How befitting of Naruto to refute his evil self’s claim about being the true him by saying he’s no shadow clone of his. It was almost idiotic in a way, but I got a good chuckle out of how Naruto-like that moment was. Anyway, not a whole lot happened this chapter outside of the revelation that everything happening was in Naruto’s mind. Yes, it was an attempt to overcome the evil within him, but given how it’s been shown that Bee didn’t try to conquer his inner Jinchuuriki and became friends with it instead, I suspect that Naruto will have to do something similar in the end. I more or less see this as a life lesson on how one should to accept your inner deficiencies and handle them accordingly, rather than outright denying them. “Before you can ever hope to resolve the conflict in this world, you must first overcome the one within yourself.” (…something along those lines.) Due to that train of thought, it’ll be interesting to learn exactly how Bee ended up getting along with the eight-tails so well, especially when it’s been foreshadowed that it wasn’t easy. I don’t doubt that Naruto will eventually be able to do the same, so I can already picture him calling on the nine-tails and having it willingly back him up. A calm and composed Naruto in Kyuubi form would be pretty awesome to see.


  1. reminds me of ichigo’s training to subdue hollow ichigo
    looks like your evil self:check
    high level of power:check
    inside his mind:check
    wants to control you:check
    wants to destroy everything:check
    and smarter than him:check

    yep, really the same…

      1. Yeah, I picked up a copy on the release date and have been playing it now and then. I only found out recently that Fujimura Ayumi plays Ibuki too. For $45, it’s a worthwhile pick-up if you’re into fighting games, and it’s even better if you don’t own a copy of SFIV. I have yet to get my hands on the anime though.

      2. well.. i’ll be looking forward to the anime blog!

        meanwhile, i’ll get it next month or so. i’ve been looking forward and saving money for another game, Alpha Protocol. it’s RPG-Espionage hybrid and gameplay seems cool. i know you like FF, but if you also like MGS or splinter cell, you may like it.. ^^

    1. That’d just be like Bee’s Version 2-style release with an extra tail. So it’d be Naruto’s 8-Tails form with another tail. I just wanna see the Kyubi in the real world, kicking names and taking Sasukes.

  2. I think that it might be better if Evil Naruto was in fact the real Naruto, since he has a reason to be evil and would rid the rest of the manga from all this “Just like me” analogy. He should learn that quality matters not quantity.

  3. reminds me of an episode of samurai jack in which coincidentally( perhaps ironically) jack beat his inner evil by willing it out of exsistence so they could really go either way with this nd get away with it !

    1. relax, uncle. well, no one’s saying that the creators of Persona 4 invented this type of storyline. It just reminded a lot of people of Persona 4 due to the “face your inner self, accept who you are” thing and the alter-egos, which is one of the main themes of the game… and they’re just voicing it out. relax. your teeth’s falling. =)

  4. Naruto should have more pride than he has now.. heck, he’s daddy’s the 4th!

    Oh.. and stop it w/ the Persona 4…. If someone mentions it again i’m gonna kick his ass!

    1. Steal bleach’s idea? Battle with your inner-self? WHAT? That’s as cliche as it gets, battling your inner demons that is. As much as the never-ending crappy filler in the TV Show did ruin it for me, the manga has been more consistent than Bleach can claims to be.

  5. I don’t get why these shonen heroes always have to get special training to control their innerselfs it just shows how weak they are. I would totally let my innerself go wild under a few simple conditions, like:
    – don’t kill the family/loved ones
    – you can kill about 5/10 people a week, weekends not incl.
    – [insert condition in accordence with your life]

    wanna bet bleach and naruto would have ended 200 chapters ago?

  6. Usually I really like the training in Naruto. It works like a good kung-fu movie:

    1- Here is a tedious or frustrating task requiring you to use skills you’re not very good with. You’ll fail, a lot.

    2- Now that you’re comfortable with that basic task, here is a more complex version of the task you were performing earlier.

    3- Now that you’ve mastered both of those, here is how you apply them into your New Ultimate Killer Move.

    But this just isn’t clicking with me right now. Hopefully it improves.


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