Well it appears this chapter came out early this week due to a couple people somehow getting their hands on the chapter. The flashback continues on, and it doesn’t appear it’s going to end anytime soon. First thing’s first, Ace comes off as a giant douche, with a grim look on his face about 90% of the chapter. Of course, knowing his hatred for being there and even his own existence possibly, he probably won’t be really happy until he either really becomes friends with Luffy or meets Whitebeard. Dadan’s not much of a nice person either, as she’s practically a criminal. Makes you feel sorry for Luffy… what the hell was Garp thinking anyway?

Apparently it took three months that Luffy had to suffer to get there (more childhood rigorous training?). Luffy applying the morals from Shanks was cool to see here, but he’s still rather dumb. It’s interesting how Ace wants to become a pirate already, but I think his reasons were given before (even though you’d think he’d hate being something his dad was). Somehow I’m thinking Sabo’s going to meet a dismal end before this flashback is over. Next week’s wait is going to feel even longer given the early release of this one.


  1. Meh, I don’t like these flashbacks. Not because they are bad, but I f*cking want to see what will happen with Luffy and the others now that that war has ended. I think it was a mistake that this flashback was placed here, but I still hope that Oda knows what he does.

    On a side note, how could Luffy be injured? He already ate the fruit, didn’t he?

    1. Maybe it takes a while to get used to the fruit powers? Rubber can still get scrapes and bleed (he’s still a human). The bumps and lumps might’ve just been for emphasis.

    2. I was wondering, since he ate the fruit already, there was this scene where he dropped into a river with crocodiles. Isn’t dropping into water an instant GG for devil fruit users? I’ve been wondering about that haha. Unless he got out at the last moment. Well there’s no idea how much Luffy can use his powers at that point of time. Is there?

      1. But the thing is, when Nami is fighting Kalifa, Nami mentiones that Kalifa should be powered down since half of Kalifa’s body is submerged in water. Kalifa also doesn’t correct her or mention that Nami was wrong. Although, it could be Nami being ignorant on how df works.

  2. I don’t mind these flashbacks at all. I thought this chapter was hilarious because of how Luffy goes through these obstacles and trying so hard to make friends with Ace.

    I’m also quite curious about Sabo, seems like he’ll be killed sooner or later trying to defend Ace/Luffy.

  3. It used to be just in flashbacks where nobody was safe. I honestly think Sabo might live and come back later on in the story, but the mountain bandits may die while growing some backbone and protecting Luffy and Ace.

  4. I don’t think that it takes 3 months to get where Sabo is. During the montage of Luffy chasing Ace, you see one of the mountain robber at the two month marker which implies that he was brought back to their place during those 3 months. Plus, Luffy also mentions that Sabo and Ace’s stash must be the place where Ace goes to everyday. I think it means that it took Luffy 3 months to be strong enough to follow Ace. Or maybe that was what you meant and I just misinterpreted what you said.

    1. This. Luffy didn’t follow Ace on some 3-month path to where Sabo was, rather every day for 3 months Luffy attempted to reach Ace’s secret hideout and finally did.

  5. If that Sabo guy is alive.. do you think he’s gonna be an enemy or an ally. of course, it’s too early to tell… But if he is alive, I guess he might get mad at Luffy for not being able to save Ace (provided that Ace and Sabo remained friends). well, guessing about sabo right now is probably meaningless… >_>


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