will be for another time.

        Sora no Kaze
  8. The new take on the OP was not very high impact. They way she sang it was like she was holding back. It could had been much better if it was sung with a slighter faster tempo and more full out (not sure how to explain it better).

    I’m not sure if the fellow giving hinata drugs had revenge in mind. It felt more like a drug dealer finding someone who was at an emotional low and thus easy prey to get them hooked.

    Zaku Fan
  9. “I’m not sure if the fellow giving hinata drugs had revenge in mind. It felt more like a drug dealer finding someone who was at an emotional low and thus easy prey to get them hooked”

    Not necessarily even a “drug dealer.” Quite possibly they were performance-enhancing steroids
    (perhaps which other members of the team were taking as well), and steroid abuse simply wrecked his health at an early age.

  10. Phew… Really thought for a moment that Hinata would dissapear. I am also thinking of what direction the show is going to, but at least it looks like that they’re not going to go with the predictable routinge of erasing a character per week.

    1. My guess is that the writer is building up attachment to the characters and twisting general perceptions around a bit. The first was how fast the lead of Girls DeMo got taken off air (surprise at the speed), followed by a bit of baiting on Hinata following her footsteps immediately on the next episode.

      There might be a unifying story later, where we find all the characters are connected to each other by slight threads. Eg, Yuri might have passed Iwasawa performing on the streets regularly, etc

      Zaku Fan
  11. Kitamura Eri is so funny acting stupid like that.This episode was a lot of fun.And yeah it’s rare to see a cute girl getting beaten up in anime.I’m sure They did this on purpose so the cutie haters don’t hate.I love Yui btw.

  12. I’m missing something with this series. Perhaps is the expectation of the real deep sad moments and we got jokes instead. My worry is they are portrait as bakas will the writers be able to turn them around enough to make us shed tears? I’m watching it to suffer; but end up laughing. In Clannad there are fun moments; but you can feel the serious stuff building up by each episode. Here I can’t wait for next episode hopping to see Yui in another submission hold or see how she can kill herself again!!

    Yes Yurippe is almost a Haruhi doppelganger in looks, craziness and building a club of followers. The slight changes in the OP and Ed are a bit hard to spot is a nice touch to re -watch the whole thing to point them out.

    Island Esper
  13. I would have thought that Hinata was about to disappeared. That was so unexpected. Then again, what am I saying, they were bound to do a change up. I’m so glad he’s not gone. GO YUI! FOR SAVING THE DAY!… I thought Yui would be more cute like rather then hardcore tomboy. Still cute though.

    Sora no Kaze
    1. And now with this weeks analysis

      This make me conclude that disrupting the foundation is truly the way they advertise to people about something wrong with the system. I’m surprise that they pulled out the are you going to disappear question. Although honestly, I don’t know if he would have disappeared or not. It would have healed his pride as a baseball player, but not his dreams. He would need a revelation like Iwasawa, especially since it can be concluded that even if he failed to catch the ball, that didn’t lead to his demise, it was what was given to him by his senpai/senior that probably led into it. The difference here lies, that Iwasawa was cursing at the fact that she could never be with Music or make it her career again, while Hinata was upset not only by not catching the ball, but his peers as well. I think that the time he truly disappears will be where he makes a huge mistake, and everyone tells him it’s ok and cheers him on and the moment he feels that peace, he’ll disappear. Though, I’m still confused on why they took so long to figure this part of disappearing. Why did it start happening again after Otonashi appear, who knows, as he plays a key role.

      I really wanted to see Tenshi play baseball though and I laughed when Yuri acted as the villain. Deep, but mostly light hearted episode. I must say, keep your eyes on the look out. (PS not that much analysis this week, cause, well it was light hearted, I could only examine Hinata situation)

      I will not deny the fact that Hinata could have disappeared if it was not for Yui. Do not take what I wrote the wrong way. I’m just pointing out a possible true disappearance for him and possible difference between finding inner peace for Iwasawa and Hinata.

      See you all next week!

      Sora no Kaze
  14. Haha, that was awesome! I was like “NOO!!! Don’t Disappear!” and unexpectedly, Yui save the day not because she wants to save him but to get back all the submission he did to her. Lol!

    1. I’m glad that someone else thought that since it wasn’t only by accepting their pasts and regrets, but as well as completing the action like Iwasawa singing and here Hinata nearly catching the ball.

  15. With the questionable drugs, most drugs have a side effect of causing anxiety when they where off, so that would be the most likely reason why Hinata failed to catch the ball.

  16. I didn’t expect this show to have so much comedy in it. Not that I mind, since the balance between comedy/action/drama has been done pretty well, and all the stupidity of this episode was hilarious.

    I agree with you though, that whole thing with Hinata and the drugs came and went so fast it was almost irrelevant. It’s unfortunate they didn’t leave a little more time between the gags to give that some actual impact.

  17. Ha, it’s a good thing that I happened to get into Ookiku Furikabutte a few weeks ago, elsewise I wouldn’t know that they were going for a CALLED game, not a “cold” game. Ah, subs. (Coincidentally, in the Oofuri season that’s currently on, the very episodes in which the called game takes place are airing right now. XD)

    Anyway, I’m glad Hinata didn’t disappear. He’s pretty cool (and totally gay for Otonashi). If we’re going for a “battle royale” thing, where characters disappear one by one, he might be the last to go before Yuri and Otonashi. Maybe. I’m just saying that from his position in the ending credits, but then I suppose that they’re not all that difficult to change, so…

  18. I laughed when Otonashi and Noda played baseball by themselves. It was so funny when Otanashi also imitated Hinata: “He’s a real friend, so embarassing, haha.” LOL Angel Beats rock!

  19. I’m glad that Yui took the spotlight, she is far better to be in the show than Iwasawa, though I admit Iwasawa had the best voice, Yui’s comedic routines and antics are awesome! It definitely makes the show a lot fun to watch, especially since I love Eri Kitamura from all her roles esp. Eve in Needless, she just fits those kinds of roles perfectly.

    1. sure she is there for the comedy but I prefer the “cool,quiet and composed” iwasawa.
      but I understand why some will prefer yui because iwasawa disappeared too early for other people to like her character.

    1. I’m surprised you haven’t noticed they change the OP every time, too. They include preview flashes of the episode you’re about to watch. I suspect you’re skipping the OP, aren’t you? /ribbing

  20. the reason why they dont die i think is that they have some unfinished business. that is why i think they revive since they still have will power in them and that will power might give them powers to

  21. did anyone remember the end of this episode? yurripe was saying “disappear both of you”, and i thought she sounded kind of evil and that she really wanted to disappear…any thoughts?

  22. i thought she sounded exactly like rika from higurashi when she said that.

    as for the new op, personaly im more partial to the yui version than the actual normal one. never really liked the piano as the primary instrument, it works better to accompany. if anyones after chapters 2 and 3 of track zero, i uploade them to nyaatorrents yesterday.


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