「迷い猫、困った」 (Mayoi Neko, Komatta)
“Stray Cat, Troubled”

If you want to make yourself famous worldwide, there’s really no better way to do it than by posting a video on a streaming site nowadays. Considering some of the amazing fan-made work that’s come out of Nico Nico Douga, I felt there was some huge potential in the Stray Cats Association’s first club project with Ieyasu as the director. If anyone was going to get this shindig underway right, I thought the surefire bet would be on an otaku. Be that as it may, I can’t really say I was expecting much when filming actually begun and they traveled to various locations across the world in Chise’s private B-2 Spirit, only to completely change the sceneary to the polar opposite of what it is and take a single shot of a smoke-filled explosion involving the girls. This includes bringing autumn to the Amazon, winter to the Egyptian desert, and a field of flowers to a barren wasteland.

Despite being a blatant reuse of the same gags with different backdrops, I actually got a good laugh out of Ieyasu’s part in all of it. For that, I mainly attribute it to Yoshino Hiroyuki‘s portrayal of his insistent attitude when he ordered people around. One of my personal highlights in that regard is when he used reverse psychology on Chise to get her to destroy the Umenomori building that’s supposedly taller than largest sky scrappers in Dubai, simply because it was blocking his shot in Akihabara. Chise was even smart enough to suggest removing it via CG first, but caved at the thought of the Umenomori family’s power being looked down upon. I probably laughed more than I should have when I saw the explosion go off right after.

With regards to the actual recycled jokes and footage, it was clearly a deliberate progression by Genshiken season one director Ikehata Takashi, who was also responsible for the screenplay, story, and production supervision this episode. His most recent work includes episode five of Kaichou no Maid-sama this season, which I consider one of the better episodes in that series thus far. While I’m usually not too fond of this type of humor, I did enjoy seeing Takumi run into a different creature/extraterrestrial at every location and freak out at Fumino, only to get a swift kick in the face to shut him up. Surprisingly, he turned out to be the only real victim in all of this, as he lost tons of sleep during the short two week deadline while trying to study for an exam at the same time.

Anyway, I was right not to get my hopes up about their promotional video, since the overnight over-a-million-hits sensation with a last minute “Stray Cats Association Song” attached was nothing but an otaku’s fan-filled affair. Still, I commend Ieyasu for his editing skills, so see the new ending sequence below for what he got knocked out a window for creating. It’s more or less bad singing by the three main girls, but I see it as an in-character thing after they showed how Fumino and Chise can’t really sing.

Note: Ieyasu and Chise getting a kick out of the anime they were watching via satellite on the jet and posting real-time reactions online was so stereotypical but so true. 🙂


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「迷い猫同好会の歌」 (Mayoi Neko Doukoukai no Uta) by 伊藤かな恵, 井口裕香, 竹達彩奈 (Itou Kanae, Iguchi Yuka, Taketatsu Ayana)
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    1. It is accurate the anime adapted the B-2 bomber as they can travel for a extremely long distances without landing. But lol the B-2 only have enough room for a crew of two and I don’t know where Umenomori get that huge space with a flat screen on the ceiling xD

  1. i didnt really expected that they would make a episode that can be THIS bad, its the first time that i actually tried to advance the video by skipping, i think i saw about 10 min of the episode or so… i hope this was the only crap episode, if not this anime will be an epic fail

  2. That was a shame to see the Umenomori tower get destroyed just like that I wonder if the elevators in theirs actually worked unlike the Dubai Tower which had trouble getting power to the top last time I was there.

  3. what happened? the standard of the anime drop so much, are they so rush for time? I just read the manga, the story is much better developed, i wonder why they choose not to follow the story like. They are overdoing the ecchi parts.

  4. I have mixed feelings for this episode. Story wise it didn’t make sense for me because I thought Chise learned last episode that you can’t buy friends. However if taken alone it was interesting because it was silly and we got the video at the end with lots of pantsu and shimapan to boot!!!

    Island Esper
  5. Sitting through all the episode to see the video was worthy.And it wasn’t that bad, I laughed too at the skyscrapper going down and the various monsters Takumi saw.They all appear in the video btw.First time I see a anime which builds up for fanservice at the end lol.

  6. Trejon I did the same thing. I liked this series when it started but it has become dreadful. After skipping parts of this episode Im now on the fence about dropping it. Hopefully the series picks itself up because this was awful.

  7. Regarding picture 11 – anyone proficient in Chinese martial arts may correct me, but it looks like Fumino has assumed a “Dragon On Guard” posture, Nozomi is doing a variation of a one-legged Crane Stance, while, from her arm and hand positions, Chise is demonstrating Mantis Fist.

    Somebody bring Sir Run Run Shaw out of retirement (those who recognize the name will understand) – we might have found the next big kung-fu blockbuster movie.


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